Perm Crown

Today, I had my permanent crown appointment at Dr. Barber’s. I couldn’t wait to get this over with. I was ready for a break from the dentist. Once I got to the dentist, they took me back, and put in the permanent crown, but it was discolored. They sent the wrong color. I have to go back in 2 weeks now. They have to send it back and order a new whiter one, then put that one in, ugh! So now my temporary is back in.

After the dentist, I took my car to Dan’s auto body in the rocks. My parents met me there, and took me to lunch at Eat n Park in Robinson. I was wondering what was wrong with my car. We were supposed to get a ton of snow tonight, and tomorrow. I wasn’t sure what to think. After Eat n Park, I went grocery shopping with them, then it was home to their house for a bit, until my car was finished. Drew and I were going back and forth through text, Moon Township Hyundai couldn’t get his car in until Friday at 10am, but we are leaving for Erie on Friday. I asked if we could take his car to Dan’s, and we were thinking of staying in Crafton and taking it down in the morning, if I had car, then he could take mine to the bus stop, then we decided to take it down Wednesday morning, when we knew the snow and stuff would be over.

In the afternoon around 3:30pm, my car was done. The air in the tires were low they were at 15, but should have been at 30, so they were basically flat. Also, the coolant was low, and that is why the check engine light came on, if it comes on again, then it will need a new thermometer, so it all costs 120.00. We thought it was going to be a lot more than that. Now we have to see how much Drew’s car will cost.

My dad took me down to McKees Rocks to pick up my car, and then it was home to Moon Township for me. Drew was going to go to the gym, and I just wanted to stay home and watch the Bachelor finale. I know who he picks, but I wanted to see it happen. I made chicken for dinner, and popcorn for a snack, that was it. I was anxious and sad about all this waiting for a job. When Drew came home, we had a moment, and I cried. He is so sweet, and doing such a good job at being there for me. That night, we watched one episode of Laguna, then it was off to bed.

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