Sunday Wedding

This morning, I got up and got ready. I had breakfast with Drew, then it was out the door. When I was on my way I noticed 376 was pretty backed up, so I cut through greentree and drove to the west end. Traffic seemed worse. It was bumper to bumper. I texted my friend Geoff, who is a police officer. He said, West End is doing “Open Streets.” I said, “What is that?” he said, “It is where the streets are open to walkers and bikers. It is closed off to cars until about 1 pm.” I whipped around and went back up to 376 and sat in the traffic, until I got to Oakland.

When I finally arrived to the chapel, I was 15 minutes late. Thank God the wedding guests weren’t due in until 1:15pm. I was able to settle in and set everything up in time. Frank asked me if I could explain the aisle runner to the fellas, who were assigned to pull it.

After I pinned on boutineers, I took the gentlemen down the aisle, and explained it the best I could, and then they seemed like they understood it, so right before the wedding got underway, I noticed that the votive for the unity candle wasn’t lit, so I hurried up and lit the votive, as the aisle runner was being pulled up the aisle. I ran back into the ambulatory, and waited for the signal on the organ.

When I finally, saw the signal, I went over to the access door, and lined up the gentlemen. Then when the music changed, I opened the door and let them out. When I heard the minister speak, I went downstairs, and the bride’s room looked good, so I swept it and then went back upstairs. I thought to myself not bad for my first time assisting.

When we opened the door, and led the bridal party down the right side of the aisle for pictures, I told the photographer they are all yours. I cleaned up the ambulatory, and waited for them to be done with pictures, then I blew out the candles, packed ’em up, and put them away. I handed the unity candle to a member of their wedding, so they could take it with them. I helped Frank pick up the aisle runner, and then when everyone was gone, and the ambulatory was locked up,  I could leave.

When I finally got home, we went grocery shopping for the week, then went home and made tacos for dinner. I was so happy to be home. I am so excited to have two weekends off with no weddings!

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