Pizza. Girl on the Train

Today, we had a chiropractor appointment at 11:30am. Dr. Bailey said I was healthy and don’t need adjusted again for another 2-3 weeks, but Drew has to come back on Friday. After the chiropractor, we went grocery shopping, and then got the house cleaned up for my parents to come over.

After we cleaned, I laid on the couch with Drew and got caught up on the Bad Girls Club. I was starting to get tired, but we had a long night a head of us. My parents came over around 6pm. We ordered pizza from Genoa’s wings, and breadsticks. They even brought the dogs over. They just got groomed. They look so cute when they are groomed.

After dinner, it was time to watch the movie, the Girl on the Train. My mom and I read the book. The movie was so good. Drew and my dad seemed a little lost, but my mom and I were so into it. After the movie was over, they went home and we went to bed.

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