An Unexpected Call

This morning, Drew had a dentist appointment, so he came to my work and brought Chris and I donuts from Peace Love and Little Donuts. I was so happy to see him and glad he got to meet Chris. Drew told me that he had to be fitted for a mouth guard for night time and random wear. He is wearing his teeth down and some damage has been done. I felt bad, but was glad he could get the guard. He had to leave after a while, he wanted to go home and work on the basement.

While I was working, I got a call from my RMU. I ran outside to take the call. Chris could tell that it looked suspicious, but I didn’t care. The girl from RMU told me that they needed to push my interview back to Thursday, instead of Tuesday. I said, that it was okay, I completely understand. I think someone that is going to be on the interview is going to be out of town, so that is why. The girl and I talked for a good half hour about the position, and she volunteered so much information. It was a good conversation, so now the interview is set for May 4 at 1pm. I am so excited!

When I went back inside, I felt like I had to be honest with Chris about these mysterious phone calls, so I was honest. I told him everything and he was sad, but happy for me if this is what I truly want. He wants to keep me on the payroll, and asked if I would help with after hours collections, and marketing events if I was able to. I said, I definitely would love to help. I will keep him posted with what happens after May 4. That night, I had such a great work out at the gym. It was good day!

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