A Case of the Mondays

This morning, I was so tired. I didn’t want to go to work, but I have to. I didn’t sleep well throughout the night. I am always so restless on Sunday nights. After I got out of the shower, I put on some jeans and a top. I didn’t even do my hair. I left it wavy and crazy. It was a gym day. I don’t care today.

When we got off the bus in Downtown Pittsburgh, a girl approached me got in my face and said, “Hello, I know you. You are that girl…” I smiled and turned my head. She stood right next to me and said, “Let’s see what time we got here. Let’s see what time we got here.” Drew is standing next to me the entire time, trying not to laugh. I got on the bus and took a seat. Drew sat down next to me. He looked at me and whispered, “Did you make eye contact?” I said, “No, but it is kinda hard not to when she is right there in my face.” he laughed and so did I. He asked, “Doesn’t her voice sound like something out of a horror movie?” I said, “Oh my God it does.” He said, “I have seen her on here once before.” Why is it always me?

When we got off the bus in Oakland, she was still on the bus. I hope she isn’t one of my students. When we got to the cathedral, we went to see if the fake Starbucks was open, and it was not yet. Drew said, he was just going to grab a coffee there. I said, “Okay, I am going to the real Starbucks.” We kissed goodbye, and then off I went.

Once, I got to Starbucks, I had a free drink, so I went a little crazy. I got a Venti hot caramel macchiato, with an extra shot of espresso and an extra caramel, but fat-free milk. I was going to wake up today.

When I left Starbucks, I called my mom. We talked for a minute. I told her about that girl on the bus. She was cracking up laughing. When I got to my building, I hung up with her and then got the day started. I wasn’t sure what was on the menu for today.

As the day moved on, I was a bit busy, but not really. I had some organizing to do and small tasks, but that was it. I made myself another cup of coffee. The macchiato was good, but it didn’t wake me up. I made a blonde roast k cup and that did the trick. I am ready for the day to be over.

At lunch, I met Drew at Bellefield, and we went to the Payroll Department in Craig Hall to submit my loan forgiveness form, which they will mail back to me, once they have filled it out. I have to call studentloans.gov tomorrow and figure out why I am not in their system when I have federal student loans. Nothing is ever easy for me.

Right now, I am counting down the minutes, until 4:30pm. After work today, it is a gym day. Miles to go before I sleep, unfortunately.

Wave Pool Day

Wave Pool Day

This morning, we got up and got ready to go to the pool. We were going to meet Anthony there. We arrived at 11:30am. There wasn’t a line, which was nice. We got right in. When we got our spots and laid our towels down. I was kind of concerned. I didn’t see Anthony and it was taking him a while to get here. I was hoping everything was okay. I know that he helped his mom move yesterday, but where was he?

After a while, Andrew and I got in the water and swam around. It was so cold. He picked me up and held me. Then I looked at the entrance and saw Anthony walking in. I was glad he was here! He made it! He said there was a busload of people getting dropped off and he got stuck in the line behind them.

At one point, Anthony and I were laying out, and Drew was on his towel. A bug kept coming after Anthony so he couldn’t relax. He got up and went to the towel. he said he won’t rest until he kills the bug. It was hilarious. We all went swimming, and the boys crashed into the waves and annoyed the girls it was hilarious. Andrew tackled me in the water. It was fun. We had a great day. We all are a little burned, but overall it was a good pool day.

After the pool, we said goodbye to Anthony and then went home and made dinner. It was 5pm, when we finally were getting dinner started. We had a nice healthy dinner. Drew cooked on the grill. He made a London broil and grilled zucchini. I made a salad and tomato caprese. I took care of the inside, while he grilled outside. It was nice.

After dinner, we cleaned up and I did some more laundry and took it easy.

A Day of Errands

This morning, when we woke up. We took our time and just had some coffee and breakfast. We wanted to take it slow. We had so much to do today, but we needed to wake up first. Around 11am, my parents came by and dropped off my Great Gatsby poster, that was delivered over the week. I was so glad to see it. I couldn’t wait to hang it in my office. The wall needs something on it.

