Home Improvement & Final Four

This morning, Cindy came over with her bag of tools. I was feeling so sluggish. She and Drew got to work on fixing the cracks in the wall with join tape, and drywall. I was proud of Drew for wanting to learn, but I was hurting. I just wanted to lay around and watch television, but I didn’t want to be a bad host. After they finished in the dining room, they went upstairs to the extra bedroom and fixed the one crack in the ceiling of the extra bedroom. I sat on the floor and hung out while they worked.
When they were finished, Cindy had a beer and Harriet came over to check out the job they did. Harriet had a beer, as well. She just got back from taking their dog to the groomers. Cindy explained to Andrew what to do, after the first step is complete. Harriet cut Cindy off and said, “Cindy, sometimes you talk too fast and it is hard for people to understand.” I laughed. Andrew and I never really asked, how long they have been together? or even if they were together. I said to Drew, “See babe, it happens in every relationship.” When I said the word relationship, no one corrected me, so I assume that they are indeed “together.”
When Harriet and Cindy left, Drew finished up, then we got ready to go to his parents. We were going there for dinner and to watch the final four games in March Madness. Tom’s friend Don Hawkins was supposed to come over as well, but called and said he couldn’t make it he didn’t feel well. I felt bad for Don. He is a cool guy. While we were there, I didn’t drink any alcohol. I was still not hundred percent, but my stomach was hungry. We ate so much. We had a ton of food to take home, as well, so we didn’t have to go grocery shopping this week. After the first game, we decided it was time to get home.

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