Dinner & Fate of the Furious

At work, it was so slow. Monday was the busiest we were all week. It was super slow. If he would take the initiative, and get out and promote the business. We wouldn’t be so damn slow! Well it is not my business, I still get a pay check for now. I couldn’t wait to leave work.
That evening, we went to dinner at Red Robin, and finally my period started. I was so excited that it was here, and it was Friday. I was so anxious to get back to my non hormonal self. While we were sitting at the bar drinking, Drew said to me out of the blue, “You are never going to believe, who is here.” I said, “Who?” He looked at me. I said, “an Ex?” He shook his head and said, “Look behind you.” I looked behind me, and there she was, Alicia and her family. I haven’t seen Alicia since her wedding. I did see her getting pretty chummy on instagram with one of mine and Drew’s mutual friend, before she blocked me. I did block her from Facebook, Instagram, and etc. I just felt like blocking her was a loud enough of statement, that i was over the friendship, but yet there was still so much I wanted to say to her. I wasn’t sure if I ever would get the chance to tell her exactly how I feel, without it being so dramatic. I did try to text her to see if she could be woman enough to answer me back, and tell me what exactly she was thinking being such an ass at her wedding. Well, I decided to go up to her and approach her, and see what she would say.

When I approached her, she didn’t look up, and neither did her family. No one saw me coming. I sat down next to her on the corner of the booth cushion. She looked over at me and said, “hey you.” She said, “I am sorry I am sick.” I said, “I texted you.” I looked at her. She said didn’t look back at me. She was looking down at her phone and at the menu, and said, to me, “I know I have been so busy” I thought to myself it takes two seconds to text someone. I nodded. She looked up at me finally and said, “Your hair looks amazing.” I looked away from her and said, thank you. I looked at  her parents. Her mom didn’t look at me. Her dad looked at me, and smiled. He tried talking to me. I looked at him and smiled and then ignored what he said and looked back at Alicia, and she tried to rest her head on my shoulder, and I pulled away from her a bit and stood up. She said, “You can sit for a while.” I said, “No, I am going to get back to Drew, but I just don’t there is anything to this friendship anymore. It doesn’t have any value to me anymore. We are two totally different people.” She said, “You know if you ever really needed me, I would be there for you, and you would be there for me. ” I sort of shook my head and said, “No I just don’t think we have anything more to say to each other. We have had the best years of our lives together, and that’s where it needs to end and stay.” She hugged me, and I gave her a partial hug, and walked away. Her mom said, bye to me. I didn’t turn back to look at them and i didn’t respond. I figured the past and forgetting her starts now.

Looking back, she was my best friend, but so much as changed and gone on, and it is so different now. I can’t go back and neither can she. Apparently, she feels she has to be some sort of way in her life and I don’t want to be a part of it, and apparently I don’t fit in with her anymore, and that is okay, I am so comfortable and happy with who I am, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, or a fairy-tale. It’s just a beautiful, flawed, chaotic, mess, and that is perfectly okay with me. Plus she isn’t very respectful to Andrew and that I have a problem with.

After dinner, we went to the movies to see The Fate of the Furious. It was pretty good. I liked how they referenced Paul Walker a few times. I thought to myself, is it ever going to get tiring, semi hot middle aged men, driving fast cars, but it doesn’t get old. It is bit nostalgic though. I remember when the first one came out. Then the second 2 Fast 2 Furious and the Hot Pink car. It is sorta not the same without Paul Walker though. When we got home, we went to bed. it was such an interesting evening. We had a busy day tomorrow.

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