The Airshow & Maci’s Birthday

This morning, Antony texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the Airshow with him. Drew said he wouldn’t mind going and checking it out. It sounds like it would be cool, so I got ready to go meet Anthony at the Park n Ride, and Drew seemed out of it. I asked him if he just wanted to rest, and get ready. I know he had some packing to do since he was leaving for Orlando on Monday. He said, “if you don’t mind baby, I just don’t think I would have fun. I just feel kind of out of it.” I understood. I just wanted him to feel better. I didn’t mind going with just Anthony.

When I left the house, I drove to Anthony’s and picked him up. We drove to the Moon Park and Ride, and they said the lot is full, we have to go to Dick’s Headquarters. Well we drive to Dick’s Headquarter’s and they tell us we need to go to International Drive, and they will direct us. We literally ended up on the other side of the Dick’s headquarters. It was such a production. I parked my car, and we hopped on a school bus, that was a million degrees, and then we were bused to the Airforce base.

Once we got to the Airforce base, we had to go through metal detectors to even enter the base, all Anthony and I could do was laugh. We went live on Facebook and documented everything! It was hilarious. We stayed for an hour or two, cut up, made some jokes, took some pictures, and then hopped on the shuttle to go back to the car. I had a birthday party to go to.

When I got home, Drew and I got into his car, and went to Leanne and Dan’s. Maci turned 6. My little best friend Maci. I can’t believe it, she is 6 years old, Where did the time go? As usual, I helped with the cake, and opening the gifts. Drew hung out with the guys. I love to party plan, and help. Seeing little Maci’s face makes me helping worth it. I can’t wait to have a child, and do this Andrew. I know he will be more involved. I love seeing her face light up. Dinner was yummy we had ribs, chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, cake, beer, etc. It was all so good. I was so hungry.

After the party, we went to the mall I got my ring cleaned, he put a payment down on a ring that i want for my right hand, and then we got our Moms candles from Yankee. The candles have our pictures on them. We couldn’t wait to see their faces. We just had to get a card at American Greetings, then it was home.

When we got home, we relaxed and got ready for the Pens Game. Throughout the evening, Drew started feeling nauseous. I was concerned, because he didn’t feel good earlier in the day. I knew he had a long week. I felt so bad for him.

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