Offer from Pitt

This morning, I woke up a little when Drew left for work, but I decided to go to back to sleep. I did text Leanne about possibly taking Maci to the pool, but she said that she went to the pool all day yesterday, and didn’t really get to see her, so wanted to spend time with her today, and plus it was supposed to rain. I just want to go to the pool so badly, but it looked like rain, so I rolled over and went back to bed until my phone went off. I looked at my phone and there was a text from my mother-in-law, asking if we wanted to go to dinner and see Ken and Cheryl. They were in town from Arizona. Drew and I had planned a date together, so I just ignored the text for now.

When I got out of my bed, and went downstairs I saw the clock on the stove said 11:00AM, I was in bed that long, crazy! I made some coffee and watched Jamestown. I flirted with the idea of going to the gym, but I am not sure if I even want to go. I am just so lazy. I FaceTimed my mom and we chatted for about a half an hour, then I went back to watching Jamestown.

All of the sudden my phone rang, and I looked at the screen it was a Pitt number. I was so shocked. I picked up the phone and answered, “This is Danielle.” The woman on the line said, her name was Amy from the Human Resources Department of the University of Pittsburgh. She asked if I had a moment to go over an offer. I said, “of course.” I was smiling so big and I fought back the urge to scream and laugh with excitement. I paused Jamestown and went into the dining room, and grabbed my notebook and pen and jotted down the details. She told me everything regarding the position with social sciences. I wanted to just accept and shut her up, but I listened. She asked if I had any questions so far? I said,”Would I have to tell Heinz Chapel, or would you do that?  She said, “You would have to give your two weeks to Heinz Chapel, if you accept.” I said, “Yes, I formally accept.” she laughed a little and then she congratulated me and gave me the details of Orientation, and said that it would start on June 17th. Orientation would be from 8:30AM until 2:30PM. Then I would get my Pitt ID from Litchfield Towers, then go home. The 18th is when I would report to the department for my first day. I was so happy. I took down some notes, and then she said that she will e-mail me and send me an offer letter in the mail formally. I was so ecstatic.

When I got off the phone with HR, I tried to call Drew and he didn’t answer, so I tried my mom and she didn’t answer. I called my mother-in-law and she was so happy she almost screamed. She was at the casino with dad, and their friends. She said, she was going to place a bet for me and make her rich! I laughed, and when I got off the phone with her I texted Drew he was so happy for me. I called Heinz Chapel. Pat answered the phone. I told her that I unfortunately, have to put my two weeks in. She said, I know what this is about.” I said, “You do?” She said, “Yes, you accepted the position with Alumni Hall.” I said, “No, I accepted the position with Social Sciences.” She said, “Oh, but didn’t you interview with Alumni Hall? I said, Yes I did, but I was waiting to hear back from Social Sciences since the first week of June.” She said, “Oh Okay, well when do you start?” I said, “June 17th.” She said, “Alright, well lets make you assistant to Frank, that weekend there is no sense in you being Primary since you are leaving.” I said, “alright, thank you. I am sorry.” she said, ‘no it’s okay, I am not going to hold you back from a full-time position. It puts us in a bind.” I said, “I know I am sorry. I hope you have other people lined up, and thank you for this opportunity and for giving me a chance.” She said, “Well you are not done yet.” I laughed.

When I got off the phone with Pat, my mom FaceTimed me and I told her. She was so happy she cried a little. She asked me to call Dad. I did and he was so happy for me. Drew finally called me for a second and was so happy to hear the news and so proud of me. We are going to celebrate all weekend and probably next weekend. I feel so blessed.
Well I never made it to the gym. I did some laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, straightened up the living room, and the office. I noticed my stomach is a bit off. I ate a peanut butter sandwich, but that was it. I think it was nerves and all the feelings.

After I got a shower and got dressed, and waited for Drew to come home. We talked for a second on the phone, but he was so busy during the day.  When he finally came home, I greeted him with a kiss. He hugged me so tight. He was so happy for me. I was so relieved. He asked me to tell him how it went down. I told him how I got the call, and I was watching Jamestown. I didn’t leave any detail out. He was so excited, and proud of me. It felt so good.

