Day 2: New Deck and a Glimpse into the Past

That day, Will looked the same to me. I guess he has been clean for a while now. I hope he continues to stay clean. It wasn’t awkward at all. He and I talked and laughed like old times. At one point, he even apologized for what he did to me when we dated. He admitted that he was a shitty boyfriend. I said, “We were young.” He said, “yeah, I know I just think about it sometimes, and how I hurt you.” I said, “Well it hurt more than she was my best friend and the fact that you guys were trying to be sneaky about it. You two hooking up when I was in Florida visiting my grandma, but when I got home she didn’t even have the guts to tell me. You told me.” He understood. I said, “but it’s in the past and honestly it was so long ago, but thank you for apologizing.” He said, “You are welcome.” He kind of gave me a cute little look, like how he used to do when we were dating.  I think maybe he still thinks about the past and dwells on it so much is because of the drugs. The drugs probably don’t let him forget about the type of person he was when he was dating me or the things that he did wrong. I feel like there was just this huge lapse in time for him that he can’t account for, and he hasn’t come to terms with his choices in the right and healthy way. He just shot them up. I don’t know I am not an addict so I don’t know what that is like, but I feel for him.

Honestly, it was nice that he apologized don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think about him anymore like that. I am not heartbroken over him, and I don’t think I ever really was all that heartbroken over Will. I just can’t stand the behind my back stuff. I never expected any more from Amber. She was my best friend at the time, but so spineless when she had to go to bat for someone, or when it came to doing right by someone.

After they finished the deck, Drew came home and he went outside and checked out the deck. He liked it and was happy with the job they did. He asked about Will? I told him what he said, and Drew understood where he was coming from and was glad that he apologized, but didn’t have too much to say about it. We went to the gym that evening and then home to bed.

Fastest Labs Offer

Today, Dave started working on the deck. When he came over, the sun was out, but when he got set up to start working it started to rain, so he had to stop. It rained off and on, but he was able to get most of the deck finished. He was going to come back the next day to finish and he was bringing his son Will. Will is my ex-boyfriend. We dated off and on a few times, but he never knew what he wanted and he wasn’t a good match. If you look back into my dating history, that always seemed to be the case with the guys I dated in my past. Will found himself hanging out with the wrong crowd and wound up getting into drugs. He was trying to be a rapper at that time, as well. I do have a soft spot in my heart for him, because obviously you don’t want someone you know getting into drugs, and potentially dying, but you cannot save everyone from themselves.

While Dave was working on the deck, my phone rang and it was Chris from Fastest Labs. He offered me the job. I graciously accepted the position. I figured I could supplement the position and use it for now, until Pitt calls or something else comes through. I just had such an ick feeling when it came to dealing with people’s urine and I never had to deal with it before, and it was a new experience for me.

After I got off the phone with Chris, I called Drew and told him. He congratulated me and told me that it was probably best for me to take this position for now. You never know where it could lead, but if Pitt calls obviously you should take that one instead. I agreed with him. What harm could it do? I need to work anyway. I was getting so bored just sitting around the house.  I called Earl after I got off the phone with Drew. He said, just do this job for now. I wouldn’t recommend you if I didn’t think you could help this guy grow his business. I agreed. Then he said, you never know where it could lead. I told him that you are going to end up at Pitt at some point, but she can help you, for now, so Chris is aware that I am not trying to stay here.

Shortly after Dave left for the day, Drew came home. We got ready and went to Home Depot. Then we went and got ice cream to celebrate my new job. He is so sweet. He tries.


This morning, I couldn’t get out of bed at all today. I woke up at 9:30am. I went downstairs, and saw Dawson’s Creek is going to be on until 1pm! They are showing the final episodes, then on Monday, they are starting over again with Season 1, Episode 1. I am so excited! I can’t get tired of this show. I made my tea and called my mom. She and I talked about my interview. She thought it was out in Cranberry for some reason.

Once I got off the phone with her, I drank my tea and watched Dawson until 11:00am, then I had to get ready. I got a shower and got dressed. I packed my interview bag, and then I was out the door at 12:15pm. I wanted to stop and get some coffee at Starbucks. I got a grande iced coffee with cream and two sugars. It was so yummy.

After I got coffee, I text Earl and asked if he was around to BS. He said, he would be either in his office or outside with his bike. When I entered the building, I went to his office, we chatted until 10 mins to 1pm, and then I went up in the elevator to Fastest Labs. Once I got off the elevator, it took me a minute to find the office.

When I walked into the office, he was behind the desk on the phone, the office looked really nice compared to when I saw it for the first time. When he got off the phone, he shook my hand and greeted me. The interview was very relaxed and informal. He walked me around the office, and showed me the same procedure, as before. We talked about my ick factor. He understood and tried to ease my ick factor. It worked a little, but on a scale of 1-10, it was about at a 9. I just never had to do anything like this before. He understood. I felt the overwhelming need, to be honest with him about EVERYTHING, including how misinformed my husband was about my opportunity at Pitt and that I still have a chance. He understood and respected it. I just don’t know of any other way to be. I just need to be honest. We had a great conversation about what I wanted for myself, and what I expected from this position. He respected me and my point-of-view and knows that I am capable and able to do more, then the basic.

At the end of my interview, he told me he would let me know on Wednesday his decision, whether not I receive an offer. When I left his office, I went down the elevator to Earl’s office, and we chatted for a while, until about 2:30pm. He loves to give me advice. He is so funny. When he left, I left.

