Tommy’s Last Day in Pennsylvania

IMG_1004 IMG_1024


This morning, we woke up around 9am. I didn’t get a good sleep. Her mattress is the old mattress that Megan brought with her, when she first moved in with Tommy. We went downstairs and his dad made us breakfast. Tommy was at base.

After breakfast, we got showers. Megan, my mother-in-law, and I all want to Ulta. His mom at 61 in credit to spend, so she was splitting it among Megan and me. I decided to get another brush head for my Mia cleanser. I am not using it as often as I should, because I haven’t really had a reason to, not working and all. The head should be replaced every three months, and they are not cheap at all.

After Ulta, we went home and relaxed until Megan’s parents came over. Andrew’s dad made dinner for all of us; steak, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and ice cream cake for dessert. We eat and drink so well when we are all together.

After dinner, Megan and Tommy got cleaned up for more friends to come over. I think 20-15 people were there from Tommy’s unit. It was awesome to meet them all. Everyone was drinking. It was great.  We had so much fun. I was tired, and couldn’t party. We didn’t go to bed until 12am-1am.

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