When we left the house, we went to the cafe. We were going to meet his parents there, they were going to bring their friends with them. Drew and I ate dinner, and had some drinks, while we waited for his parents. When they arrived, this was my first time meeting Ken and Cheryl. They are the nicest, down to earth people. I have heard so much about them. They moved to Arizona after the Mills shut down. They got out, while they could.  When we got home, it was about 10pm. We went straight to bed.

Hard Decisions

Every day there are so many decisions a person has to make. What time should I get up? What should I wear? Should I wear a sweater? or perhaps it is too hot and won’t need one? so, then what bus do I need to take? What should I eat for lunch? Hot or iced coffee? Life is so full of decisions, and if we stopped and thought about how many times we struggle with decisions every day, I bet the number would be up there, and it would be be pretty high.

Currently, I am struggling with a huge decision, and I think it is pretty obvious what my answer should be. I am presently employed with the University of Pittsburgh’s ALL TEMP’s department. I am in my third temporary assignment. The assignment that I am fulfilling is Wedding Coordinator/Docent for the Heinz Chapel. The plan is for me to start out at as a temp and then be brought on as a part-time employee, if my performance is satisfactory.

Prior to accepting the position with Heinz Chapel, I had been on several interviews. Some I have made it to the second round, others not so much. However, since I have started this position with Heinz Chapel, I have been keeping pretty busy, and kind of forgot about the Social Sciences position that I interviewed for back in early June, so I did send a follow up e-mail for two reasons.

  • It has been awhile, since I heard anything and I just wanted to follow up. I would love to be the candidate of their choice.
  • It would be nice to have my weekends back again.

I did eventually hear back from Social Sciences via e-mail. I was relived that they still wanted to pursue me. In the e-mail, she stated that she wanted to reach out to my references. I dialed her office number, and thankfully she had a few minutes to speak to me. I wanted to make her aware of a few things before she reached out to my references.

First, I wanted to let her know that there is someone not saying such nice things about me. It is not one of my references, I think it may be someone from my first assignment at Pitt. I just said, I think I rubbed elbows with someone the wrong way. She said, well thank you for your honesty, as long as you learned from it. I said, yes I have. I think my personality gets in the way sometimes. She said, that she could tell that would be my biggest challenge, is my bubbly personality. She also said, that she used to be just like me, but she has had to learn to tone it down in order to let it get in the way of work. I was glad she was able to empathize with me, and wasn’t going to let that interfere with my chance of being the candidate for the position.
Secondly, I told her about my employment at Heinz Chapel, and how I do not want Pat or Wendy to know that I am considering employment elsewhere. I made sure she knew that I was only a temp, so she would know that it would be okay to still pursue me as the candidate. She understood, and asked how I found out about what that one person was saying about me. I told her that I kind of pushed Pat, and she gave me an idea of who it was, and not to be worried about it.
Thankfully, Linda was understanding. She told me the next step would be for her to contact my references, and once she does so, she will be in touch with me regarding the next step. This conversation took place on Monday, and it is now Thursday. I have heard that she has been in contact with all the references, I imagine, and I am waiting to hear back from her. I understand we are about to embark on a holiday weekend, so I am not trying to think too much, but it would be so nice to know that I am the candidate and it is in the Dean’s hand, and then in the Provost’s hand. I just want to be the one.
Today, I am at the desk working as a docent, and I get a call from RMU. It was Professor DiLauro on the phone. He wanted to see if I was still interested in the part-time position with RMU. I said, oh wow. He said, Yes I know I sent you a letter of rejection, and I want to apologize, but the position became available again, and you were one of the top candidates for the position. I said, “Yes, I am.” Because I was still interested, but just for the sake of conversation I wanted to know what happened to the candidate that he chose? and why the position was open again so soon? He said, “Well she went through the whole process, then decided that part-time just wasn’t going to cut it for her.” I said, “I understand.” I thanked him for his honesty, and then decided it was my turn to be honest. I told him about the opportunities here at Pitt, and how there is probably going to be an offer coming from the Social Science department, and that it would be an opportunity to be a Full-time employee of the University of Pittsburgh. He was actually happy for me, and said well how about we do this, send me over an e-mail with some references, and then I will contact them and get the ball rolling over here. I know you said, they are supposed to get in touch with you, so lets say get in touch with me by Wednesday, July 5 and I will keep the window open for you. I agreed that should be enough time, but at the same time, when was she going to call me?
When I got off the phone with him, I immediately texted Drew, and told him. He said, “Oh wow,” which was my reaction, as well.  He told me that if I turn down this opportunity at Pitt, then there is a good chance, that I may never get the opportunity to work at Pitt again, considering all that has happened to me here. He then said, if I wanted to apply at RMU in the future I could, but for right now I need to accept this opportunity with Pitt. He told me that I know Social Sciences is going to make you an offer, it’s just a matter of time. He may be right, but at the same time RMU would provide for me a fresh start, a chance to go to grad school without the GRE score, and the schedule would work fabulously when we have children, plus RMU is home to me. Pitt, would be great to get into it, but at the same time I wouldn’t be able to attend grad school without a gre score, and on top of that we would definitely need day care, if I were to stay at Pitt while we had children. He says, he has a bad feeling about this and brought up the awful thing that happened when I decided to leave the radio station for a position where I was misled. I hate when people bring that up, especially him. If anyone knows, what I went through that day, it was him, and this is nothing compared to what I have been through, this is a whole new beast.

