Busy Day

This morning I woke up early. I had to take Drew’s car to our mechanic in the rocks. My dad was meeting me down there in the morning. It was making a squealing noise. We got away cheap with my car. We were hoping it would be the same with Drew’s car. My dad met me down at the rocks. Dan said he would take a look at it and call me.

After the mechanic’s, I went back to my parents’ house with my dad. My dad went to sleep and I was going to occupy the dogs. I watched Dawson’s Creek and then took the dogs up for an hour nap. They slept in my old room with me. Louie snuggled me like a teddy bear. Paris laid by legs. I felt so loved.

After an hour or so, I  woke up to text from Leanne, asking me to pay her asap. She needs the money. I knew I shouldn’t have had my nails done. We are turning into her banker with my stupid mistakes, and impulsive decisions.I was annoyed. I told her that I would get it to her hopefully by Friday, but I had to ask Drew.

When I got out of bed, I went downstairs with dogs.  My phone rang, and it was Dan the Mechanic telling me that Drew’s car is done, the belt needed degreased and cleaned. They put a cheap belt on, and that is why it is squealing, great! The good thing is it is going to cost 32.00 today. I knew he would be glad about that, but in the future if he wanted to replace his belt it would cost $100.

However, I did hear back from the University of Pittsburgh. Randy said, the search is still ongoing and they had not ruled any of the candidates they already interviewed. They will make their decision within two weeks, so I will have waited a total of 6 weeks for this damn position. I am sure he appreciated me reaching out.

When I got home, it was about 3pm. I didn’t hear the squealing. I laid on the couch and slept until Drew got home. He laughed at my crazy hair. He could tell that I just woke up. We chatted for a bit, then we went to the gym. I had such a good work out for the most part. It is so packed in the evenings. I hate it. I’d rather go during the day, but the snow messed that up for me. Drew and I laughed a lot this evening. I am just so thankful for him. I got a call from his mom about the weekend in Erie, and how the plans changed for Friday, but nothing too major just causes a lot of stress on Tommy and Megan. This is going to be a rough weekend, but we will get through it. Honestly, I am looking forward to just getting away and drinking a bit. I need a little release.

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