Leanne. Nails. Shamrock Shakes

This morning, Leanne called me and woke me up. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to breakfast with her at Hanlon’s and go walking around her neighborhood. I agreed to come over. She asked if I could stop and get the bank card from Dan at his work. I told her I would stop there on my way to meet her at Hanlon’s. I figured there is no reason for her to come to Robinson, if she is just getting gas in Crafton, and then meeting me at Hanlon’s. I got out of bed, and put some gym clothes on and packed a bag in case I shower at her house.

When I got to Hanlon’s, her mom met us for breakfast as well. We all ordered and had hot coffee. It was fun to hang out with her and her mom. After breakfast, we went back to her house, and she put on her work out pants, then we went walking. We walked for two miles, listened to music on her phone, and talked about anything that came to our minds. We had such a good walk.

When we got back to her house, we chugged some water and started looking through her old cds. We grabbed a good stack of them, and then drove to the shop. Listening to all the old songs that we used to listen to, when she would drive us around made me feel nostalgic. The days were I was in school and spending time cruising around with her in her Chrysler 300M not having really a care in the world, except making sure I had time to get my homework done. Now she is married and a mom. I am out of school trying to figure out my employment situation, and I am married. Things have changed slightly, but the music, and the memories remained.  She put my nails back on for me, and then we left to go get Maci.

When we picked up Maci from school, Jada, who is Leanne’s niece attends the same school as Maci, wanted to come with us to get Shamrock shakes. After we got the shakes, we dropped Jada off at her friend’s house, then it was back to Leanne’s house. The shake made my stomach feel a bit queasy. I had to go home and get dinner ready for Drew. I like being home when he gets home, but it was fun to hang out with Leanne. It was a pleasant distraction from waiting for the University to call me.

When I got home, I started dinner. I knew Drew was probably going to the gym. I didn’t feel like going. I didn’t feel well. I made some chicken in the oven, threw some laundry in the washer, and I applied for two jobs. One with Chatham, and one with RMU. I haven’t been home for two days, so I was behind on laundry, and house hold duties, and I was two days behind on Dawson’s Creek!

When Drew came home, we talked for a bit before he left for the gym. He noticed my nails, and seemed to like them. He got ready for the gym. I stayed behind and watched the Hills, did some more laundry, and ate some chicken and broccoli. When Drew came home, we got ready watched the second to the last episode of Taboo, then went to bed.

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