After texting with Drew, I know what he is saying. I get it. Leaving Pitt for an opportunity with RMU would probably hurt my chances of ever getting back into Pitt. I don’t think it is the best idea. However, I have been waiting for an opportunity to come along with RMU for so long. While I was feeling emotional, and trying not to cry, a tour of about 42 people came in. A mix of children and adults. I  thought this was a scheduled tour, so I asked them all to sit in the middle of the chapel, in view of the transept windows. Pat, my director, was talking to some people in the chapel. I politely interrupted her, and asked if she would turn around, when she did she saw the group of people, she looked at me. I said, “is this your tour?” She said, “wow, no.” I said, “Okay, well should I get a mic?” she said, “I don’t think you need one.” I said, “Okay.” I did not want to do this right now. I was so emotional, from the conversation and torn with my decision, this is not what I wanted to do. I put my best smile on, and looked at the group of children. I asked them, “So who here, knows what Heinz ketchup is?” they all raised their hands. I said, “Great, who knows what heinz field is?” They all raised her hand. I said, “Well this chapel, was a gift from H.J Heinz to his mother. He left a sum of money when he passed away, that something be done with it to honor his mother, so boys this is what you should do to honor your mother.” They all looked at me like I lost my mind, and the adults all laughed. I also said, if you look at the windows you will see some familiar faces, does anyone recognize anyone in the windows?” They all raised their hands. I said, “No, need just shout.” They all shouted, “George washington, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln.” I said, “Correct. Heinz’s mom, thought religion and education were very cool things to have in our minds, and in our hearts, so this chapel combines both, religion and education.” Then, a little boy raised his hand, and said, I called on him and he said, “I see something modern here.” I said, “What is that?” he said, “The exit sign.” I said, “Yes you are very observant.” then Pat, chimed in and said, “Also, if you feel that cold air. We had climate control installed, and an elevator put in.” I got a little annoyed. Pat they don’t give a shit about climate control they are kids.

When she was finished, I also mentioned something about the Gothic architecture. I said,”If you look at the stone and the way it is carved, and the pointy elements of the chapel. Doesn’t it remind you of Hogwarts and Harry Potter?” they all agreed and smiled. I said, this p. articular architecture is called Gothic.” They asked when it was built? I said, 1933 is when the ground was broken, and it became a legit building in 1938.” They seemed to have liked my tour. We turned the organ on for them for a few minutes, then they were were out the door.

After the tour, I checked my phone. I told Drew I din’t want to talk about this anymore, until I saw him. He brought me some water, when he was on his way over. I wasn’t mad when I saw him, but I was passionate. I wanted to make this decision for myself. We did have a donor in the building, so I pulled out a folding chair for him to sit in, and we talked it all out. I told him that, if we weren’t married I would be able to make this decision for myself, and not have to involve anyone else, but I probably would have made the wrong decision, without having counsel from you.” He nodded his head and agreed. Individuality is something that I cherish, and this is not one of those times where I can make a decision on my own. I have to consider the other person in this marriage, and I think maybe that was bothering me too.

