Anthony’s Birthday Party

This morning, I got a phone call from Pitt. It woke me up. I was hoping it was the sociology department offering me the job. It was Wendy from Heinz Chapel. They wanted me to come in for an interview today. I remembered applying for that position, but it got cancelled. I said, “Yes, definitely. What time do you have available?” She said, “Whenever you can make it, today. We will be here.” I said, “Okay, I live in Moon. I can be there within 2 hours.” I got off the phone and got in the shower. I got the quickest shower ever. I got dressed, and blew dry my hair. I straightened it, and called Drew real quick I told him, and he was happy for me. I was glad I had my resume already to go.

After I got dressed, I packed a bag and it was off to Oakland I go. I hit some traffic in the West End, heading to the Fort Pitt bridge. Merging on the bridge, is always a good time. When I arrived to Oakland, I drove towards the Sennott Square parking garage, and saw that it was full. Of course it would be full. I decided to park on the street. I parked on Bellefield by the Music Department. I fed some money in to the meter, and then made my way to Heinz Chapel. I figured there was no time for coffee, just get to the interview.
When I was close to the chapel, I stopped and changed my shoes. I changed out of my tennies, and into some heels and then I entered the chapel.

When I walked in, I looked around and thought it was so beautiful. I never have been in the building before. I looked around for Frank. He was the man that I was supposed to meet with and he would let Wendy know that I have arrived. I called Wendy and she said, “Oh is Frank not there?” I said, “No, he is not.” She said, “Okay, I will come up and get you. I can bring you down.” When she greeted me, she was so sweet. We shook hands, and she escorted me downstairs. She led me to the Director’s office, where I met Pat. She is so nice. I shook her hand, and took a seat. They told me about the position. They handed me a hand out. They told me to take a few minutes and look it over. I liked what I saw. Sure the schedule is something I had to get used to, working on the weekends, but it is Pitt. It is a position at Pitt. It is a way in the door. They explained to me that I would start out at as a Temp in the Temp Department. I am familiar with that, but they are hoping to move me out of the department in a month and I will be a full Pitt part-time employee. The interview went so well.

At one point, they asked if they could have a moment to speak to one, another. I got up and walked out of the office, and took a seat on the couch. I flipped through the book, Pat handed me on the way out. After a few minutes of sitting there flipping through the book, Wendy called me back into the office. I went back into the office, and took a seat. Pat said, “We think you would be fabulous for this position!” I smiled so big and leaned back in the chair, and said, “Thank you! I am so happy. I won’t let you down.” We went into Wendy’s office and she called HR with me right in her office. She was trying to get me skate around orientation since I have already been through it. Well it’s not possible, but Wendy wanted to know if I would feel comfortable starting Wednesday regardless, even if HR wasn’t ready for me to start. They would still add my hours in after I completed orientation. I agreed to the start date of next Wednesday. I was so excited.
When we left Wendy’s office, they took me on a tour of the chapel, and what each of the panels mean on the stain glass windows. She also told me about the history of the chapel, etc. I kept a close eye on the time. I was running out of time on my parking meter. I still needed to go tell Drew about the good news.
When I left the chapel, I went to the cathedral. I called Drew and asked if he would meet me at Hogwarts, which is the lobby of the cathedral. When I was walking through the revolving door, I saw him coming in my direction. I was smiling so big. I am sure he could tell. I asked him to come outside with me.
When we stepped outside, we were facing the chapel. I said to him, do you seem that building right there? I pointed to the chapel. He said, “Yes, I do.” I turned to him and said, well I am the wedding coordinator of that building. He smiled so big and congratulated me. He hugged me so tight. He was so happy for me. We kissed. It felt like old times again, like when we first started dating. He walked with me to feed the meter more money, then we went to the Music Building and told Paula the news. Paula was surprised and taken back by it. I never told her applied for it, and asked me about Sociology. I said, I don’t know this is up my alley. She was happy for me, but I think was a bit sad that she went to bat for me, and I chose another position.
After we left the music building, we got lunch together at LuLu’s Noodles, a Chinese food place. I had never been to it. At lunch, we both had the Thursday special. There was so much food. We chatted about my schedule and he encouraged me that we would make it work, and he would be there with me. I feel so damn blessed. I am so happy. After lunch, he went to the cathedral and I went to say hi to some of his coworkers. His boss, Bill was so happy for me, and so was Chad. I am so excited, but not sure how I feel about this schedule.
When I left the cathedral, I went to see Marilyn at the fake starbucks. I told her the news and she was so happy for me. I can’t wait to see her more often. I felt a huge sense of relief. I am finally in the door at Pitt. The bus ride home seemed to take forever, and I had so many things I needed to do before I head to my parents. I wasn’t expecting to take this long at Pitt.
When I got back to my car, I drove to get an oil change. My air filter needed changed as well, so that was 82.72. Then I went home and changed out of my interview clothes and put on some jeans and top. I drove to my parents. I said hi to my kids, and then my dad and I left to get a pedicure. There was a little bit of wait. We all wanted Anna to do our toes. Her mom was pretty busy. Anna didn’t realize I was getting a pedicure and started on my parents. I was last to get done. We were going to go to dinner, but we just went to Wendy’s since it was getting so late, and they needed to get home and feed the dogs. After we ate dinner, I left. I couldn’t wait to get home.
When I got home, my neighbors’ kids were out back throwing a football. I went outside and played with them. The pens game was due to come on at 8:30pm. After a while, I invited them inside. Drew was still at the gym. We all sat on my couch and watched the Pens game. When Drew came home, he was happy to see our neighbors there.

They left at the end of the 1st period. I was playing phone tag with Dylan and Anthony. Anthony was coming by to pick me up to go to the Blue Moon for his birthday. There was a drag show tonight. I hadn’t been out in a while with them. I was going to miss Drew.
When Anthony came to get me, I was finishing up my makeup. I gave him a happy birthday hug, and Drew said happy Birthday to him, then we were out the door. We drove to Anthony’s, I put my lipstick on and Dylan came inside. On our way to the Blue Moon, we blasted Britney and it was awesome!
When we arrived, I took Anthony’s keys. I decided I would be the DD tonight, so Anthony could have fun. When we walked inside, it was like a whole new world. All the drag queens looked so beautiful, well most of them. We ran into Ray. Ray went to RMU with all of us. The show was late to start, so we took selfies, and I had two drinks.
Finally the show got underway, it was the start of Pride week. The two hosts were so funny, and so open about their experiences. The best in the show was Bambi Dearest. She really can bring a following, but she knows she is good, which makes her not as cute, but she is beautiful to look at and watch.
After the drag show, I drove Anthony’s car back to my house. Dylan was going to take over and drive from there. We sat outside in the parking lot, and sang Moulin Rouge together. It felt so good to sing crazy loud. It really healed me from all that madness with this job searching, and it was just what I had in mind, when I thought about celebrating the big news about me finally working at Pitt.

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