Errands, Swollen Right Hand

This morning, I noticed my hand was so swollen. I was scared that I was possibly having an allergic reaction. I had to take Drew’s car to Dan’s autobody, but I was so concerned about my hand.

Once my dad and I got home, I took Benedryl and laid down, I was in such a daze. I finished the series the Cable Girls on Netflix. It was good and had an open ending for season 2 to begin. I did fall asleep throughout the show. I was able to snuggle with my dogs as well all day.

Around 2pm, I woke up my dad and decided I need to go to MedExpress. He took me to the MedExpress in Greentree. The doctor there told me that it is quite possible that I am allergic to mosquito bites, and will need to see an allergist. My hand isn’t as swollen as it once was, but prescribed me a steroid to keep the swelling down. I had already decided I wasn’t going to take the steroid, but I did need to pick up a new box of Benedryl. The one at my parents’ expired back in January.

On our way to get the car, I picked up the Benedryl, and then we drove to McKees Rocks. Drew’s car was done and it passed inspection. I was glad of that but anxious to get back home and rest. It started to storm on our way to the rocks, and I did get a little wet when I got into the car. I drove back to Crafton and took some Benedryl. I was so out of it. My dad picked up Drew when he got off the bus in Crafton and brought him back to my parents.’

That evening, we did go to dinner in two separate cars. We went to Pennsbury Pub. I was so out of it. I ate my entire chicken salad. I was pretty hungry, but still in a daze from the Benedryl. I couldn’t wait to get back to Moon. When we got back to Moon, I took a shower, and took some more Benedryl and laid on the couch with Drew, and watched the Pens Game. We won! I did fall asleep off and on throughout the game. I couldn’t wait to go to bed.

Laid Off

This morning, I woke up at 7:45am, but I hit the snooze button. I needed to go back to sleep until 8am. I woke up at 8am, and got a shower. I decided to not wash my hair. I didn’t really care today. I got dressed in some black pants, and my burgundy Fastest Labs shirt. I went downstairs, grabbed my yogurt, and my granola. I brought a change of clothes with me, in case I got stuck at my parents, then I was out the door. My neighbor asked me if that was me, who was making all the damn noise? I laughed. I said, “No.” He said, “You off to work? I said, “Yes.” He said, “Have fun playing with pee.” I laughed and got in my car. I hate when people say that to me. I drove to work.

When I got to work, I walked into the office and Chris wasn’t there. I did just see the Men’s room door close some, so I assume he is in the bathroom, so I just set my stuff down and grabbed some coffee. I took my yogurt from the fridge and as I was putting in some granola he walked in the door. I said, “Morning!” he said, “Hey Danielle.” The way he said it was kind of off. I wondered what his issue was it was only 9am, who pissed him off already, or better yet why was he so moody already? He walked into the back office, where I was. I started mixing around my granola. He didn’t really want to look at me. He just watched me mix my yogurt and then he said, “So based on the numbers, and where I am with money. I can’t afford to keep you on anymore, so today is going to be your last day.” I looked up at him. I thought it was so funny how nervous he was to tell me that, like grow some balls, and look at me it’s cool. If you don’t have guts, and gull in life, then people are going to take advantage of you, and you will be a joke. Be a man and just look at me, and tell me don’t dance around, and hesitate. I looked at him, and said, “Okay, sounds good.” He looked at me and I think he wanted me to be sad, or was wondering why I wasn’t more affected. He then said, “And you don’t want to be here anyway.” I said, “No, I did give it a try, and I did help you be better organized, and I told you from the start, Chris that this wasn’t for me, and I told you what I was looking for and you still offered me the position, because you thought I could help you grow, and I did that, but be fair. I did tell you that this wasn’t for me from the start. This was inevitable. It was going to happen at one point or another.” He just shook his head. I just shrugged my shoulders. I took my yogurt to the desk and started to eat. He said, “So today, could you make sure Victoria knows where everything is on the computer, and how to send out an agreement, etc.” I said, “Sure no problem.”

After I showed him where everything was, and then I said to him. I did a pretty good job here. I kept you organized, and I did what I could to help you grow, so I am happy with my time here and the job I did.” He said, “No you did really well here.  You did do a great job of keeping me organized.” I printed out my time card, and signed it. I asked if he wanted me to write a little blurb and he said, yes just so we are on the same page. I have done this before, Chris. I wrote a little blurb, and signed my name again. He said, “Ironically your last paycheck will be direct deposited.” He supposedly figured out the error, as to why the direct deposit wasn’t working in the first place.