Overall, I didn’t even have an offer from Linda yet, so I was fair game for anything in my mind, but I do have to do what is best. Andrew understood what I was saying, and he said, that he didn’t like how I was second best with RMU. He said, I didn’t deserve that. I agree. I don’t deserve to be second best. I know what I need to do, and that is focus on Pitt.

When we left the chapel, and got on the bus. I was in a good state of mind. We were in a good state. I decided to not go to the gym. I just made some chicken, and hung out. I watched Jamestown and did some laundry. I just feel emotionally worn out, and didn’t feel like working out, so I worked    on my blog, and did some laundry.

Communications Council & Good News

This morning, I got coffee and went to the chapel. When I arrived, I was the only one at the desk. I turned on the lights, got settled. Then Wendy came in, and Frank. At 10:30AM I went to a meeting with Wendy. It was called the Communications Council. It was a meeting where the Big Whigs were going to keep people updated on the new up and coming happenings in Communication at the University.

When we were on our way to the meeting, Wendy and I chatted about where we were from, and our backgrounds. When we walked into the UClub, we had to go up the stairs, to this really nice ballroom. The room was packed with people. I saw Sharon Blake, a woman that I used to attend Jazz meetings with. I went over and gave her a hug. Her and Wendy got to talking, and I overheard Wendy say to her, you were on our list for her. What does that mean? Where they researching people, who were associated with me, in order to gain a reference? This is so secretive and crazy! Sharon was glad that I was with the Heinz Chapel, and was happy to see me.

When the meeting got underway, they talked about Pittwire. I took some notes about Pittwire, what it is, and how it used. I felt the meeting was very informative.  I was happy to be apart of it. I was glad Pat asked me to come.

On the way back to the Chapel, Wendy and I had a personal conversation about her first marriage, she shared with me some details, and it was a deep conversation for just coming back from a meeting. We both laughed, and walked into the chapel. Frank asked if we both learned about to communicate better? I said, “Oh yes, and how to submit a story on Pittwire.”

While I was at the front desk, I got a phone call from Pitt. I went outside to answer it, and it was Kathy from Alumni Hall. She said to me, Happy Thursday, Danielle. I said, thank you and to you as well! She said, you made it to the second round, and would you be able to come in on Tuesday at 1pm to interview with the Vice Chancellor. I said, “that is good news, and yes I am available.” I was so excited! When we ended the call, I called Drew and let him know. He was so happy for me. I must have really impressed the director and did really well!

Around 4pm, we had a rehearsal, Wendy shadowed me around, and she said I did really well. She said she is confident in me, and thinks I will do really well this weekend. After the rehearsal was over, Drew was there waiting for me and he was still really sick. I felt so bad for him.

When we got home, we got ready to go the gym. He wanted to sit in the sauna and relax. I needed to work out. I had a long day. I was able to get over 10,000 steps in on my Fitbit.  did the elliptical, and the treadmill. I was able to run a bit too.  When I was on the hip machine, I noticed a woman was just sitting on the arm machine, the one I wanted to do next. I made eye contact with the woman’s daughter, and she asked me if I need to use the machine? I said, “Yes, I do.” She said, “No problem.” She helped her mom get up and moved her to another machine so she could sit, and rest. Her mom was rather old, and was having trouble getting around. I felt like shit.

When I was setting up the machine, I apologized to the woman, and she said, “Oh my God Bless your sweet, caring, and compassionate heart. You are so sweet. I hope your heart spreads to everyone else in the world.”  I smiled and said, “thank you.” I used the machine, and then I did the gravitron where I pull my weight up doing chin ups. It felt so good. I was sweating and so proud of myself.
When we left, I told Drew about what happened, and I said, “she could have just sat in the waiting room, and not inconvenience anyone.” He said, “There is that sweet and compassionate heart.” I laughed. When we got home, we relaxed and watched All in the Family until it was time for bed.

