PCP for a Follow Up

This morning, I was much better and wasn’t as swollen as I was before. I didn’t take the steroid, and never picked it up from the pharmacy. I knew I didn’t need it. I did some deep cleaning, and organizing around the house. We were planning on having people over on Saturday, and there was much that needed to be done around here. I never really had the time to deep clean since I was working, and etc.

Also, I did some organizing and took some stuff down to the garage. I was hoping to finish the laundry as well. I did make a phone call to my PCP, and they wanted to see me at 1pm, to follow up on what MedExpress said about my swollen hand. I agreed to the appointment. I also received an e-mail from Pitt, asking me if I could come in tomorrow morning for an in person interview at 10am.

When I arrived at the doctors, I arrived a little before 1pm. I was finally in an exam room, at 1:15pm, and then seen by the doctor at 20 mins to 2pm. I had to go to RMU to print out my resume. I didn’t have time for this! When the doctor came in, she told me that she isn’t concerned about my hand, the swelling has gone down, but prescribed me a steroid cream to have in case it happens again, and it is handy for use in the medicine cabinet. I doubt I will pick that up anytime soon.

When I left the doctors, I went home and updated the end date on my resume for Fastest Labs, then sent it to Drew for confirmation. He noticed a spacing error, and then sent it back to me, as I pulled into the parking lot of RMU. RMU’s career center printed out my resume. I was so excited for my interview with Pitt tomorrow, not nervous excited!

After I printed out the resume, I went home and packed up interview bag, and finished cleaning. When Drew got home, I made dinner. We ate, then went to get money on my bus pass, and then to Home Depot to order our new appliances. We wanted to get home and try to watch the Cavaliers and Warriors game, but when we started watching it, we couldn’t get into it. I like college better. I had a big day tomorrow.

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