Dentist Temporary Crown

Today, I had an appointment at the Dentist for my temporary crown placement. I was hoping it wasn’t going to hurt. I have had enough dental pain for a while! I got up around 9am got a shower, and then ate some yogurt and made some coffee.  I left the house at 11:30am. After the dentist, I planned to hang out with Leanne. I didn’t get in the dental chair until 12:00pm. It took an hour and a half! I was out of there at 1:30pm. I texted Leanne that I was on my way. She and I talked on the phone until I got to the shop.

When I arrived at the salon, Maci ran into my arms and I lifted her up. I was so happy to see her. I love my little Maci bear. I turned the wax on so Leanne could wax my eyebrows. I really needed them done. Leanne, Maci, and I counted her shopkins. She has over 500 shopkins! She loves to play with them and separate them. She is getting so big though, and she is starting to be a little adult and knows a bit too much about the drama that goes on in Leanne’s circle, which is not a good thing.

When I left the shop, it was around 3pm. I have to go home and make dinner. I am not even sure what I am going to make. Drew texted me and told me that he was busy today, and may have to do some documentation when he gets home. I said that is okay because I don’t really have a dinner plan anyway. The bachelor is on tonight. I am going to watch that. I can’t wait to hear about Pitt’s social work department.

When Drew got home, he didn’t have to do documentation, which meant I get him all to myself, however, I didn’t have any dinner ready. I wasn’t home all day, so we threw some French bread pizza in the toaster oven, and that was going to have to do it.

After dinner, we watched the Bachelor. It was hometowns. No power in the world will make me stop watching this show. I love it. No matter how similar all the seasons are, I still will always watch this show. Drew finds it so predictable and says nothing exciting ever happens. They pump you up to think something exciting happens, but it never does. After the Bachelor, we went to bed.

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