Second Orientation at Pitt

Today was my second Orientation at Pitt. I have already been through the Orientation once before, when I was a temp last summer, but since some things have changed I have to go again. I was not looking forward to seeing the one woman that I had a run in with back in November, but it was inevitable, and I planned to be nothing but kind to her.
When she opened the door to take me back to the conference room, I made sure I said, hi to her, so I said, “Hi Kristen.” She smiled and said, “Hi.” I took a seat where there was a folder, and waited for Orientation to start. I wondered who would be conducting it. Would it be the same women as last year? Or someone different?

When Christine walked in, I was happy it was her. She was my favorite person on the all temps staff, but I wondered why I haven’t really heard from her regarding any new open assignments. I had an idea why I haven’t heard, but I think I missed out on some opportunities, because of certain people. I guess I only have myself to blame for that.  The thing Pat told me, was really bugging me.  I wanted to know what I could do about it, and how I should go about dealing with this. I thought about asking her for advice, but Drew and I were texting and he said, “I would let it go babe.” I think I have said enough. He is right. After orientation was over, I went to catch the bus. I called Wendy and told her it went well. She was glad, and said she will see me on Wednesday.

When I got home, I decided not to go to the gym. I was feeling like I as getting a little sick. I thought maybe perhaps I was coming down with a cold. I just did some laundry and some cleaning. I was feeling really warm and out of it. I think it is probably just stress. I took a little nap, then went to the store. I drove to the chiropractor. He was able to squeeze me in for a 3pm appointment.

When I got to the chiropractor, I could tell Dr. Bailey was on one of his power trips, and on his soapbox with his instructions. I have lost some weight, since I started going to him, and I am going to the gym more, but my new work schedule, does have me on my feet, but I am not able to go to the gym as much as I used to be able to, anymore, but I still go. He is always telling me to stretch and it goes in one and out the other. I just want to be adjusted, so I can go home. He said my neck was out. I knew that already.
When Drew came home, he was kind of feeling the same way and headed to the gym to sit in the sauna for a while. I just wanted to stay home and watch Nashville, so that is exactly what I did.

Second Day

Today was a really good day, but it was a long day. This morning, we drove to Crafton and got the G2 into Downtown. I was quiet and not as talkative. I just wanted to start over from yesterday. The excitement and the newness about this position is gone for now.

When we got to Oakland, we got coffee in the cathedral and saw Marilyn. Then he went up to his floor and I went to my building. When I climbed up the front steps, I set my stuff down and opened the door with my key and pulled on the handle and walked into the chapel. I turned on the lights, and got settled.

Once I was all settled in, I started to read over my materials until Wendy walked in, she said Good Morning beautiful! She and I got all caught up and I changed my shoes. We filled the take aways that visitors love to take when they leave the chapel.

When we went back upstairs, frank was there sitting at the desk, and he finished opening the chapel. Wendy and Frank chatted before she went down to her office. Frank had some things to do on the computer, so I read the Chapel book, walked around and checked out the windows with a binoculars. Then a couple came in to just look around for their wedding. I walked around with Frank while he gave them some information.

When they left, I sat back down and finished reading the book and talked off and on with Frank. When someone came in, I showed them around and handed them a brochure about the chapel. I chatted with an English family, and they ended up buying a thing of mint tins. I gave him his change and he told me to keep some of the money. I deposited the money into the donation box. I get paid an hourly rate, and can’t be tipped.

I refilled some of the merchandise, and was on my feet for most of the afternoon. I had a blister on my ankle and my hip was killing me since I was walking funny due to the blister. Physically wasn’t a good day, but I was relaxed.

When the couple came in for the rehearsal, Wendy and I were setting up, taking kneelers down, and putting them in the spot for the couple to use, plugging in mics, setting up the tray for holy water and the dish for the rings, etc. the whole time I was limping. The kneelers were so heavy. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this.

When the rehearsal kicked off, we went through it twice. I counted the people for IA because they like numbers, then we watched them run through, and the two singers stayed after to practice with the organist, which took a little longer than they expected.

When Andrew came to pick me up, it was close to 6pm when I was able to leave and Frank locked up. Wow I am exhausted. When I saw Drew, he seemed fine, but was increasingly cranky and I was tired, and worn out. I am exhausted on my feet and my hip is killing me, and I don’t want to fight with him. I hate it.

