CCAC Typing Test

After work today, I went to CCAC in the Northside to take a typing test. I had to be there at 1pm. I got there 15 mins early. Sue didn’t come down to get me until 1:30ish. I was so annoyed. She told me that they were having some issues with the typing test yesterday, but she thinks she has it figured out now. I thought to myself well, let’s hope so!

When we entered the room, she felt the need to explain everything to me about the test. I have taken a typing test before. I just nodded my head, and said I understood. She said, have you taken one before? I said, yes at the University of Pittsburgh. I said to myself, so I am sure I will pass yours. When she finally let me take the test, it took me an hour or so. I was so annoyed. I knew I was going to pass.

When I was finished, I remember her saying that she would be down to see me, when the computer notified her that I was almost finished with the test. Well she never came down, when I was almost finished, so I went back to the reception desk, and told her I completed the test. She said, “Okay, I will let Sue know.” Before you know it Sue arrived with my scores, and then she said to me, “Well Danielle, you did a real nice job.” She told me my scores, and handed me a slip of paper. The hiring manager will see my scores, and then call me for interview, if I am selected for an interview.

When I left CCAC, I had to get a card for Cassie. She sent Drew and me invitation to her graduation. We couldn’t make it obviously. We had to watch the dogs and I had to work, so we wanted to send her a card with some money in it. I stopped at the bank, then I went to Giant Eagle, and picked up a card. I called my dad and asked him to meet me in the driveway. I parked my car and filled out the card, and put the money in it, sealed the envelope and gave my dad the card.

When I got back to Moon it was closer to 4:00PM. I finally walked in the door, changed into some gym clothes and back out the door I went. I worked out so hard, and then went to Subway to pick up a sandwich for dinner. I was sick of cabbages. Drew was coming home tomorrow! I couldn’t wait to pick him up! After I ate, I watched television until I went to bed, tomorrow is Friday!

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