This morning, I could not get out of bed. I just wanted to stay in bed a little longer. I don’t really even remember Drew leaving this morning. I didn’t sleep that well last night. I had a hard time winding down to go to sleep. I wasn’t sure what to day was going to be like, or this week. There really wasn’t too much planned.

When I arrived to work, I talked to Earl for a bit, then went up to the office. Chris was at the front desk when I walked in. We talked about Easter weekend, the plan for the day, which was to do lots of marketing, and we had a person coming in from BlueBook network to talk to us more about the Whos, who event and showcase at Heinz Field. Chris was concerned about the pricing for a booth. I said, well lets go get donuts and see if we can entice him to lower it. He sent me for a half dozen donuts.

Once I got back to the office, Earl was there talking to Chris. I put the donuts in the break room. Chris left shortly after to go sell. When he left, he shut the break room door behind him. When he came back, which was shortly after 12pm. He went to open the break room door and couldn’t. The keys were locked inside the office. Earl got a ladder for him, and he had to climb up and go through the ceiling to unlock the door.

Finally, the man from Bluebook came and he talked to us about the event. He didn’t want to eat a donut. I said to myself, well there goes that idea. While they were talking, a man came in by the name of Joe Perry. He wanted to get a drug test, but was with the union. Chris and I explained to him that we are not affiliated with the union yet, but would love to be. However, we can perform the test and it will be $40.00. We can then e-mail the results to your employer. I performed the test on him, but I was a bit rusty with the paperwork. It has been awhile since I performed a rapid drug test.

After Joe left, we ended the meeting with the Bluebook. It turns out that we are going to purchase a booth, and Chris wants to spend the 1,700. He asked me to go with him, since he really wants me to be there, but the office is going to be shut down, which is something he is not comfortable with, but if he had hired on another person, this wouldn’t be a problem. I said, “Chris, we can forward the office phone to our cell phones. It is more important to leave the office to get more customers, then it is to sit here and have no customers come in, and or just BS with one another.” He sort of agrees. No one is coming to come off the street to get tested. We have to get out there and sell in order for people to know we are even here!

Right before I left for the day, he sent me to foster plaza to see what companies were over there. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be walking into. I did go into two companies. One was a mortgage company they don’t test. The other was, a railroad company. Someone took my information and said they would put it on the appropriate desk and see what happens. It didn’t sound too promising, then again it was the end of the day. Funny how you say drug testing and everyone heads for the hills and doesn’t want to help you.

Once I got home, I got a shower, and put some chicken breasts in the oven. I was waiting for Andrew’s mom to stop over. They forgot to give us half the ham yesterday, and we still have her umbrella, as well. When she arrived, we traded the ham for the umbrella, then I waited for Drew to get home.  He finally got home around 7pm.  I was so glad to see him home safe. After dinner, Drew went up to get a shower. Now we are going to watch the Tudors until it is time for bed. Monday is officially over!

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