When we got on the second bus, the mood between us was better. If this is how it is going to be with me working this crazy ass schedule, then I don’t want to do this job. Sometimes we both wear our moods on our sleeves and are not the best versions of ourselves that we can be to each other.

Tomorrow I don’t have to be at work until 1:45pm, and I won’t be done until around 8pm. Whew! More later

First Day at Heinz Chapel

So, I am finally laying down, and I have the chance to write something. I am not sure how I feel about how today went. So, it being my first day, there is so much to learn, but I was excited to be back to work at a University again, especially since it is Pitt.

However, out of habit and a fear of being late, I show up a half hour early. After I got coffee with Drew, I was still early. I stood outside and ate my hard boiled egg, and waited around for a familiar face from my interview to approach me. I face-timed my mom. She was excited for me. I showed her the building from the outside and how close it was to the cathedral. She was happy!

When Wendy approached the chapel, she saw me standing outside. She said wow you are early. I said “Yes, I am typically either right on time, or running a few minutes late. You never know with the buses.”

When she unlocked the door, we went inside and she immediately turned on the lights, and then she said I could put my lunch in the fridge that was located in the book closet, then we walked around how the chapel gets unlocked. We put out the open sign, to let people know we are open.

Then Sharon walked into the chapel. I was to shadow her all day today. We shook hands, and then we went down to Wendy’s office and she handed me a set of keys. Then, I went back upstairs, and sat with Sharon. She seemed kind of distant and cold.  I was waiting for her to tell me what the day-to-day is like, and she said “I don’t know what to tell you, so just read over your stuff. You are like the 10th one I have seen here, every time I turn my back we have someone new.” I didn’t say anything I just picked up my stuff and started reading. I didn’t really say anything to her.

Eventually Sharon was called down to Wendy’s office and it seemed like she was there for a while, so I just read the information and hoped no one came in that needed anything or had any questions because I wouldn’t have the answers.

When she came back, I got up to go to the rest room and went downstairs to see Pat, after I got out of the restroom. She and I talked. She officially welcomed me. “Well the only people who know are you, Wendy, my husband, and she then cut me off and said, Paula knows. I said yes, but she is like my mother and she has been trying to get me in to Pitt, and has helped me and I trust her.” She didn’t have much to say about that, but then she said all your references from Music were fabulous, however one was not in your favor.” and I said, “oh? Well that is upsetting, because I worked really hard to network here at Pitt and build a good relationship during all my assignments. I find it hard to believe, and so unfortunate. May I ask who?” And she said, “I can’t say.” I said, “I am sure, but I think I may know who it is. We have had a run in before and she is the only one I had an issue with, but I can’t be sure.” I wanted to speak for myself, but when I started to she cut me off and said, “No I don’t want to hear it. Let’s just move on.” I said, “Okay.” Then she said, we all have had complaints about us, that have gone to HR. I have and I have been here 30 years, but learn from it, that is all.”

Then we went over, my schedule for June. She told me this Saturday, I am to shadow Frank and not open my mouth for anything, unless it is to ask a question. I tried not to raise my eyebrows this woman was a straight shooter, and I am going to learn so much from her.

After my meeting with her, I went back up to sit again with Sharon. It was almost lunch time. I watched some people come in and out of the chapel, visitors, and the like. Then, it was time to chat about a lunch schedule. Someone should always try to be up front in the chapel at all times. Frank was going to go to lunch first, me, and then Sharon.

Before I went to lunch, I went down to see Wendy, and I wanted to talk to her about my schedule, and something about what Pat said to me. I told her the story, and she said it wasn’t HR. It was someone from your first assignment. The reason why you didn’t get offered the position, is because they thought you were unprofessional. I then realized who it was. I had so much to learn still in my career and Pitt was worth it to change my attitude and to learn some lessons about myself.

