Blue Book Heinz Field

This morning, I met Chris at the office. We were getting ready to go to an event at Heinz Field. We packed up his Suburban and off we went to Heinz Field. Traffic was intense on the parkway, but once we got there. We parked out front, and unloaded. When we checked in, they didn’t have badges for us, because we checked in past the deadline. I thought that was kind of shitty. They didn’t have badges, but they had a printer there that wasn’t working, so she hand wrote our badges, and messed up on mine. I could tell she was nervous and pissed about the printer.

Eventually, we just stuck our business cards in our badges and took out the hand written name tags, it looked so tacky. When we got our booth set up, we took pictures and posted them on Facebook to get the word out, about us doing big things! We met with our neighbors the booths surrounding ours. We were next to a construction company, who’s family also made homemade olive oil. We shook hands with a few people, and passed out our business cards.

Then we were served lunch upstairs in the conference rooms, that overlooked the playing field. It was pretty cool. While we were eating lunch, Chris got a phone call about someone possibly coming in for a personal rapid test. He asked if I wanted to drive his car back to the office, and then come back, or take an Uber? I said, Which ever, do you trust me with your car? He asked if I have driven a suburban before? I said, “No. Do you trust me?” He handed me his keys, and off I went. I drove back to Greentree, parked, and on my way into the office, I noticed a plant outside our door. It was a bamboo plant. I picked it up and unlocked the door. I set the plant on the counter and it was from his mom and step dad. I texted a picture of the plant to Chris, flipped the lights on, turned on some music, and waited for the test to show up.

Fifteen minutes went by, and still no show, so he told me to come back. I drove back to Heinz Field, through the West End and there was no traffic. The parking lot attendant, let me back into the lot, free of charge. I parked the car, and went back into Heinz Field. Chris was by the booth. He handed me the business cards he collected. He said, he felt a little like a leper. No one was coming up to talk to him, and the people that were walking by were trying not to make eye contact. I said, that’s how I felt at the network after work event. We are the kid no wants to talk to, because we do drug and alcohol testing, or they avoid us, because they don’t test, or don’t have a need for us. He agreed.

When the bar opened up, everyone flocked to the bar all the vendors and attendees. Chris handed me the drink tickets and told me to go work the bar. I ordered a crown and soda, but the guy gave me more crown then soda. I ended up tossing it down the sink in the bathroom. When I went back to the bar, I ordered a coors light instead, and talked with the guys from Diehl automotive. There was no one else to really talk to, when I looked back our booth, Chris was backing up. I finished my beer and excused myself from the conversation with Diehl, and went back to help my boss. He was ready to get out of there.

On our way back to the office, we talked about how we thought the event was going to go a little bit better, but we weren’t going to be sure how it went until we go back and follow up tomorrow and the next day with our leads. I felt bad, because I knew it wasn’t what we both expected it to be like, especially how John made it sound it was going to be like.
Once we got back to the office, I got in my car, and drove home. Thankfully Drew was going to stay home that evening, as well instead of going to the gym. It was a long way home for him, and he didn’t want to go to the gym. I was happy. I get the evening with him. I told him about the event, and he was bummed it didn’t go better for us. I was ready to relax for the evening!

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