Hair Appointment

This morning Drew was late to get up. I had to wake him up. When he left to go to Dr. Bailey’s, I let the dogs out and fed them breakfast. Then I got a shower, and got ready to leave the house. I left the house to go to my hair appointment. I was a little hesitant, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run into Kathie or not. I figured she was going to be there.

When I arrived to the salon, I sat in the chair, and she got started on my hair. Kathie walked into do an appointment. She said, Danielle you are so fickle. You don’t like me anymore.” I said, “No, I like you.” Kim said to Kathie she will probably leave me in about month or so anyway. I just laughed it off. I was so annoyed. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she really disappointed me with the quality of my high lights that one day, before her surgery. If she was sick, then she shouldn’t have been working. She damn sure took my money for a crappy job.

After my hair appointment, I went home to the dogs.  Drew was on his way back to my parents. When we got back home, we hung out and relaxed with the dogs. We also took them on a little walk. Drew was still not 100%. For dinner, I stopped at Wendy’s he wanted a bacon burger, and I got a chicken sandwich. I split my French fries with him. I truly love him and want him to feel better soon.  After dinner, we watched television until it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow we were going to go back to Moon around 1pm. We couldn’t wait to go to our house.

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