Wendy gave me some valuable advice. At times, it is hard for us to separate our fun personality from our work personality. We wouldn’t talk the same way we do with our friends, as we would at work. I said, oh well I never heard anyone there give me a bad review from my first assignment. I was told I didn’t get the job, because I didn’t have enough experience as an executive assistant, and then I was immediately placed with Music. She shrugged her shoulders. I have a hard time beliving it was anyone from Katz. Then again, who knows, but I can only think of one person who would drag my name through the mud. I made that mistake in going to All Temps during my assignment at Music to talk to someone from All Temps and it wasn’t a good conversation.

After that conversation, we went over my schedule. What time I need to arrive on Friday, and Saturday, and I apologized again for what they heard from one of my references, and she said, well you are here because you did so well at Music and Dr. Rice loves you, and thinks you did an amazing job over there and was so upset you didn’t get the position, just do the same here, and I feel as though you already learned from it, or else Music wouldn’t have raved about you. I thanked her for her advice and off I went. What a day!

When I left her office, I went up to the office Frank wasn’t there, so I just sat down and read over somethings, and Frank approached me and sat down next to me. We talked about the history of the chapel, the high points to it, when giving tours, and how he was the Heinz family archivist and historian. I was interested in the history of the building. People came in and out of the chapel as we talked. I was kind of amazed how many people came in off the streets to see this place. I listened in on one of his tours. It was pretty cool how much he knew and he gave a great tour, so informative!

When Sharon came back, she and I chit chatted some more and talked to some visitors, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what the hell happened and was it really that woman from HR, or was it my first assignment? I don’t know I can’t get over it. It is bugging me. Gawd!

When it was 10 minutes to 5pm, we started to close up, and Drew came over to see me and the chapel. I have been texting him off and on about all this and he was upset for me. When he came into the chapel, I introduced him to Sharon, and then I followed her around as she closed. Then, I was out of there.

As we walked to the bus, I talked to Drew about everything and he felt so bad for me. He and I racked out brain, but still came to the same person. I hope I can get over this soon. I fought back tears all day.  When we got on the bus, we talked about it some more, and then before you know it, we had to get off to catch our transfer bus. I had to take the G2 so I could meet up with my mom in Crafton. She was taking me dress shopping, and to dinner.

When I said goodbye to Drew, I got on the G2, took a seat, and put my earbuds in and played some rock music. My mom and I texted and kept in touch, while I was on my way to Crafton. I didn’t want to leave Drew. I wanted to stay with him, and have him make me happy again.

When I got to Crafton, my mom picked me up and we went to dress barn, and she bought me three dresses and a pair of no show socks for my flats, then to Walmart, and then Max and Erma’s for dinner.

When we got to Max and Erma’s, she and I talked the entire time and she said for me to get over it and learn from it, and don’t let it affect my work in this new opportunity. I agree. I won’t, but it just sucks. Always seems to be something that sets me back, whether it is myself or someone else.

Dinner was yummy. I had a salad again. Salad for lunch and a salad for dinner, and a salad tomorrow. I don’t want to put on any extra weight with this job, and I want to try to get the gym in whenever I can.

Thankfully, Drew is around to help me get ready for our Father’s Day cookout on Sunday. He is going to clean the house and go grocery shopping, and pick me up from work. I am one lucky girl. I have such a busy weekend. Rehearsal until 5:45 tomorrow, wedding Friday, and 3 weddings on Saturday. Then Sunday Monday, and Tuesday I am off. Whew!

Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.

Last Sleep in Day

This morning, I got up and got a shower. I got dressed and had a cup of coffee. I got ready to leave. I met her at her work. I got out of the car and hung out in the guard shack. The guard, Taylor was nice. I didn’t want to wait in the car in the heat.
When my mom came to the guard shack, we got in her brand new car. It is a brand new Chevy Malibu, white. They leased it for 3 years. That is a good idea for them I guess. It is a pretty car. We went to lunch at Rockefellars. They have such good food there.
Lunch was good and it was yummy. We had some conversation about the wedding, student loans, father’s day, and my cousin’s reunion. After lunch, she took me back to her work to get my car. I will see her tomorrow after work. We are going dress shopping for work.

When I was on my way home, I got some money on my bus pass, then went home. I had one more load of laundry in the wash, and now I am working on my blog and trying to catch up on the show Nashville. Pretty soon Drew will get home, and then we will spend the evening together relaxing before my big day tomorrow.