This morning, we took it easy and watched House of Cards. We were so excited to start the new season.

It took some time to get back into it. Eventually, we decided to get ready and go to the gym. We were going to take two cars, in case I didn’t want to do as much as Drew.

When I was on my way to the gym, I was on the phone with my mom, and I did it again. I was on autopilot going the wrong way. I turned around and went back towards Sewickley. Drew texted me when I pulled into the parking lot. I got off the phone with my mom. I parked my car and Drew was waiting for me. He laughed at me. He knew I must have went the wrong way. I was feeling out of it today for some reason. It was over cast outside, and it was about to be another week, of not working again. I feeling a little downtrodden.

During my work out, I started on the treadmill, I walked on the high incline, for a half hour, then elliptical for another half hour, totally one hour of cardio. While, I was on the elliptical, Clayene was talking to me about Logan, a boy who works out at the Y. He was there with his girlfriend and his friend. She said to me, “All she does is watch him work out. She doesn’t do anything, or she will walk around with her friend. One time I was in the weight room and he told her to leave. He didn’t want her in there watching him.” I just smiled. She walked past Claylene and me at one point. I looked at her for a second. She was average looking, where an OLSH PE shirt. I said to myself, Girl do something for yourself. When you are young, nothing like that will last. I wish I would have told my young self that. Then I thought who am I to be this cynical?

After the elliptical, I did the machines. The last one I did works your glutes, as I was on that machine, I saw Erin. It has been awhile since I saw her last. She was on the treadmill, just starting her work out. I walked past her and we chatted for bit. She said, she will probably be there until about 4pm. I was glad to see her for a bit.

When I left the gym, I had to stop at the store and get some yogurt, veggies, and eggs. We decided to get just the basics, since we are getting a new fridge and have to put some stuff in a cooler over ice, for part of the day, until they deliver the fridge. I will be so glad, when it comes on Wednesday! I did get stuck in the rain, when I was walking into the store.

When I got home, I put the stuff away, got a shower, and then tried to watch the White Princess. I only had two more episodes left, but the links weren’t working. There wasn’t any sound. I was pissed. When Drew came home, from Home Depot, I told him about how I was not able to watch the rest of the White Princess he felt bad for me and thought it was weird.

For dinner, I heated up the burgers and we had a nice relaxing dinner. I even heated up some veggies for us as well. After dinner, I cleaned up and we watched House of Cards all evening. We went to bed around 9:30pm.

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