When Victoria arrived, we told her today was my last day. She said, “No way.” I said, “Yes, so if you have any questions about anything now is the time.” She said, “alright, girl.” She went to the bathroom and texted me. She said, “Girl how are you taking this? I feel awful.” I texted her back and said, “It is okay. I am okay.” When she came back from the bathroom, we went over everything in the computer, insightly, mailchimp, etc. Chris left at one point to go get his license picture taken. I called Earl and told him he is gone. Come see me today is my last day. I said, “He let me go this morning.” Earl said, “What? Wow!” I said, “Yup.”

When Earl came up, he said, “Well he has got to learn you have to go out there and sell. If he is not sales minded, then he needs to surround himself with people that are, or else he is going to go under.” This is all the same shit we have been trying to tell Chris for months! He never wants to leave, and I don’t think he knows how to do sales and be effective out there, but cold calling for 8 hours is not the solution.

When Chris came back, we all chatted for a bit. Earl had to leave to get Karl’s car fixed. He took my hand in his and I said, “We have known each other for a long time, and we go way back.” He said, “We sure do.” He squeezed my hand and said, “You know I will always love you.” I smiled. He turned to leave. Earl is like my second father. I will miss him and he has always been there for me.

At one point, I looked at my watch and said, “Well it’s my last hour at Fastest Labs.” I looked at Victoria and smiled and asked her if she needed anything from me? She said, “Nope, I think I am good girl.” I said, “Alright.” I looked at Chris. He said, “If you want you don’t have to stay until 1pm.” I said, “Well my time sheet says 1pm, so if you want to change it to 12pm you can.” He said, “No I will still pay you until 1pm.” I said, “thank you, Well this is it, if someone calls looking for a reference from you make sure you say good things about me.” He said, “You will get a good reference from me and let me know if you ever need anything from me.” I looked at Chris and held out my hand. He shook it. I said, “Thank you, for everything it was a pleasure working with you.” He shook my hand for what seemed to be an extended period of time. When I turned to leave, I didn’t look at him. I just opened the door, and left. For once I am not sad that the end is here, and that I am done with Fastest Labs. I am completely okay with it, but it does suck now that we are down to one income again.

After I left Fastest Labs, I went to my parents. Hellena was selling a true red, Coach purse with a matching wrist let. My mom and dad were kind enough to buy it for me. Hellena dropped it off last night. I couldn’t wait to go pick it up. I dropped off some lemon cake for my parents, and picked up my purse. I told my dad what happened, and greeted my dogs. He felt bad, but I had to get home and get ready for a phone screen with Pitt. Another phone screen, and for this one I was excited!

When I got home from my parents, I did some cleaning, and then prepped for my phone screen. I was ready to go. I texted Andrew’s mom, and she gave me some advice on what to say and what not to say. I called my contact for my phone screen at 3:15pm, like we agreed on, and she didn’t answer. I was freaking out. I never had this happen to me before.

Finally, she called me back and the phone screen was underway. It went so well. It was a true phone screen. Alittle about the position, and then she told me she would be in touch with me, regarding the availability for an in person interview. I couldn’t wait to hear back from her.

This evening, when Drew came home, he felt bad for me, but was happy I didn’t have to deal with Fastest Labs and Chris anymore, and it does sound like the franchise is on its way under. He was happy my phone interview went so well. The waiting game was about to begin.

After dinner, we went to Home Depot, and picked out a new fridge, and a new dishwasher two appliances we needed to buy before we eventually sell the town home, and we plan to place the order on Thursday. After home depot, we got ice cream from Cold Stone. It was much needed.

When we got home, we sat outside and had a cigar together. We lit some citronella candles, and played some classic rock. I did wear mosquito repellent, and I still managed to get bit twice on my right hand, in almost the exact same spot.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This morning, we went to the gym. Traffic was a nightmare due to the Memorial Day parade that was happening in Sewickley. Drew had serious road rage. I was a little annoyed. We finally got to the gym, and I hopped on to a treadmill. Drew texted me while I was on the treadmill, and asked if I wanted to play some basketball? I said, “Sure!” It has been awhile since we played and there was no one in the court.

After we shot some hoops, he went into the weight room, and then I went on the elliptical, and did my 30 mins. After that, I did some machines and BSed with Claylene. I feel like I never get anything done when she is there. We just BS, while I do reps. It was fun. Erin was there. She complimented my weight loss. She said, she can tell in my face that I lost weight. I was glad it is noticeable to other people.