When they left, we got showers and got ready to start the day. The first place we went to was Starbucks, we both got fraps. Then we went to the mall, and we got our rings cleaned, and he put down another payment for the ring that I want for my right hand. 🙂 then we went to Yankee Candle and browsed nothing exciting yet. Then we went to Victoria Secret, and I got a bra. I needed one so badly. The underwire in one of mine broke.

After the mall, we went to Ikea and got the slats for our bed. We had been wanting to get them for so long, but we just forgot about them. They are to go on top of the bed frame in a sense and give more support. Hopefully, this will make our brand new mattress a bit more firm. Ikea was packed. We both didn’t say much to each other while we were there, we were so annoyed with the number of people.

While he was in line, I went and got us 2 hot dogs for a dollar, bottled water, a drink for me, and a bag of chips for .75 cents. I figured let’s eat. We haven’t had anything since eggs in the morning. When he was done checking out, he looked annoyed at the lady in front of him. He told me she was taking forever, and there was something wrong with the register. I said, “I always pick the worse people to get behind.”

After we ate, we went to Target. We had to get Tricia and Ben a baby shower gift. We found three things on the registry, that we wanted to get them. We were walking down the aisles, and I noticed it was 400 for a breast pump! I was shocked. Drew said, Damn that is a lot of money. I said, “Maybe your insurance will cover it when it is time.” I didn’t realize how expensive they were.

After Target, we went grocery shopping, which wasn’t so bad. Then we went home, unloaded the car, and put the groceries away. Then we went out to dinner at Wings, Suds, and Spuds. It was yummy, but their prices have gone up. I know I may sound like a cheapskate in this entry. I am really not a cheapskate, but it was an expensive day. The food was good though. It had been a long time since we had been there, and it may be long before we got back.


At work, our work study’s last day was today, so Nancy brought in donuts. We had a donut party around 3:30pm. Everyone on my floor, came to my office area, and we gave Josh a card, and wished him farewell. Not everyone had a donut, but I did. I chose a light pink one with sprinkles. I shouldn’t have taken a donut. I had the rest of my ziti for lunch, but I couldn’t resist. My boss said I was the bubbliest one in the department. I even took the loudest donut. 🙂

After work, Andrew and I caught the bus, and then we went home. He said, that Zach cancelled on him for the video game conference, but he was going to go to dinner with his parents instead, they were going to the cafe. I was so bummed. I missed a cafe trip. I hate when that happens. I was jealous he got to go to the cafe. I had planned on having Anthony over, since Drew was supposed to be going to that video game thing, so I couldn’t break my plans with Anthony.

When Anthony came to our house, it was about 7:30pm, I hopped in his car, and we went to go pick up the Chinese food, and then to the wine store. He bought us boxed wine and I paid for his dinner. He got away cheap. When we got home, I got out some plates, poured the wine, and put the boxed wine in the fridge. We ate dinner, and watched Halloween. We made it through the first 15 minutes, then shut it off to bullshit, drink, and facebook live. We never make it through the whole movie, without talking and getting sidetracked.  We drank so much wine. I had probably about 7 glasses of wine, and so did he, maybe more.

When Andrew came home around 1:30am, he went to the movies with Zach to see Spiderman. I was glad he got to hang out with him, but I was happy to see him home. I was laying on the couch. A little tipsy off the wine. Anthony went home, and then we went upstairs to bed. I called my chiropractor and told him I was going to make it in tomorrow, and that I needed to cancel my appointment. All I wanted to do was sleep in for once.

Dinner with My Parents

After work, we went to dinner with my parents. We met them at Armstrong’s in Moon. I had a crazy day. It was just so busy, and I was trying to learn so much, and we had to mess with this TA/TF Allocation in the payroll spreadsheet, and then people didn’t have their signed letters in yet, and it was causing confusion. I was happy to get out of there and be on the bus. Drew was right. I just needed to get away from campus, and I would be better. Truthfully, I was much better.

