Power Rangers

This morning I had my hair appointment at 11am, when I walked into the salon I saw Kathie. I didn’t know she was back. I looked at Kim. Kim was like, “Oh hi, I thought you were my friend Danielle.” She was trying to play it off, as if she didn’t plan on doing my hair. I just laughed threw it. These women are so damn strange. I noticed at Leanne’s desk was Lisa L. She works at the University of Pitstburgh and I have been trying to get a job there for so long. I remember I applied for a position in her department, and she told me at one time, that I would definitely get a call for an interview. I knew my time at the music department was coming to end then, and I was trying to be proactive and set up my next move.

Well, I never got that phone call for an interview. Time went on, and when I saw her after she said, that I would get a call and I didn’t, she couldn’t even look me in the eyes, but had Leanne tell me that I just didn’t have enough experience and that I should apply for that job again, and those like that position, when I have more experience. It was a bunch of bullshit if you ask me, she shouldn’t have opened her mouth and said, I was going to get an interview, if they were never going to call me.

When I sat down in Kim’s chair, who does my hair EXACTLY how I want it to look, Kathie asked me how my job search was going. I looked over at Lisa in Leanne’s chair, and back at Kathie and I simply said, “I am supplementing right now, and really don’t want to discuss it, but I am glad you are back.” One has to know how to play the game, when dealing with these people. All she said was, “Gotcha, and thank you.” I am sure she could tell that I didn’t want to go to her anymore, and didn’t want to talk too much about my job situation. The last thing I need is for Lisa to get wind that I already have a position, and tell someone at the University, and etc. I just didn’t want anyone in my business. I had enough.

After my hair was colored and styled, Kathie came over to me and said, “Look at you blondie.” I smiled, and asked her how she was feeling. She said, she is better, but they damaged her vocal cords taking out the breathing tube, so her voice was a little froggy, but it will go away eventually. I felt bad for her. I was glad she was better.

When I got home, I told Drew about who I saw at the hair place, and he thought it was a good idea for me not too say too much. We planned out our evening. We wanted to try this new pizza place, called Brick Oven. It is like chipotle, but for Pizza. It was so yummy. The pizzas were a bit bigger, than personal pans. Then we went to the movies to see Power Rangers. We were both so excited!

While we were in the movie theater, I got so sentimental for my childhood. It sucks being an adult sometimes. During the battle sequence, they played the old theme, “GO GO POWER RANGERS!” I almost cried. I was so excited! At the very end of the movie, the original Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger were taking a picture with their cell phones of the giant transformer the power rangers operated in order to save the day! Drew tapped my leg and said, “Babe, look!” We both couldn’t believe it. There they were. The pink ranger was still cute, but the green ranger, his hair line was receding, and you could tell they were older. When we got home, we went straight to bed, but we kept singing “Go Go Power Rangers.”

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