First Day at Fastest Labs

Today was my first day at Fastest Labs. I am not sure about all this. We ordered my uniform shirts, talked about the business, and you guess it he went over everything and how the procedure goes typically when someone goes in, and what he envisions for his business. He loves to repeat the same information over and over. We practiced urine tests, and how the DOT standard procedures go. I told him what I got done over the weekend, which wasn’t much, but it was something. He was okay with it, thankfully.

That afternoon, we discussed his grand opening. We talked about ideas and how to make it big and awesome. He wanted to keep asking me about the radio station, and what it was like there. Every time we saw someone loading up a station vehicle, he would ask me, so where are they going? what are they are carrying? It made me feel so damn nostalgic, and made me miss the radio station, while it lasted it was the perfect job for me. It just didn’t last long enough. I couldn’t let it last any longer.

Also, Chris had me contact one of the sales guys from iHeart to see if we could possibly have a radio station at our grand opening, if we have it outside. I talked to Scottro, before talking to Brett. Brett made an appointment with us for tomorrow at 1pm. I was nervous to see someone from the station again.

After work that day, I was driving home feeling sorry for myself, when it came to not working at the radio station anymore. I hate working so close to it, and being reminded of it all again. I am not sure how I feel about working so close to it. I loved working at the radio station, and the people that I met there, some were only fair weather friends, others not, but I am not sure how I feel working in the same lot, and being reminded of my memories there everyday. It just sucks. It was a mistake to quit.

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