A Day with Mom

On my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks for Victoria and me. I had a free drink, well the woman gave me my drink for free as well. I gave her a little confused look. She smiled, I said, thank you. Today was a good day at work. I sent over a couple agreements. Victoria tried her hand at cold calling, and got an agreement. I was proud of her. I taught her well. We also went to the bank to deposit money. After work, I went to my parents my mom was going to the dermatologist, and wanted me to go with her. She was going to get a few things removed.

When we arrived at the dermatologist, the derm said that they appear to be warts on her, and that they should be biopsied. She said I could stay in watch, but wanted me to sit on the other side of her. I held my mom’s hand as she was numbed, and then the warts were taken off. She wasn’t feeling that good today. I felt bad for her. She is a bit overweight, and her blood pressure was pretty low. I want her around for a while, and I wish she would go to the gym with me, or at least go to the gym, period.

After the dermatologist, we got ice cream at dairy queen. Then we went home. When I got back to my parents, I said hi to my dad and the dogs, and then it was out the door and home to husband. We were supposed to go to Leanne and Dan’s today, but he rescheduled with Dan for Thursday instead. Drew needed one more day. I felt so bad that he still wasn’t 100%.

For dinner, I made tacos, and green beans. It was a nice dinner, but the Pens Game was coming on, and we had to get ready for the game! We lost. It sucked. I was so tired too for some reason

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