Errands, Swollen Right Hand

This morning, I noticed my hand was so swollen. I was scared that I was possibly having an allergic reaction. I had to take Drew’s car to Dan’s autobody, but I was so concerned about my hand.

Once my dad and I got home, I took Benedryl and laid down, I was in such a daze. I finished the series the Cable Girls on Netflix. It was good and had an open ending for season 2 to begin. I did fall asleep throughout the show. I was able to snuggle with my dogs as well all day.

Around 2pm, I woke up my dad and decided I need to go to MedExpress. He took me to the MedExpress in Greentree. The doctor there told me that it is quite possible that I am allergic to mosquito bites, and will need to see an allergist. My hand isn’t as swollen as it once was, but prescribed me a steroid to keep the swelling down. I had already decided I wasn’t going to take the steroid, but I did need to pick up a new box of Benedryl. The one at my parents’ expired back in January.

On our way to get the car, I picked up the Benedryl, and then we drove to McKees Rocks. Drew’s car was done and it passed inspection. I was glad of that but anxious to get back home and rest. It started to storm on our way to the rocks, and I did get a little wet when I got into the car. I drove back to Crafton and took some Benedryl. I was so out of it. My dad picked up Drew when he got off the bus in Crafton and brought him back to my parents.’

That evening, we did go to dinner in two separate cars. We went to Pennsbury Pub. I was so out of it. I ate my entire chicken salad. I was pretty hungry, but still in a daze from the Benedryl. I couldn’t wait to get back to Moon. When we got back to Moon, I took a shower, and took some more Benedryl and laid on the couch with Drew, and watched the Pens Game. We won! I did fall asleep off and on throughout the game. I couldn’t wait to go to bed.

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