Orientation Fastest Labs

This morning, before I went to orientation, I had to stop at the bank and take some money out for Leanne, for my nails that I done back in March. I have since soaked them off. She was getting ready for her customer, so I quickly gave her the money. Maci was there, as well. She had pink eye again for the second time. Leanne’s sister Nikki was there. Nikki and I talked for a while, before I had to leave. When I was on my way out the door, I said, “Wish me luck.” No one wished me luck, except Margie. I felt slighted, but that is sometimes how Leanne is and she can be strange like that, but I still love her.

When I arrived at orientation for Fastest Labs, Chris had me sign some paperwork. While I was filling out the paper work, we were talking about the University, of Pittsburgh and he asked me if I could commit. I lied. I said, “Yes.” However, if the University of Pittsburgh calls, I am out of here. I would have more opportunities working in a University. I couldn’t wait to get this day over with. He showed me around the office AGAIN. He explained how everything is done there, and the procedure, AGAIN! I could feel myself getting annoyed, and I could feel a part of me missing, Dawson’s Creek. Oh well this was going to have to be better, than hanging out at home.

When 4:30PM finally rolled around, I was able to leave. Upon leaving, he asked me if I could do some training online and watch a few videos. I said that I should be able to do that, but I have a lot going on this weekend. He said that he would pay me. I am not sure if that was supposed to entice me, or not, but I just said, I would try to get it done.

When I got home, I got ready to go to the cafe. Drew and I were going to meet his parents there, and I was feeling like I wanted to party and kick back a bit. I had one summer shandy, and 3 blueberry beers, with blue berries actually in them! I was so excited. His dad was making fun of me eating the blueberries. He thought it was gross to put fruit in beer. Well when we got home, I got sick 3 times. I partied too much. I knew it was going to be a long weekend.


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