New Hire For Fastest Labs

At work today, I got to meet Victoria for the first time. She is so cool, and so nice. She and I talked all day about how things happen here at the office, and what the position is like, and what each day is like here. Chris primarily wants her solely for testing, in the future, but at the same time, she needs to know how to do the sales aspect until we grow, so she is going to listen in on my telemarketing calls for a while. It is cool to have to train someone again.

After work, I went to the gym. It is weird knowing that I was going to go home to an empty house. While, I was at the gym I continued my new routine of treadmill, elliptical, and strength training machines. I did notice however, that I have cut back on my cardio. I feel as though now that I am doing the strength training, I am spending less time on the treadmill. I feel sort of alright with it, because it cuts my work out time in half, but at the same time. I feel as though I am slowly losing my ability to run longer. I like the running, but lately I have been only doing thirty mins on the treadmill, and thirty minutes on the elliptical, then strength training. I need to get back into running again, but I hate taking forever at the gym!

When I got home, I ate some stuffed cabbage left over for mother’s day, then tried to find something interesting to watch on television before I went to bed. Drew and I texted off and on. I miss him so much.

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