After we finished at the gym, we stopped and grabbed 2 twelve packs, and then we went to the grocery store and picked up ketchup, lemon cake mix, frosting, chips, and salsa. We were finally going to have a cookout to ourselves. When we got home, I showered and put on a cute dress which I ruined while I was baking the cake, so there goes that. I went up to change, and then sat outside for a bit, while Drew grilled. We listened to some classic rock radio, and we had so much fun. I love when he cooks out. He enjoys it, and it makes me happy. After we ate dinner, we got ready to watch Black Sails, so far a lot of the key characters are dying since it is the final season of the show. I was not looking forward to work the next day.

Leanne and Dan’s Cookout

This morning, when we woke up, we felt pretty useless from all the food and beer we consumed the night before. I was laying on the couch with Drew, watching television when he got the text from Dan saying the car is done for the most part, and it should be ready by 1pm. Then Leanne texted me asking me if we were coming to the cookout. I really didn’t want to go and neither did Drew. I just wanted to pick up his car and be on our way. Drew wanted to cookout on his grill, and we wanted to be alone at some point during the weekend.

Well we ended up going to the cookout, and Maci was sick. We didn’t bring anything. We offered, but we didn’t need to, so we didn’t. Dan put the finishing touches on the car, and Drew pulled it out of the garage, finally!  We helped them set up the tables, chairs, and tent for the cookout.

At one point Dan started cooking, but then he had to run out and get plates and forks. Everything was behind because he didn’t finish the car on time, and things were rushed. Maci was sick. Leanne was sitting around bullshitting with Gretchen, Shawn’s girlfriend. I was so annoyed. After we ate, we hung out around the table and then they started talking about Bumper’s wedding. George said, “if it even happens. He proposes to every girl he sleeps with.” They all looked at me. I made the motion with my hands like cut it out, stop. It is so awkward when they bring him up, and the fact that I was his girlfriend at one point makes me feel like I am forever marked. It’s fucking awkward for Drew too I am sure. I can’t stand them sometimes. I just put up with the bullshit because I am friends with Leanne.

After the conversation, switched gears we got up to leave. Drew and I had enough of the O’Grodnik House. We needed to go grocery shopping and we wanted to get back, relax, and finish watching Black Sails. I will miss this show. It was full of swashbuckling pirates, Long John Silver, trade deals, and relationships. We said our goodbyes, which always takes a few minutes. Then we were on our way back to Moon. We stopped at the grocery store and did some shopping, then went home and relaxed for the rest of the night.
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Jim’s Memorial Day Cookout

Jim’s Memorial Day Cookout

This morning, Drew took my car to the chiro, I stayed back. I wanted to get this laundry done. When he came home, we went to the store and bought the ingredients for the salad to take to Jim’s. We were excited to go to a cookout and just chill.

When we arrived at Jim’s, everyone was standing out front admiring the green shutters, but what color should they paint the door. Ari and I both decided on a Hunter Green, or a Teaspot green would complement the shutters. I didn’t really care, I was ready to drink and eat snacks. Jim took my salad, and came back with a beer. I was so happy, a beer!  Finally we started playing some cornhole. Jim turned up the music, and we had ourselves a party.

Finally, dinner was ready and we had butter burgers, pulled pork, beans, etc. It was yummy. For desert, we had some kind of chocolate brownie, and whipped cream trifle. It was so good. I drank a bit too much. The guys would disappear to do shots every now and then. We would tease them. We played whiffle ball, and I was able to hit it a few times. I even impressed myself. We stayed until 10:30pm, then it was time to go.  I had more fun this time. I don’t know I think because I wasn’t in such a crazy outfit, I came in jeans and tennies to play all these damn games. It was fun. When we got home, we got showered and went to bed.

Pitt Friends/Start of Memorial Day Weekend

This morning it was rainy and cold. I had no desire to go to work today. I really didn’t feel like cold calling either, but it was a bit too rainy to go outside and do sales, but it is better than staying inside. At point; Chris, Earl, Victoria, and I were all standing around talking. Earl made some statement. I said, “Chris won’t fire me. He needs me. I send out the most agreements here.” I was sticking up for myself based on what Earl was saying. He was being funny and so was I. Chris looked at me with this evil look. He said, “I don’t need you. I can get someone else.” I looked at him like he wasn’t serious. Victoria started laughing. I knew I wasn’t being serious, and I thought he knew how we joke. Apparently, I struck a chord. Earl laughed, I laughed, and so did Victoria. Chris was the only one looking like I killed his dog. Earl said, “Chris man you know how these girls are, relax. It is like having several wives, just nod your head and say, “Okay.” I just rolled my eyes, please. This was ridiculous.

