This afternoon we had our meeting with Brett. He walked over with his portfolio. I was happy to see a familiar face but nervous at the same time. I didn’t think Chris had it in the marketing budget to be able to afford the radio stations, but it was worth a shot.
Our meeting with Brett went well, and I was familiar with the software he was using on his phone, Salesforce. I have seen it in action, just never had to use it. Seeing Brett brought back so many damn memories. He was always such a good person. He was one of my favorite sales guys over there. He asked Chris some key questions about what does the ideal HR look like to him? How did he envision his target audience? How long does he want his ad to run? and whether or not we wanted a talent at the event? It was interesting to watch a sales meeting. I was never privy to that aspect of the radio.

After the meeting, Brett said, he would get back to us with a proposal on Thursday since he is off Friday. Chris thought it was going to be too expensive, but wanted to flirt with the idea of having the spot on the radio, which means that I would get to voice the spot! I was excited at the thought of being in the studio again, only this time I was a client and recording a spot. I just wanted so badly to go in there, and throw it in their faces, but was that right reason to urge Chris to spend this kind of money? I am interested to see what Brett comes up with for us.

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