Tommy’s Deployment Day

This morning, I got up and got a shower at 7am. There was practically no hot water. When I got out of the shower, I got dressed. Drew got up and got changed. He showered last night. I started putting our bags on top of the bed and started packing things up a bit. We were going to come back here after we got back from the base, and get our luggage.

After I got dressed, I went downstairs and his dad made coffee. I put my make up on with his mom, and then we all waited for Megan to get ready. When she was ready, she got Butters all situated in the backseat of the car. We were on our way to the base. No one really said anything to each other. We all knew this was going to be a sad day for everyone. Once we got to base, Tommy said they had to leave now because the fog was intense. We all said our goodbyes and took some pictures, then it was off he went. It was so emotional, watching them say goodbye. This will be a hard year for them.

Once we got back to their house, we packed our cars and said our goodbyes to Megan and Butters, then we were on our way back home. We stopped at Starbucks for coffee, and McDonald’s for breakfast, then we hit the highway. We didn’t get home until 1:30pm. Once we got home, we brought our bags into the house and got ready to go to the gym. We need it.

At the gym, it was so packed. I didn’t get to see Andrew until the end of my work out when I was finishing up on the elliptical. After I finished the elliptical, I went home. Andrew was going to stop at the grocery store. I wanted to wipe down the bathroom mirror, shower, and hang out. When Drew got home, I started dinner and we had a really nice evening together.

After dinner, we cleaned up together and got ready to watch Harry Potter; the Half-Blood Prince. I think we had an hour left. We decided to go upstairs and get ready for bed. We were so excited to sleep in our bed.

Tommy’s Last Day in Pennsylvania

This morning, we woke up around 9am. I didn’t get a good sleep. Her mattress is the old mattress that Megan brought with her, when she first moved in with Tommy. We went downstairs and his dad made us breakfast. Tommy was at base.

After breakfast, we got showers. Megan, my mother-in-law, and I all want to Ulta. His mom at 61 in credit to spend, so she was splitting it among Megan and me. I decided to get another brush head for my Mia cleanser. I am not using it as often as I should, because I haven’t really had a reason to, not working and all. The head should be replaced every three months, and they are not cheap at all.

After Ulta, we went home and relaxed until Megan’s parents came over. Andrew’s dad made dinner for all of us; steak, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and ice cream cake for dessert. We eat and drink so well when we are all together.

After dinner, Megan and Tommy got cleaned up for more friends to come over. I think 20-15 people were there from Tommy’s unit. It was awesome to meet them all. Everyone was drinking. It was great.  We had so much fun. I was tired, and couldn’t party. We didn’t go to bed until 12am-1am.

Erie & St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Today, Drew went to work for a half day. I hung out and finished the laundry. I washed his work clothes, and made sure I was ready to go when he came home. When he came home, he heated up something to eat, then we were pretty much out the door. We had to meet his mom and dad at Dr. Bailey’s in Wexford. It was easier to jump on the interstate from Dr. Bailey’s. On the way to meet his parents, we stopped at Burger King. We didn’t know when we were going to eat again, once we got to Erie.

After Burger King, we met his parents we were on our way to Erie. I get antsy during long car rides. I kept fidgeting with the radio, and finally we stopped at Rest Stop, just fifteen minutes away from Tommy and Megan’s.

Once we arrived at Tommy and Megan’s, Tommy was still at the base. Megan let us in, and we checked out their new furniture, brought our bags in, and we sat down on the couch, and decided what we were going to do for dinner. His dad offered to cook, but it was getting late.

When Tommy got home, he suggested we just go to out this wing place that he wanted to go to before he left. After Tommy got a few things packed, we were off to dinner. Odi’s is the name of the wing place. The bar was packed with everyone partying for St. Patrick’s Day. Once we got seated, we ordered a bunch of wings, and pulled pork fries. We had a couple beers, then Tommy and Megan left to go back to the house, they had friends coming over.

When we got back to their house, we hung out until a couple of his military friends come over. The two that came over, were not deploying with him, but will be going over at some point in the summer. It was cool to meet them. We stayed up until 11pm, but he had to get up and go to base early in the morning, so his friends left, and we all went to bed.