Sunday Dinner

Today, I was supposed to go with my dad to church at Saint Simon and Jude, for his confirmation meeting, but it was cancelled, so there goes that. I was kind of glad. My mom was cooking us dinner tonight, so I wasn’t sure what time I was going to head over there. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, but Drew was going to go and sit in the sauna and the steam room. He was still coughing a good bit.

When I left to go to my parents it was about 2pm, and Drew went to the gym. I couldn’t wait to see my Paris and Louie. I cuddled with them until my parents came home from grocery shopping. When my parents came home, we all relaxed until Drew got there.

At one point, we went down to the basement, and found 14 year old coors light sitting in this old fridge, I was disgusted. I even opened it and sipped it. I was so bitter. We showed Drew and said, oh wow that is gross. My parents forgot it was even there.

Dinner was yummy. We had chicken casserole, and Drew got to take the rest home for lunch tomorrow. When we came home, we watched some of the Oscars then it was time for him to get ready for another week. I was tired.

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