On my way home, I called my mom. I told her about the interview and my plan. My plan is that hopefully, Pitt will call me here before Wednesday, but if they don’t call by Friday, then accept the position, assuming he offers it to me, but if Pitt calls while I am in this position, then I will probably have to have the awkward conversation with Chris and leave Fastest Labs. I just wish Pitt would make up their mind and make this decision easier for me. If they don’t give me the offer, I have a fallback plan. If they give me the offer, then I have someone who will give me a good reference as a backup if I should ever need it, who will be happy to call me if the business grows, if I find myself looking for another opportunity. I just don’t see any other way in this, but to be honest and positive, and of good character with this process. It only will do me well in the end.

Now, I am waiting for Drew to come home. I washed his work clothes, and they are hanging up now. I have another load of laundry in the washer. We have a pretty relaxed weekend ahead of us. Today, I feel at peace with my decision and where I stand with this job process, now it is only a matter of waiting. Yes, more waiting, but I feel comfortable and secure.

Lunch with My Mom

At lunch, my mom and I talked about the interview on Friday, Drew, dad’s Catholicism, and Easter. I love seeing her and spending time with her. I miss my mom during hard times. After lunch, I went home and did some laundry, and laid on the couch. I wanted to rest before going to the gym. I tried to nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep. Tomorrow is Friday and I didn’t want to go this interview at Fastest Labs.

When Drew got home, we got ready to go to the gym. I couldn’t go during the day due to lunch with my mom.

Image result for z for zelda I did read some more of my book Z: Zelda Fitzgerald. I love it. I love tragic heroes.

Once we got to the gym, there were no big treadmills open, so I did the gazelle, the elliptical, and finished with a walk on the treadmill. Then Drew got me, and it was time to go to the sauna. I lasted longer than I usually do in there but Drew stayed in an extra 10 mins. I was dying. When we got home, we watched some basketball and drank some detox tea. I have him into this teatox. He doesn’t drink the metabolic tea. It’s nice to detox together

Classic Misunderstanding

When I woke up this morning, I felt kind of silly for being so emotional last night, but I was stressed. I just can’t let things be little. All things seem to be so big in my mind, and I don’t know why. I decided to just let him decide and perhaps take things slow. I do trust him with money. I trust him with everything. I know he wouldn’t let us go down the wrong path. I just want one thing figured out first, and that is my job situation.

I called Fastest Labs and told them if they would please consider me for the position, even though the thought of working with people’s bodily waste sickened me. I have an interview set up for 1pm on Friday. I tried to reach back out to LaRoche and see if the part-time position that I interviewed with was still available. I got his voicemail.

After I got off the phone with Drew, I went to get ready for the gym. I had such a good time at the gym, and there was no one there. It was like church. I just went hard and went home.



Tommy’s Deployment Day

This morning, I got up and got a shower at 7am. There was practically no hot water. When I got out of the shower, I got dressed. Drew got up and got changed. He showered last night. I started putting our bags on top of the bed and started packing things up a bit. We were going to come back here after we got back from the base, and get our luggage.

After I got dressed, I went downstairs and his dad made coffee. I put my make up on with his mom, and then we all waited for Megan to get ready. When she was ready, she got Butters all situated in the backseat of the car. We were on our way to the base. No one really said anything to each other. We all knew this was going to be a sad day for everyone. Once we got to base, Tommy said they had to leave now because the fog was intense. We all said our goodbyes and took some pictures, then it was off he went. It was so emotional, watching them say goodbye. This will be a hard year for them.

Once we got back to their house, we packed our cars and said our goodbyes to Megan and Butters, then we were on our way back home. We stopped at Starbucks for coffee, and McDonald’s for breakfast, then we hit the highway. We didn’t get home until 1:30pm. Once we got home, we brought our bags into the house and got ready to go to the gym. We need it.

At the gym, it was so packed. I didn’t get to see Andrew until the end of my work out when I was finishing up on the elliptical. After I finished the elliptical, I went home. Andrew was going to stop at the grocery store. I wanted to wipe down the bathroom mirror, shower, and hang out. When Drew got home, I started dinner and we had a really nice evening together.

After dinner, we cleaned up together and got ready to watch Harry Potter; the Half-Blood Prince. I think we had an hour left. We decided to go upstairs and get ready for bed. We were so excited to sleep in our bed.

Tommy’s Last Day in Pennsylvania

IMG_1004 IMG_1024


This morning, we woke up around 9am. I didn’t get a good sleep. Her mattress is the old mattress that Megan brought with her, when she first moved in with Tommy. We went downstairs and his dad made us breakfast. Tommy was at base.

After breakfast, we got showers. Megan, my mother-in-law, and I all want to Ulta. His mom at 61 in credit to spend, so she was splitting it among Megan and me. I decided to get another brush head for my Mia cleanser. I am not using it as often as I should, because I haven’t really had a reason to, not working and all. The head should be replaced every three months, and they are not cheap at all.

After Ulta, we went home and relaxed until Megan’s parents came over. Andrew’s dad made dinner for all of us; steak, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and ice cream cake for dessert. We eat and drink so well when we are all together.

After dinner, Megan and Tommy got cleaned up for more friends to come over. I think 20-15 people were there from Tommy’s unit. It was awesome to meet them all. Everyone was drinking. It was great.  We had so much fun. I was tired, and couldn’t party. We didn’t go to bed until 12am-1am.