After the confrontation, Earl left and so did Victoria and I. We went to sell, because Chris never does. I didn’t want to be in the office, and I didn’t want to cold call either, so we drove around to the other businesses that are around the fulfillment center, then we drove up to the business park that is located behind GetGo in Robinson. There were so many businesses there. We managed to hit them all, but it wasn’t as promising as yesterday, so we went across the street to the twin towers building. We dropped information off at a rehab center, who had a quest box on their window, sort of can’t compete with that. We stopped to a staffing place called Staff Assist, their corporate is based out of Baltimore. They are a satellite office out of Florida. Okay, it was time to go back.

When we got back to the office, we told Chris it wasn’t as good of a day, as yesterday, but we did manage to gain some new contacts, and people to follow up with in their corporate locations. Other than that, nothing. He looked disappointed and disgusted. I didn’t care. I was over it. I had somewhere to go.

When I left work, I went to Oakland. I was so excited to see my Pitt people. I parked in Senott Square and walked to the Porch. Tila wasn’t there yet, she didn’t start work until 2:00pm-to close. I was under a huge time crunch, so I said, just tell her I said, Hi and I will be back to see her soon.

When I left the porch it started to rain, so I ran across the street to the cathedral, and ran into the cathedral, so I wouldn’t get wet. I forgot my umbrella in the car. I really needed to pee. I went to the bathroom, and texted Drew. I asked if he had his umbrella. He said, he did have it with him, so after I got done in the bathroom. I went to the fake Starbucks, and said hi to my girl Marilyn. She gave me a hug, and told me how much she missed me, and she saw my Husband this morning, and asked about me. She really wants me to get in here, so she can see me every day. I told her I want to get in. I am trying. She gave me free iced coffee. I also met Vernon. He is HR coordinator for CSSD. I told him how I was Andrew Hornyak’s wife. He said, it was a pleasure to finally meet me. He encouraged me to keep applying and to not get discouraged. He said, that it is different now, than before. He could just push people through, but now everything is done online.

After I left the cathedral, I went to the music building. When I walked in, I went to Paula’s office. She stood up, and said, “Look at you with your coffee!” I gave her a big hug. She complimented my hair, and I sat down, and we chatted for a bit, then Phil came by and I hugged him. She had work question for him, and then we all visited for a minute, but she wanted me to see the other people in the building, because we were going out for drinks together anyways.

When I left her office, I stopped and talked to Matt. Matt is the graduate administrator. We chatted for a bit, but I don’t really have too much to say to him. We never really communicated all that much, so I went to see Frank. Frank was his usual self. He decided to give up dating, and focus on work. He is keeping busy with Ora and Geri, being the mediator. He wasn’t able to attend happy hour, so I was bummed, but I didn’t expect him to be there either. It was good to catch up with him. I was back and forth with Andrew via text. I wanted him to reschedule his chiropractor appointment, so I could enjoy drinks with Paula and Phil. It was going on 3pm and we still had to make our way to the bar. He agreed to change it to tomorrow morning, so I called and rescheduled his chiro appointment, and he could join us for drinks when he is done with work. I wasn’t sure how long we were going to be there.

After I left Frank’s office, I went to Phil’s office and just hung out. Frank came by to say goodbye. Phil is taking a hiatus for the summer for a couple weeks, and Frank said he was quitting on Monday. Phil and I looked at each other and laughed. I said to Frank, “Quit in September right before Jazz.” Frank laughed. I said, “Well that is one position on PittSource I am not applying for.” Phil and I looked at each other again and laughed, so many memories of me, just walking in there and flipping out of frustration for everything that is Jazz seminar.

When we left the music department, we decided to go to the Wyndham instead. Paula wanted to sit outside and drink. When we got there, they had this annoying 80s music playing on the porch. It was really cheesy and tacky. The waiter was able to turn it down, thankfully. We ordered one round and got to talking about my job search, the franchise, movies, Pitt, new to the department news, and etc. After a round Phil was tipsy, and so was Paula. I was ready to keep going. I was going to make Drew drive anyway.
When we left the Wyndham, I went back to the cathedral. I was a little buzzed and needed to eat. I went to Drew’s floor, and hung out in this cube with him while, I waited for him to finish work. He asked me how it went. I said, “I really need to eat. I am pretty buzzed.” He laughed a little, and asked if I wanted to go to Primanti’s down here, or back in Moon? I said, “Let’s go down here.” I checked my phone and told him I had a phone screen scheduled for 2:30pm on Tuesday with Linda from Pitt. He was happy to hear. Paula worked her magic for me again!

While he was getting packed up, I went to go see Bobbi Jo and ask for her advice on this interview. I got stopped by Jim and Bill. Bill is Drew’s boss. Jim whispered, “See you Saturday?” I said, “Yes, I will be there for sure. I have to go see Bobbi Jo right now, but I will see you gentlemen later.”

