Laundry. Applications. Ice Cream

This morning, I woke up to a phone call from Leanne. I didn’t answer it, then she texted me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk today. I had some things I needed to do here. I wasn’t feeling like I would be good company. I got a shower, called my mom, and then called Leanne. Leanne said she was feeling queasy as well. I told her I was feeling the same way after eating that shamrock shake. She said I think it is going to rain today, anyways, but I wanted to walk. I said, yea, but it looks pretty cloudy out here as well. She said, she was just probably going to watch television all day, but I wanted to watch Dawson, and do some things around the house.

When I got off the phone with Leanne, I threw some laundry in and made some coffee. I put dinner in the crockpot and threw some onions and carrots in, along with some seasoning, so dinner will be ready by the time Drew gets home. Now I am watching the last episode of Dawson’s Creek for today, and typing up this entry. I keep checking my phone, refreshing my e-mail, and checking PittSource. I am trying not to go insane. Drew texted me and told me that he is feeling off today. I hope feels better throughout the day. I rely so much on him when he gets home. He is my own interaction sometimes after a day of being in the house by myself, but hopefully, this will change soon!

When Drew got home, we had dinner, then we went to Cold Stone to get ice cream. He texted me earlier if I wanted to go and try to soak up this nice weather. I am so down for ice cream. When we got to Cold Stone, I always get the birthday cake remix, but I was in the mood for something a little less sweet, and not so childish. I got banana-flavored ice cream with caramel and walnuts in it. It was the perfect amount of sweet that I wanted that day. I don’t particularly care for Cold Stone, but I know Drew likes it. I am more of a simple kind of ice cream gal, and that is Dairy Queen. I haven’t had Dairy Queen in so long! Cold stone was yummy, and when we went home, I kept noticing how nasty his car smelled. We both couldn’t figure out why. He thought it was the coffee thermos that he just brought in that did have some coffee left in it.

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