Saturday: 2 Weddings, 1 Rehearsal & Dinner with the In-Laws

This morning, I had to be at the chapel at 9:30am. Drew was up on the computer, trying to fix a work issue. I had some coffee, and then when I said goodbye to him. I got emotional. I miss our weekends together. I miss him.

When I arrived to Oakland, I stopped at Starbucks got a coffee and some blueberry oatmeal to hold me over. When I arrived to the chapel, Frank was already there and Sharon had just arrived, as I was walking in. We talked about her spin class as I ate my Oatmeal. I figured she was the spin class type.

After I finished my oatmeal, we got set up for the 10am rehearsal, it was a Chinese family. They knew a little bit about Western tradition, so it was nothing new to them, but they were not all that affectionate and their best man was late, so I stepped in and played best man. It also helped me learn more about the primary coordinating duties. When the Best man showed up, I let him take his place up in the Chancel.

When the wedding rehearsal was over, we got set up for the wedding. This wedding was different, because there was so many groomsmen, and were not escorting the women, so I had to keep the door open a little bit, so I could time it just right, in order to send the groom, the best man, and the priest out at the right time.

When that wedding was over with, we had another wedding to get ready for and this was the one where the couple was so entitled. They were Greek Orthodox. Their ceremony was pretty elaborate with crowns, fire, and blessings. When I was in the back of the ambulatory with the groom, the priest, and the groom’s dad, who was the best man, as well. They kept asking me when it was time to go out? I said, “When the processional music plays.” They said, “oh okay, well there is music playing now.” I smiled a fake smile, and said that is “seating music, we need to wait for the processional music.” What a smart ass. What a clown.

When their ceremony was underway, Sharon and I went downstairs to the bridal room, and there was a bag and a bottle of champagne. We took the bottle of champagne and the bag and put it on the table. I swept up the room, and then we went up back upstairs. Sharon said, I knew there was going to be shit in this room. They act so entitled, and as if the rules don’t apply to them.” I agreed with her, but just didn’t say anything.

When we went up back upstairs, we watched their ceremony, and then when it was over, Frank and I opened the doors, and then I went back to the ambulatory to clean up, and put things away.

Meanwhile, the priest was outside taking pictures with the party, and the only thing left was for him to get his stuff off the credence table, so I could put the table back. I was so ready to leave. When everything was put away, Sharon and I were able to leave. I made my way to the bus stop.

While I was waiting for the bus, I kept refreshing the PAT Tracker, and I didn’t see any buses approaching, I was pissed. I called Drew, and he said that he didn’t see any either, and said he was going to check the schedule and call me back. He texted me and said, one was going to be there in 10 mins. Sure enough one showed up, and I hoped on. We were going to meet his parents for dinner, and I was going to feel so rushed.

As soon as I got home, we kissed and then I went up to shower, and get ready. I just put some mousse through my hair, and we were out the door. When we got to the cafe, his parents were already there. His mom was like, “Did you shower?” I said, “Yes, I did it helps me relax.” She gave me a hug. We had a good dinner. I had a burger and fries, with root beer. Drew had a burger, and banana pepper bites. He was feeling a bit better.
When we left the cafe, we went home and watched television until we went to bed. I was so sleepy, and I had to go to the chapel again tomorrow.

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