When I arrived to Bobbi Jo’s office, she explained to me how Dietrich Arts and Sciences are constructed these days, and that she would put in a good word with Barbara, who is a head of Linda. I was happy to have her help. She also helped me word the e-mail. I was so incredibly buzzed and wanted to set this up ASAP.

When I arrived back to Drew’s cube, Drew was BSing with Jim. I was like, really? They both laughed. They were talking about the cookout. We talked for a bit, then Drew and I left to get on the elevator, and finally it was time to leave. On our way to Primanti’s we ran into Bobby Jo, she wished us a good weekend. I love her.

When we got to Primanti’s, Drew and I talked about the future, and about which opportunity would be better? Pitt or RMU. We had a nice conversation and a yummy dinner. We were hesitant to go back to Leanne and Dan’s, but I was sobering up finally.

When we arrived to Leanne and Dan’s, the car was still not finished. I was so annoyed. He said, it should definitely be ready tomorrow. I was so ready for this to be done with. We stayed until 10:00pm ish. Then we went home and went to bed.

Car Troubles & Yoga with Maci

Car Troubles & Yoga with Maci

This morning, I was still reeling inside from yesterday. We did however, go out and try to get some business. We were hoping for a good day. We visited some businesses, Burns and Scalo said they want to revamp their drug and alcohol program and want us to meet with them sometime in the couple weeks to go over what we have to offer. I told Chris to go to Burns and Scalo a long time ago. I was nervous to walk in there, it wasn’t a good experience, working there.

When I walked into Burns and Scalo, the receptionist is an older middle aged woman, and the HR coordinator is new. The CIO is the same. We passed each other on the way to the HR coordinator’s office, which is now on the other side of the building. Also, as we were walking in a familiar sales executive was walking out, I forget his name, but he was odd. It was weird being in there. When we left Burns and Scalo, we drove around to the surrounding areas, and nothing major happened there. They just took our business card, and a brochure. Before we went back to the office, we went to the Amazon Fulfillment center. We were hoping for a good outcome.

When we walked into the Fulfillment center, it looked like a prison break. Everyone was starting to leave at the same time. We thought it was a fire alarm. We were waiting for the HR coordinator to come to the window, someone was supposedly getting her for us. So Victoria and I waited, and waited.

Finally, Victoria asked someone where they were going. He said, “oh we are going on break.” She said, “You guys get to all go at the same time?” He said,”Yea, are you going to start working here?” We both said, “No”, at the same time. He laughed and said, “Aww Damn.” We both looked at one another and gave each other a look. Finally, the HR coordinator came to the window, and approached us. She looked familiar, then I realized I went to grade school with her. Her name is Julie. She remembered me, but it wasn’t going to help. She said, she would pass this off to corporate. They typically do hiring events, and bring everything with them, so they pretty much do it themselves. That was a lost cause. Time to go back to the office.

Once we got back to the office, I told Chris all that happened, and he was glad we had some success, especially with Burns and Scalo, so he drafted up a proposal, and sent it over to them, and will follow up with them in a few weeks. I just get so frustrated with them. We could have had their business a lot sooner, than this, but he never went out to sell. He just hung out with us in the office, expecting us to cold call.

After work, I changed in the bathroom and then got in the car, and went to Autozone to pick up the parts for Drew’s car. Then went back to my parents in crafton. My dad bought me subway. After I picked up the subway, I went back to my parents to eat. After I ate, I kind of laid down on the couch with the dogs for a minute, then got back up and went to Leanne and Dan’s, once they got home from going shopping.

When I got to Leanne and Dan’s, I hung out with Leanne and Maci, until Drew arrived. Once Drew arrived, Dan started working on his car. Apparently, shock plugs are typically easy to replace if you don’t run into any issues. Well, they ran into all sorts of issues. The one side, the bolt had to get re-threaded and he had to do that tomorrow, because it was going on 9:00pm, and no place was open.

At one point, they had to stop and get some parts, and a bigger wrench, etc.  Maci and I did yoga and documented it on Facebook live.  Finally, we just decided to leave and come back tomorrow to pick up the car. Drew asked if I could swing by after work and pick up his car if it was done. I told him I could, but I can’t wait for it. I have plans to meet up with Paula and Phil for a drink in Oakland. They are done at 3:00pm, due to the holiday. I was a little pissed, like I am not going to stop my plans, just so you can have your car to take to the chiropractor. We will take mine instead, and get there just fine. When we got home, the Penguins game was still going on, so Drew stayed up to watch it end in Overtime. I got a shower, and went to bed.