Ash Wednesday

This morning, I woke up when Drew left, got a shower, dressed, and then went to my parents. When I arrived to my parents, I got to see my mom for a little bit before she left to go to work. Dad and I left shortly after she did, so we could get to church. We went to Saint Simon and Jude church. This is where my dad is making his confirmation on Holy Saturday.

When we arrived at church, I got to meet father J. He is a down to earth priest. Daddy says he gives great sermons. While we were waiting for church to begin, I sat in the pew with my dad and I thought about maybe this Lent could be a new beginning for me. I want to shed the negativity about why it didn’t work out for me at the University, and my situation. I need to just relax, and get back in touch with myself, and everything else will take care of itself. I felt spiritually in touch in that moment, and just reflected with my thoughts.

Right before church started, my dad started talking to BethAnn she is the director of the RCIA, I think. She asked if I had off work today? I lied and told her that I took a vacation day to share this moment with my dad. What a great start to lent and a new beginning, lying during Lent!? I just didn’t want to get into it. It is too long of story, and I am trying to stay positive.

During Mass, I prayed for the University to call. I prayed to be the best candidate for the position. I prayed to stay positive. I prayed for my marriage, and thanked God for all my gifts. I reflected a little about my memories of Ash Wednesday as a child. When I was in grade school, I feel as though the people who distributed the ashes really marked your forehead. Sometimes it would look like a dart on your forehead. I remember comparing mine with my friends’ and seeing who got marked the worst. Funny the things you remember.

After church, we went to breakfast the Original Pancake House in Greentree. I had a veggie omelet, and daddy had chocolate chip pancakes. It was a rainy day. How symbolic for Lent? Rain, a sign of life, and new beginnings, and washing away the dirt.

After breakfast, we went back to my parents’ house, and I hung out with my dogs, while my dad went back to bed for a little. I left the house at 3pm, and went home. I waited for Drew to come, and waited for Drew to come home. I made pierogies for dinner, and we relaxed until it was bed time.

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