Lunch With Mama

Today, I went to lunch with my mom at Bobby Dees. It seems as though she is my lucky charm. When I was out to lunch with her and my dad last time, Pitt called for a second interview. On my way to the restaurant, I picked her up at her work. I figured we are both going to the same place, anyways. She was happy to see me.

When we got to the restaurant, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat. I got a fish sandwich. I seem to always get that when we go out to lunch. Their fish is so good! Pretty soon it will be lent and we will be eating our fill in fish.

After lunch, I took my mom back to work and then I went to my parent’s house. I needed to soak off my nails, and see my dogs. I know I just got my nails done, but they are truly not for me anymore, and I missed my real nails. It was a decision made on impulse and boredom. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay for them.

When Drew came home, I told him that I wasn’t making dinner. I didn’t feel good throughout the day. I actually vomited before he came home. I think the acetone got to me. I was feeling so sick and light-headed. He went to the gym that night and just hung out in the sauna and the steam room. He was feeling a little out of it. He thinks he may have allergies. I did bring him home some Benedryl, but I wasn’t sure he actually had allergies. When I was on my way home from my parents, I stopped and picked up some Claritin for him, but it seemed to not be working so much for him. He asked if I could call Dr. Bailey’s in the afternoon tomorrow and make him an appointment for tomorrow evening.

Later on that evening, I kept getting phone calls from a blocked number. I had an idea of who it might be. A couple days ago, a longtime friend of mine, Geoff started working with Moon Police. He has an on and off girlfriend named Brandy. He has told me all about her and has asked for my advice regarding their relationship, and I would give him the best advice I can. There is nothing going on romantically with me and Geoff. We even talked about him buying our townhome, next year since he has to be moved out of Penn Hills in a year. I have texted Geoff to ask him how it was going working for Moon police, and I think it pissed off his girlfriend. She was the one calling me on a blocked number. She was incessantly calling me. I told Drew about the conversation and was honest with him about what we talked about, and I told him what was happening. He said, Babe, you are going to have to call her and put an end to it, so she stops calling. Well, she texted me and asked me to tell if there is anything she should know.

When I called her, I introduced myself and told her how Geoff and I just friends and there was never anything going on between us, and that I live in Moon with my husband, and we were looking to sell Geoff our house. I know all about who you are, and I know what you two have been through, and I have never heard him so into someone before, and he does have a ton of friends that are girls. I couldn’t tell her honestly, what Geoff has told me, but a part of me wanted to. I felt bad for her, but I feel bad for Geoff too. She said, Well I appreciate you calling me and telling me everything. I said, woman to woman I hope it works out for you both and good luck. She said, “thank you.” I never have felt the need to be that insecure with a boyfriend. I just never thought twice about it. I don’t know. Drew was supportive and thought it was a bunch of drama. He said we will find another buyer.

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