RMU Interview #2

This morning, I got a shower and got ready for my interview. After my shower, I put on some regular chill clothes until it was time to go. I also made myself some pumpkin coffee, and tried to relax. I watched more of the Handmaid’s Tale. I know it is depressing, but it was taking my mind off of my excitement/nervousness for this interview.

When I finally finished getting ready, I got on campus at 11:30am. I needed to get my resume printed out. I noticed an error on my resume. I fixed it, but needed to get the new copy printed, so I stopped at the Career Center, and they were able to print it out on nice paper for me, and give me an RMU folder to put it in, all for free! I was so happy! They were having some printer issues, and when they finally got the resume printed it was 12:00pm.

After, I wanted to get some coffee at ROMOs, but I thought maybe I wouldn’t have enough time, so I made my way to Patrick Henry. Everything is somewhat different anymore. The layout has changed a bit. I never been to this professor’s office, or got involved with anything in the media department, while I attended RMU, so I wasn’t sure exactly where to go. The radio room has even relocated. I remember hanging out with Anthony in there.

When I found his office, I was hoping there would be a receptionist, someone I could shoot the shit with, but there wasn’t. I noticed that he was in his office. I remember him now. He looked familiar. He noticed me down the hall. He was like are you Danielle? I said, “Yes, I am. I am so early.” He said, “12:30 pm right?” I said, “Yes, but I know I am early.” He said, “Come on in.” I said, “Are you sure? I come back.” He said, “No, come on in.” When I walked in, he said, “Just let me finish sending this e-mail.” I said, “No problem, I am super early.” He finished the e-mail, got up and shut the door. The interview began. We had casual conversation about my experience, the position, my history of employment, my alumni status, etc. Then he asked the typical interview questions.

After the interview was over, he told me that he have his decision made after Memorial Day. He gave me the nickel and dime tour. I knew that is a good sign. He said, if you were to get the position this would be your office. It was beautiful, so beautiful. Two screens, a chair for visitors, a door with a code, and it was a glass door. It was lovely, just lovely. I need this office. This would be so rewarding. He showed me the television studio, where the radio station is now, and etc.

After the tour, he shook my hand and told me we would be in touch. I left to go get coffee, then I realized, my portfolio is in his office. I called him and told him who I was and that I left my portfolio in his office. He laughed. I asked if I could come back and get it. I didn’t want to interrupt anything. He said, “Yea, come on back.” I went back to his office, grabbed my portfolio. He thanked me again for coming by, and we said goodbye. I am hoping he picks me.

When I went home, I got ready to go to the gym. I called Chris, but he didn’t answer. He called me back on my way to the gym. He told me that I every time I call they get business, and to call back every hour. I laughed. He asked how my interview went and I told him. He said, “I hope you get it.” Me too, Chris, Me too. After my work out, I went home and got ready for Drew to come home.

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