Guys Night Out

After work today, I went to my parents and Drew went out with his friend Zach. They were going to a pinball tournament in Carnegie. I was glad he was getting to spend some time with his buddy. My parents and I went to dinner at Red Lobster. My monthly visitor arrived today, so I was hurting a bit. I offered it up and didn’t take anything for it. I know childbearing is going to be so much harder. I can deal with cramps.

While we were at Red Lobster waiting for our table, I saw Drew’s friend Mike walk past me, and go outside. I called out, “Mike!” He turned around and said, “Hey Danielle!” He gave me a hug, and I asked who he was here with? He said, “I got the family here.” I walked outside with him and there they were. I hadn’t seen Stephanie since my wedding I think. It has been that long! I hugged her, Emma and Stephen. Emma was showing me her My Little Ponies, that she got for her birthday. Stephen couldn’t wait to tell me when his birthday was and how old he is. I love them! Stephanie and I agreed we should hang out soon, and that it has been too long. I took a picture of them and sent it to Drew. I said, look who I found. He said, tell them I said, Hi! I told Mike that Drew was at a pinball tournament with Zach. He looked kind of dejected like disappointed that he didn’t get to go.

When our table was called, I said goodbye to them and went and sat down with my parents. When I sat down with my parents, I got a text from Stephanie saying that Stephen was asking where Daniel Tiger went? and how they missed me. I loved it, so cute! I love being called Daniel, but only Maci was the only one that used to call me it. I guess it is just easier for kids to say, instead of Danielle.

After dinner, when we left I waved Goodbye to them, and then it was home to my parents to hang out for a while. I was actually ready to go home, but I wanted to spend some time with my parents. We watched the movie, Jackie. Natalie Portman did a good job of playing Jackie Kennedy, but I much prefer Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy. I thought it was good, but it wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. It was an Indie film and typically they are a little raw and one-sided. The movie took place after the assassination of JFK, the burial plans, and her interview with a reporter after Jack’s death. There were certain things she would say, and then tell him. Don’t you think I am going to let you use that! I love anything about the Kennedy’s. They are so fascinating, modern royalty.

Image result for jackie

After the movie, I went home and got a shower. When I laid down on the floor, I was stuck down there. I couldn’t get up. My cramps were so bad, that they were affecting my back. It felt like I threw my back out. When Drew came home, he helped me up off the floor and felt so bad that I was in pain. He got me a heating pad, then it was bedtime. I was so ready to fall asleep.

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