Party for the Penguins Game

This morning, I had to leave the house at 10 mins to 10am. I had a 10:30am Chiropractor appointment. I called my dad on the way. I made the mistake of talking and driving, and started to go out of my way alittle. I drove on 376 towards 79 North, instead of cutting through Coraopolis. I was on autopilot it seemed.
When I finally arrived at Dr. Bailey’s, I was only a few minutes late. I was wondering how this was going to feel. I haven’t been going routinely like I used to be. The adjustment felt so good, especially my mid back. I made Drew an appointment for next Friday after he gets out of work, and then I was on my way home. I wanted to finish up laundry and do some cleaning, before we had people over.
When I got home, I finished laundry, and then Drew came back from the gym and he cleaned the grill, and got it ready. I swept up the floors, and wiped them up. When we finished, we watched the last episode of Black Sails, I hate how it ended. I was so confused. I will miss the show, but I was hoping for a stronger ending.
After Black Sails, I defrosted some burgers, and then Drew got to cooking. Zach was the first to show up around 6:30pm. We hung out and when the food was ready, I set it out on the table in the dining room, and just waited for the rest of the people to show up. I got a text from Victoria saying she wasn’t going to be able to come she was still out in Monroeville. I figured she wouldn’t. This was her birthday weekend and she probably had better plans. I was hoping Anthony would at least attend, when he got done at Friday’s.
Right before the start of the game, Matt; Zach’s older brother showed up. He brought us a bottle of wine since this was his first time in our house. Andrew showed him where the beer was and told him to grab something to eat. While we were watching the start of the Pens Game, Patrick walked in. I was surprised to see him. I didn’t realize he was coming. Patrick is Zach and Matt’s younger brother.
Throughout the second period, I got a text from Anthony saying he was going home and getting a shower, then he was on his way over. Well then he told me he just wants to go to bed, like a loser. I said, no problem. The game wasn’t going well anyway. I was hoping they weren’t going to stay for the fight. We couldn’t get it on our fire stick anyways. My friend Geoff, showed up for some food. We had so much extra. A few people bailed on us. I was glad to see Geoff. He hung out for a while, but then had to get back to work.
When the game ended, it was 5-1 Predators. They got up and said their goodbyes that is how you clear a house I suppose. I cleaned up and condensed the food throughout the night, making it less to clean up after everyone left. I knew Drew was going to be tired, and he was entertaining his friends. When everyone left, we went to bed. We were so tired.

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