Another Pitt Interview

This morning, I got up at 5:30am and got in the shower. I had to catch the earlier bus in order to get down to Oakland a little bit early. I had to be there before 7:40am. I had an interview with Alumni Hall. I really wanted this position. It would mean full time with the University, and I really wanted my weekends back!

When I made it down to Oakland, I went to Starbucks and got an iced caramel macchiato. I stopped at Heinz Chapel for a second to put my lunch in the fridge, so I wouldn’t have to carry it with me on the interview, or shove it in my bag. I tried to use my keys to get into the Chapel, and the door wouldn’t open. I thought hmm they changed the locks on me already?! Then the rain started pouring down. I stood under the chapel for a while, and a boy came up the stairs of the chapel to seek shelter. He and I started chatting. He said, “I left my umbrella in the car.” I said, ‘I did too, my phone didn’t say anything about rain, so I didn’t bother bringing it with me.”

When the rain steadied, we made a break for it. The rain started to come down again, so I put my sweater over my head, and walked toward the cathedral, and stood under the doorway for shelter again. The boy did the same. He saw me again, and we shared a little laugh. All of the sudden this woman, came up to us, and she approached me. She looked like a woman of Indian decent. She said to me, “You looked like you were doing a strip tease for a second.” I laughed and said, “oh okay, well I was fully clothed.” The boy and I looked at each other and waited until she went inside the cathedral, then the boy said, “I think that is the same woman, who would go in to the street to walk around me. One day, she was walking past me, and said look Mom, sexy boy!” I said, “Oh wow, that is so weird.” We started walking again. He was going in the direction of Salk Hall. I was walking in the direction of Alumni Hall. Then he said, “Apparently, there is a mental hospital not too far from here, and if they are stable enough, they let the patients walk the streets. She may be one of them.” I said, “Good to know.” Then we parted, and he said, “Have a good day. ” I said, “Yes you too.”

When I went inside Alumni Hall, I took a seat in the lobby and finished my coffee. I dried off and changed my shoes. I put my black heels on, and then approached 140 Alumni Hall, and introduced myself. Kathy was sitting at the front desk. She said, “You must be Danielle.” I said, “Yes, I am.” She shook my hand, and welcomed me back. When I walked past the front desk, this area looked like a living room. It had a huge couch, coffee table, bar, and then a conference room. It looked so nice. There was so much money in this department.

When I took a seat on the couch, she asked me if I wanted some coffee, I said, “Yes, please.” I did already have some, but it wasn’t enough. She invited me back, to the kitchen, so I could put cream in my coffee. We chatted about Heinz Chapel, and the position.  Then she invited me to sit in the conference room, and we would just sit and chat until the other attendees arrived.

When the two women arrived, I stood up and shook their hands. Immediately, I asked Jana if we ever met before? I referenced how I helped out at an event, the Frontier’s conference. I thought that was a good ice breaker. She said, “No, I don’t think we have met before, but I was there that day.” I said, “Oh okay, I so enjoyed that event and being apart of such a big day.” She asked me about my last name. She said, “Your last name is familiar.” I said, “Yes, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law both went to Pitt, and my husband works in the Cathedral in CSSD. My father-in-law, Tom used to give to Pitt, and used to be a season ticket holder.” The women both nodded their heads and smiled.

Then the interview got underway, they asked me the typical behavioral questions, my work style, etc. Then Jana asked me, “How do I feel about Coach Stallings?” I said, “I don’t know much about him, but I do like Dixon better.” They all laughed. I said, “But I could research him, and I do hope he will do well this year, and the Panthers will be good.” She smiled and nodded her head. I also said, “I am sad that Robinson graduated, and that Adams moved to the pros.” I think they were surprised, that I knew some of the players, and paid attention to Pitt Basketball. I told them that my husband and I are huge Pitt basketball fans.

Then she asked me about, Coach Narduzzi I said, I think they will do well. I don’t really know too much about college football. She said, “You are more of a Pitt basketball fan right? I said, “Correct.” She said, “Sometimes alumni will call all upset about a game, a coach, or a player and you will have to talk them down off the ledge, and be a Pitt cheerleader.” I said, “I am very familiar with that having worked in the Phonathon department at Robert Morris University. I would have to cold call alumni, get them feeling warm and fuzzy, update their information, and then ask for donation to the school. They were happy to hear I had experience in doing that.

Overall, the interview went really well. I had a good feeling about it. Now I had to go start my actual first day at the chapel. When I arrived, I put my lunch in the fridge, and got settled. I had to put my game face on, and not be so honest about my eventful morning so far.

When Sharon came in, she was working on her weddings. I asked her when I should work on mine, and she said typically 2 weeks out. I said, “Oh okay, well the next time I am in is the second is that too far away, or should I wait until the 8th.” She said, I wouldn’t wait until the 8th, they may get worried if they haven’t heard from you by then.” then she said, “You know we have another computer downstairs, and phone you can use to make your calls from.” I said, “Oh okay, well what am I supposed to say?” She really didn’t answer me, and didn’t feel like helping me, so I went down to see Wendy.

When I stepped into Wendy’s office, she asked me if I had trouble opening the door this morning, and I said, “I did, but I just figured my key wasn’t working. She said, oh how early were you were? Because it was bolted shut.” I said, “Oh not that early, but I did notice it was hard to get open, and I said I had a meeting to go to before I came to work today.” Lie. Damn. I have such a hard time being secretive. It seems so hard for me to not what to tell everyone EVERYTHING!

Immediately, I then switched gears and told her about the conversation Sharon and I had, and I wasn’t sure when I was supposed to make my wedding calls, and how she told me to just come down here and wasn’t being all that friendly, and open. I am not sure what to do, and I don’t think she really knows that she should be trying to help me.”

Wendy then said, “Oh okay, well I haven’t talked to Sharon yet, about her role in all this, would you like me to? That is weird you aren’t supposed to know what to say.” I just shrugged my shoulders. Pat then came into Wendy’s office, and asked what the problem was, Wendy filled her in, and Pat said, “Oh well yes we have to address that. Give Wendy a half an hour and she will be up.”  I went upstairs, and then sat next to Sharon. Whether she liked it or not, I had to be next to her, and she was going to have to deal with it. I think she is the type that when she gets frustrated it seems like she is being a bitch, but she is not it is just how she is, and perhaps she feels as though I am not going to stick around long so why train me?

As I was sitting there, I could feel as though I was having muscle cramps in my stomach. I went to the bathroom and my period started again! I just had one two weeks ago. I thought this was so weird. I never had two periods in one month before. I called my gyno immediately, and have an appointment next month. I need to make sure all is well. She said, it could be because you are working out more, and losing weight. Still though, I am nervous and shocked.

At the end of the day, Drew met me at the Chapel. He was feeling so sick and I couldn’t wait to get home. When we got home, we just hung out and rested. I made dinner. It was a chill night.

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