At dinner, I really wanted a beer, but they don’t have a bar. I was shocked by that. Everyone has a bar! I ordered a pepsi, instead. When we sat down, my mom was asking me a bunch of questions. I said mom please it is been a really long day, let me just enjoy dinner and please don’t start. I just wasn’t in the mood for the inquisition. She had a look on her face, but I could tell she got my message loud and clear.

Dinner was so yummy. I had the baked ziti, wedding soup, and bread. I managed to eat half. I didn’t eat lunch today. I was so busy and just kind of forgot and wasn’t in the mood to eat, but damn did I eat at dinner. I took half the ziti home with me for lunch tomorrow.


Student Loan Plan

After work today, we went to the grocery store and got the ingredients to make tacos. I had to cook for one day. Tomorrow we are going to dinner with my parents. Friday, he won’t be around. He is going to some video game convention. After we got groceries, we picked up some beer. We knew this phone call with Navient was going to call for some beer.

When we got home, I put the groceries away and we cracked open a can of beer. I grabbed a tablet and a pen. Drew fired up his computer, and I called Navient. I put the phone on speaker so Drew could ask his questions if need be. I told them that I think I am ready to finally repay my loans. The woman laughed and went over our options.

First, since we both work for the University of Pittsburgh, and I have federal loans, then I qualify for the loan forgiveness plan after 10 years, since I am a public employee. Great! We have two options an IBR (Income Based Repayment plan) or a Level Standard plan. However, with the level standard plan we would be paying ourselves out of the student loan forgiveness program, so it is based to go with the IBR. When she calculated our income we were very happy with the amount we would be responsible for. We would have to make this payment for 10 years, then boom no more payments, but we would be taxed on what we were forgiven for, gotta love the government.

After our phone call with Navient, I had to call the Federal loan services department and make sure that we were in fact, public employees. Drew confirmed with them and went over the form while I made dinner. The plan was then for me to take the form to work and have Nancy sign off on it tomorrow.

Second, we had to go through studentloans.gov. and create a pin for me. I have to apply for a new IBR plan. I wrote the steps down how to do so, and what form to fill out. This could take a little while to process, so while we are going through this process. My loans are in a forbearance period, again (only until October). This will be more than enough time to get this processed and ready to be paid on. There are so many steps.  I am waiting on the government to approve my PIN before I can start the process for applying for a new IBR plan, that will allow us to pay the loans back at a certain amount for 10 years. As soon as I get the public loan form filled out. I will be able to send it away. I am so excited for these to get out of my life.

Overall Drew and I are happy with the way the phone call went with Navient and our payments are better than he expected, so I was happy about all that. Dinner was yummy.

Not Feeling It

Not Feeling It

After work today, I was so tired and not really feeling the gym. I know I needed to go, but it was going to be one of those days where I force myself. I thought about just staying home and believe me it was tempting. When we got home, I got changed and we drove separately to the gym. I had no desire to go. When I got to the gym, I did the elliptical for 30 mins, then went home. At least I did something.

When I got home, I put chicken in the oven and called Anthony. He said he was making penne pasta and garlic bread. I said, I am coming over if that is cool. He said, yea no problem. I got a shower, while the chicken was cooking, then threw on some chill clothes. After the chicken was done, I set it on the stove and turned the oven off, and went to Anthony’s.

When I arrived to Anthony’s, we had a bitch session about the Christmas in July party that he threw at work today. We talked about my job and how there is so much to learn, and how grateful I am, but I am tired. Dinner was so yummy. It felt so good to eat pasta. One of the things i had to give up, when I married Drew. He is not a pasta person, and it is probably best because I was and it is not healthy for you.

After dinner, we sat on the couch and did a Facebook Live video about random thoughts and ideas. After awhile, no one was watching, so we ended the video and took random selfies. I left Anthony’s around 9:00pm. Drew was home from the gym, when I got home. He was laying in the living room watching the show Ballers. He asked me how Anthony’s was? I said, it was fun, but I am sleepy. he said, he was tired too. I cleaned up the kitchen, and put the chicken away in the fridge, then I laid with him in the living room. After Baller’s was over, we watched All in the Family, then went to bed.