6 Months Smiles Consult

This morning, I woke up when Drew left for work. I got ready and drove to my parents to drop off my car. My mom took off work today to go to the dentist with me. I wanted her to sit in on this consultation with me. The consultation was free. I wasn’t sure about this. I am not sure I want braces as an adult.

During the consultation a girl took a mold of my mouth, in case I choose to do this, then the molds will be ready to go to be sent off to a lab. She also took pictures of my mouth, almost every angle imaginable. I had to put in cheek separators and she even took a birds eye view of my teeth. Then, we met with Dr. Barber. He explained what COULD happen if I do not get this done in the future to my teeth. I could have a tooth chip, or lose a tooth due to the fact that the bottom teeth pushed them out, because they weren’t straight. My crowding could get worse, and make it harder to clean, and my gums would get more inflamed. I felt very educated and informed when the consultation was over. The cost however is steep for us right now. $5,000 dollars roughly is what it will cost to have this procedure. I will have to keep the braces on for 4 months, then they will put in a fixed retainer to keep them straight, and to keep them from moving back.

Upon leaving the consultation, I received a folder of information, and a cost breakdown for Drew. My mom and I went to lunch at Eat n Park, then did some shopping at Penney’s. It was nice to get out and have a day with my mom. After we went shopping, we went back to Crafton. I stayed at their house for awhile, to see my dogs. I left around 3pm to go home. I was ready to see Drew and talk to him about 6 month smiles.

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