Wednesday, Me Day!

This morning, I got up and let the dogs out, got a shower, then fed them, and then I went to work. Work was interesting he knew I was going on an interview with RMU the next day, so he was teasing me about it, whatever. I need to do what I need to do. I am not collecting urine samples, and hair samples all my life.

Also, Drew was so sweet and volunteered to take care of the dogs, while I stayed in Moon that night, so I could rest up. I was so touched and thought it was so thoughtful of him. He wants me to be well rested.

After work, I went home and let the dogs out. Then I fed them dinner, and then it was off to my mani and pedi appointment. I couldn’t wait to get pampered!

Once I arrived to the nail salon, they were so busy! I sat in the pedicure chair, soaking for an hour, before she started on my feet. I didn’t mind actually, but it was going to leave me no time to get home to have dinner with Drew before I left for Moon.

After my mani and pedi, I went to subway and picked us up some subs. I kept mine in the car, and brought Drew’s in the house, so I could give it to him. I packed up my stuff, kissed my husband, and said goodbye to the dogs, and then I was on my way back to Moon. I will admit a huge part of me didn’t want to leave the dogs and felt bad for leaving them, not that I thought Drew was going to mistreat them, but because they were used to me and I loved them, but I did need my rest.

Once I got to Moon, I brought my stuff in, and called Drew to let him know I was there safely. He was glad and let me know the dogs were okay. He was watching the Pens game, then going to bed.

After I got off the phone with him, I ate my sandwich, and turned on Netflix. There is this new show called Cable Girls.

Image result for cable girls
It is about women trying to be independent, and carve a role for themselves other than just what society at that time wanted them to be. The time was the end of the 1920s going into the 1930s. I don’t know I think I like it, but I want it to get better. It’s slow moving. The show was filmed in Spanish and dubbed over in English. I think that’s what is throwing me off. However, the music is awesome!

Before I went to bed, I talked to Drew he finally got the dogs to settle with him. I am so thankful for him and so happy he is my husband.

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