Fastest Labs Offer

Today, Dave started working on the deck. When he came over, the sun was out, but when he got set up to start working it started to rain, so he had to stop. It rained off and on, but he was able to get most of the deck finished. He was going to come back the next day to finish and he was bringing his son Will. Will is my ex boyfriend. We dated off and on a few times, but he never knew what he wanted and he wasn’t a good match. If you look back into my dating history, that always seemed to be the case with the guys I dated in my past. Will found himself hanging out with the wrong crowd, and wound up getting into drugs. He was trying to be a rapper at that time, as well. I do have a soft spot in my heart for him, because obviously you don’t want someone you know getting into drugs, and potentially dying, but you cannot save everyone from themselves.

While Dave was working on the deck, my phone rang and it was Chris from Fastest Labs. He offered me the job. I graciously accepted the position. I figured I could supplement the position and use it for now, until Pitt calls or something else comes through. I just had such an ick feeling when it came to dealing with people’s urine and I never had to deal with it before, and it was a new experience for me.

After I got off the phone with Chris, I called Drew and told him. He congratulated me, and told me that it was probably best for me to take this position for now. You never know where it could lead, but if Pitt calls obviously you should take that one instead. I agreed with him. What harm could it do? I need to work anyway. I was getting so bored just sitting around the house.  I called Earl, after I got off the phone with Drew. He said, just do this job for now. I wouldn’t recommend you if I didn’t think you could help this guy grow his business. I agreed. Then he said, you never know where it could lead. I told him that you are going to end up at Pitt at some point, but she can help you for now, so Chris is aware that I am not trying to stay here.

Shortly after Dave left for the day, Drew came home. We got ready and went to Home Depot. Then we went and got ice cream to celebrate my new job. He is so sweet. He tries.

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