Pitt Friends/Start of Memorial Day Weekend

This morning it was rainy and cold. I had no desire to go to work today. I really didn’t feel like cold calling either, but it was a bit too rainy to go outside and do sales, but it is better than staying inside. At point; Chris, Earl, Victoria, and I were all standing around talking. Earl made some statement. I said, “Chris won’t fire me. He needs me. I send out the most agreements here.” I was sticking up for myself based on what Earl was saying. He was being funny and so was I. Chris looked at me with this evil look. He said, “I don’t need you. I can get someone else.” I looked at him like he wasn’t serious. Victoria started laughing. I knew I wasn’t being serious, and I thought he knew how we joke. Apparently, I struck a chord. Earl laughed, I laughed, and so did Victoria. Chris was the only one looking like I killed his dog. Earl said, “Chris man you know how these girls are, relax. It is like having several wives, just nod your head and say, “Okay.” I just rolled my eyes, please. This was ridiculous.

After the confrontation, Earl left and so did Victoria and I. We went to sell, because Chris never does. I didn’t want to be in the office, and I didn’t want to cold call either, so we drove around to the other businesses that are around the fulfillment center, then we drove up to the business park that is located behind GetGo in Robinson. There were so many businesses there. We managed to hit them all, but it wasn’t as promising as yesterday, so we went across the street to the twin towers building. We dropped information off at a rehab center, who had a quest box on their window, sort of can’t compete with that. We stopped to a staffing place called Staff Assist, their corporate is based out of Baltimore. They are a satellite office out of Florida. Okay, it was time to go back.

When we got back to the office, we told Chris it wasn’t as good of a day, as yesterday, but we did manage to gain some new contacts, and people to follow up with in their corporate locations. Other than that, nothing. He looked disappointed and disgusted. I didn’t care. I was over it. I had somewhere to go.

When I left work, I went to Oakland. I was so excited to see my Pitt people. I parked in Senott Square and walked to the Porch. Tila wasn’t there yet, she didn’t start work until 2:00pm-to close. I was under a huge time crunch, so I said, just tell her I said, Hi and I will be back to see her soon.

When I left the porch it started to rain, so I ran across the street to the cathedral, and ran into the cathedral, so I wouldn’t get wet. I forgot my umbrella in the car. I really needed to pee. I went to the bathroom, and texted Drew. I asked if he had his umbrella. He said, he did have it with him, so after I got done in the bathroom. I went to the fake Starbucks, and said hi to my girl Marilyn. She gave me a hug, and told me how much she missed me, and she saw my Husband this morning, and asked about me. She really wants me to get in here, so she can see me every day. I told her I want to get in. I am trying. She gave me free iced coffee. I also met Vernon. He is HR coordinator for CSSD. I told him how I was Andrew Hornyak’s wife. He said, it was a pleasure to finally meet me. He encouraged me to keep applying and to not get discouraged. He said, that it is different now, than before. He could just push people through, but now everything is done online.

After I left the cathedral, I went to the music building. When I walked in, I went to Paula’s office. She stood up, and said, “Look at you with your coffee!” I gave her a big hug. She complimented my hair, and I sat down, and we chatted for a bit, then Phil came by and I hugged him. She had work question for him, and then we all visited for a minute, but she wanted me to see the other people in the building, because we were going out for drinks together anyways.

When I left her office, I stopped and talked to Matt. Matt is the graduate administrator. We chatted for a bit, but I don’t really have too much to say to him. We never really communicated all that much, so I went to see Frank. Frank was his usual self. He decided to give up dating, and focus on work. He is keeping busy with Ora and Geri, being the mediator. He wasn’t able to attend happy hour, so I was bummed, but I didn’t expect him to be there either. It was good to catch up with him. I was back and forth with Andrew via text. I wanted him to reschedule his chiropractor appointment, so I could enjoy drinks with Paula and Phil. It was going on 3pm and we still had to make our way to the bar. He agreed to change it to tomorrow morning, so I called and rescheduled his chiro appointment, and he could join us for drinks when he is done with work. I wasn’t sure how long we were going to be there.

After I left Frank’s office, I went to Phil’s office and just hung out. Frank came by to say goodbye. Phil is taking a hiatus for the summer for a couple weeks, and Frank said he was quitting on Monday. Phil and I looked at each other and laughed. I said to Frank, “Quit in September right before Jazz.” Frank laughed. I said, “Well that is one position on PittSource I am not applying for.” Phil and I looked at each other again and laughed, so many memories of me, just walking in there and flipping out of frustration for everything that is Jazz seminar.

When we left the music department, we decided to go to the Wyndham instead. Paula wanted to sit outside and drink. When we got there, they had this annoying 80s music playing on the porch. It was really cheesy and tacky. The waiter was able to turn it down, thankfully. We ordered one round and got to talking about my job search, the franchise, movies, Pitt, new to the department news, and etc. After a round Phil was tipsy, and so was Paula. I was ready to keep going. I was going to make Drew drive anyway.
When we left the Wyndham, I went back to the cathedral. I was a little buzzed and needed to eat. I went to Drew’s floor, and hung out in this cube with him while, I waited for him to finish work. He asked me how it went. I said, “I really need to eat. I am pretty buzzed.” He laughed a little, and asked if I wanted to go to Primanti’s down here, or back in Moon? I said, “Let’s go down here.” I checked my phone and told him I had a phone screen scheduled for 2:30pm on Tuesday with Linda from Pitt. He was happy to hear. Paula worked her magic for me again!

While he was getting packed up, I went to go see Bobbi Jo and ask for her advice on this interview. I got stopped by Jim and Bill. Bill is Drew’s boss. Jim whispered, “See you Saturday?” I said, “Yes, I will be there for sure. I have to go see Bobbi Jo right now, but I will see you gentlemen later.”

When I arrived to Bobbi Jo’s office, she explained to me how Dietrich Arts and Sciences are constructed these days, and that she would put in a good word with Barbara, who is a head of Linda. I was happy to have her help. She also helped me word the e-mail. I was so incredibly buzzed and wanted to set this up ASAP.

When I arrived back to Drew’s cube, Drew was BSing with Jim. I was like, really? They both laughed. They were talking about the cookout. We talked for a bit, then Drew and I left to get on the elevator, and finally it was time to leave. On our way to Primanti’s we ran into Bobby Jo, she wished us a good weekend. I love her.

When we got to Primanti’s, Drew and I talked about the future, and about which opportunity would be better? Pitt or RMU. We had a nice conversation and a yummy dinner. We were hesitant to go back to Leanne and Dan’s, but I was sobering up finally.

When we arrived to Leanne and Dan’s, the car was still not finished. I was so annoyed. He said, it should definitely be ready tomorrow. I was so ready for this to be done with. We stayed until 10:00pm ish. Then we went home and went to bed.

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