Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary Tour

This morning, I woke up and felt a little out of it, like I was hung over, but I wasn’t it. I only had two drinks. I went back to bed for a little bit, when Drew left. When I woke up I decided to get dressed and go to the gym. I don’t know where I got the drive, and the want to work out, but it was there.

When I arrived to the gym, I was texting Dylan off and on about last night. I asked how Anthony was, and he said he was so weird last night. When they got home, he stripped down to his underwear, picked up the mattress and carried it into the living room and said, “I need air conditioning.” I laughed when I read the text. We talked back and forth about how good a nice breakfast would be from Eat n Park. We decided that when I got done at the gym, that he would give me some money to pick up hash browns, bacon, and donuts. I would bring over my eggs and rye bread. I said, “Do I have to cook?” He said, “That is your job isn’t it?” I laughed and finished up at the gym. I feel like I didn’t get anything done. I drove home, and got the eggs, the bread, and then went to Wal-Mart. I picked up hash browns, bacon, and donuts, along with coffee creamer, then drove to Anthony’s.

When I arrived to Anthony’s, I called him to let him know that I was out front. He came out and helped me carry groceries. I planned to shower at his place, but who knows if I was going to be able to, I felt so tired, so out of it, but I had so much fun last night.
After we ate breakfast, which was so good. I ate so much. They got ready to go to Bath and Body works. Anthony’s mom was coming over. I went home, and showered. I got ready to go to my parents, but before I did, I prepped the chicken for Drew with a note, so all he had to do was throw it in the oven.

When I arrived to my parents’, I got out of the car and said hi to my puppies. I missed them so much, then we left the house and had dinner at Hanlon’s. I was so excited for the concert. I couldn’t wait to see Tom Petty. When we got to Hanlon’s, we sat down in a booth, and ordered our food. I had a chicken salad, coffee, and water. I needed to amped up and get excited for this concert.

After dinner, we made our way to PPG paints arena. We parked in parking garage, and walked past my dad’s building. We stopped into my dad’s work and I met two guys he works with. They are security guards. They talked shop talk, then it was time for us to go to the arena. We had a bit of walk, and it was a little hot outside, but when the wind blew it felt so good.

When we arrived at the arena, we weren’t allowed into the building until 6:00pm, which was an hour before the show started. The crowd was a different kind of crowd mostly older, but there were some 80s looking groupies, and some young people, as well.When we got inside, we got our drinks. I bought a beer for myself, and my dad a coke in a souvenir cup. I thought it was the least I could do. When we found our seats, we sat down and waited for the show to begin. Joe Walsh came on first. I knew a couple of his songs, but I didn’t really know who he was. The crowd around us was calm at first, the only people standing where the ones on the floor. Right before Tom Petty came on, we decided to go to the bathroom, and then get back to our seats. I knew they were going to take a while to set up.
When we came back to our seats, Tom Petty came on and everyone stood up. It made it hard to see, so we stood up for his first song, and hopefully everyone would sit back down. We did stand for most of the concert, and ended up moving down some to the last two seats in the row for the rest of the show, so my dad could still see and sit at the same time. We enjoyed the concert so much! We got good pictures, and videos of him. I was so happy to finally see him. I have been a Tom Petty fan since I was in diapers.

After the concert, I went home and crawled into bed with Drew. He was half asleep. I missed him so much. Last night, I went out with Anthony and Dylan and tonight the concert. I missed him so much.

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