1 Wedding 2 Rehearsals

Today, I had to be at the Chapel at 11:45am. We had a 1:00pm wedding. Drew took the day off to rest and go to the chiropractor. The wedding went really well. It was an easy set up. Sharon was there to shadow me and if I had any questions I was to ask her. When everyone left, I remembered the order to putting everything back, and getting them out of here on time.

The first rehearsal was quick and painless. The second rehearsal, was a bit intense. Frank lost control of the rehearsal. Sharon eventually had to speak up to try to keep him on task. The bride and groom were a bit entitled, and seemed very about themselves. Sharon said that typically Frank is on his game, and never is this side tracked.

When I left to go home, I was able to catch a bus quickly. Drew and I had been texting off and on. When I was on the bus, Drew called to order pizza from Genoas for us for dinner, so I wouldn’t have to cook, and he was pretty sick.

When I got home, I was so ready to eat dinner. He greeted me at the door, and I kissed him even though he was was sick. He asked me how the wedding and rehearsals went. I told him, and we ate dinner, and then we talked about alumni and the second interview with them next Tuesday. I was hoping somehow that I would be able to get my weekends back and get this full-time position.

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