Wave Pool Day

This morning, we got up and got ready to go to the pool. We were going to meet Anthony there. We arrived at 11:30am. There wasn’t a line, which was nice. We got right in. When we got our spots and laid our towels down. I was kind of concerned. I didn’t see Anthony and it was taking him a while to get here. I was hoping everything was okay. I know that he helped his mom move yesterday, but where was he?

After a while, Andrew and I got in the water and swam around. It was so cold. He picked me up and held me. Then I looked at the entrance and saw Anthony walking in. I was glad he was here! He made it! He said there was a busload of people getting dropped off and he got stuck in the line behind them.

At one point, Anthony and I were laying out, and Drew was on his towel. A bug kept coming after Anthony so he couldn’t relax. He got up and went to the towel. he said he won’t rest until he kills the bug. It was hilarious. We all went swimming, and the boys crashed into the waves and annoyed the girls it was hilarious. Andrew tackled me in the water. It was fun. We had a great day. We all are a little burned, but overall it was a good pool day.

After the pool, we said goodbye to Anthony and then went home and made dinner. It was 5pm, when we finally were getting dinner started. We had a nice healthy dinner. Drew cooked on the grill. He made a London broil and grilled zucchini. I made a salad and tomato caprese. I took care of the inside, while he grilled outside. It was nice.

Not Feeling It

After work today, I was so tired and not really feeling the gym. I know I needed to go, but it was going to be one of those days where I force myself. I thought about just staying home and believe me it was tempting. When we got home, I got changed and we drove separately to the gym. I had no desire to go. When I got to the gym, I did the elliptical for 30 mins, then went home. At least I did something.

When I got home, I put chicken in the oven and called Anthony. He said he was making penne pasta and garlic bread. I said, I am coming over if that is cool. He said, yea no problem. I got a shower, while the chicken was cooking, then threw on some chill clothes. After the chicken was done, I set it on the stove and turned the oven off, and went to Anthony’s.

When I arrived to Anthony’s, we talked about my job and how there is so much to learn, and how grateful I am, but I am tired. Dinner was so yummy. It felt so good to eat pasta. One of the things i had to give up, when I married Drew. He is not a pasta person, and it is probably best because I was and it is not healthy for you.

After dinner, we sat on the couch and did a Facebook Live video about random thoughts and ideas. After awhile, no one was watching, so we ended the video and took random selfies. I left Anthony’s around 9:00pm. Drew was home from the gym, when I got home. He was laying in the living room watching the show Ballers. He asked me how Anthony’s was? I said, it was fun, but I am sleepy. he said, he was tired too. I cleaned up the kitchen, and put the chicken away in the fridge, then I laid with him in the living room. After Baller’s was over, we watched All in the Family, then went to bed.

First Week

My first week as a full-time employee of Pitt was awesome! Yes, it was a bit overwhelming with all the information, but my office is beautiful. It is so big, and I have so many shelves. I am just so happy. Today, I finally feel like I had a grip on what exactly they were talking about, but there is still so much to learn and a whole different vocabulary, as well. I need to add to my acronyms list.

Today, I met with Mel in the morning. She and I developed a list of things we need to do, orientation is one of the top priorities, and updating the binder, as well as creating them for the students. It is hard when the previous person isn’t here to train. I am trying not to get too overwhelmed, but it is difficult to pick up where someone left off, and not know really where they left off, or where anything is.

When it was time for lunch, Wynn and Nancy asked me if I wanted to go with them to get Chinese food. I was so happy, my first lunch date with the women from the office! I am fitting in so well here already. At lunch, I learned more about the people and the department. I am sure whatever we talk about at lunch, stays at lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the office. Nancy and I had no clue what we were doing, or what we needed to get done. I finally was able to finish this project I had been working on with Mel regarding student eval letters and OMETS. I had to upload them in the Box, and make sure everything on the box was on the Z drive. I have so much still to do, but Monday will be here soon enough.


Second Day

Today went really well. I had some assignments to complete. Two of the women in my office, told me about them yesterday, so I definitely needed to add them to my to-do list. I just needed to make folders and file paperwork.

This morning, I had a meeting with Brian and Phyllis. Brian was doing my job prior to me getting hired. He had some info for me and a couple things to keep on my radar. I have to confirm somethings tomorrow when I see the department head.

After the meeting, our IT guy came by my price and introduced himself. He asked if I needed anything? I asked him about PeopleSoft and he made sure I had access to do whatever it is that I needed to do with PeopleSoft. Then he programmed my email and created a path to the drive for me, then he was gone.

After he left, I organized my whole office and cleaned out some old files. I rearranged some things and put the student files behind me. I think they are more secure. I have to confirm some things with Nancy tomorrow, but other than that it was a good productive day.

University of Pittsburgh Orientation

This morning I was so tired and didn’t want to get up. I slept so well. I was so nervous. When we were on the bus into Oakland, I didn’t want to get off. I wanted to stay with Drew or go back to bed. I felt like a little girl going to school.

When I stepped off the bus, Drew kissed me goodbye. He went to the Porch to get coffee and I went to Craig Hall to report to Orientation. On my way I called my mom and she gave her best to me.

When I walked into Craig Hall, I becked in and showed them my offer letter. They told me to take a seat they would send people up soon, so I changed my shoes while I waited. Maureen asked me what department I was going to be working in and I said Social Sciences. One of the girls in the lobby said, oh are you Danielle? I said Yes and smiled. She said, we are in the same department. She introduced herself and I was happy to see someone in my department. Her name is Nicollette.

She and I took the elevator up to the conference room, our name tags and information were next to one, another so we took a seat next to each other and we talked for a bit about our temp assignments prior to being offered our full time positions. She seems really nice and chill.

While we were waiting for the presentation to start, I asked the orientation representative, about my time card since I worked on Sunday, and I am being switched over to full time. She told me to email Kristen, and ask her. I wrote up an email and CCed the chapel director and Kristen was able to take care of it behind the scenes for me, but I won’t be switched over in the system until August 4th. It’s never easy. I will still be paid though.

We just finished up lunch and we are going over benefits. I feel like I have to write this because I have been on Andrew’s since we got engaged, so no need to worry about this segment.

After benefits, they are going to t to us about Parking and then we are dismissed. Nicollete and I are going to Panther Central together, then to Heinz Chapel to drop off my keys then to Posvar to meet with Linda, then it will be time to go home!

Last Day as Docent

Last night, I didn’t go to sleep until 3:30AM. I had trouble sleeping always happens when I have been out the night before, and consumed alcohol. I didn’t get drunk, but I did have a couple drinks.

This morning, I woke up at 9:30am, got a shower and got dressed. Andrew was due home at some point today from Ben and Tricia’s. I wasn’t sure what time he was coming home, but I texted him when I woke up, just to say good morning. My stomach was feeling off, so didn’t make any coffee. I just had no motivation to go to the Chapel today. It was my last day as a docent and I was totally okay with it. I just wish I could have done anything else but work today. I so need to get ready for tomorrow, orientation, and then I am reporting to my department for the first time. It is going to start full swing, and I want to be mentally ready.

Around 10:30am Drew came home, I was glad I got to see him before I left the house. He asked if I needed him to do anything around the house to help me get ready for tomorrow? I said, “No thank you baby, but that is sweet. I think I just need to make myself mentally ready, and I am the only one who can do that.” I thought it was nice that he offered and sweet of him to ask. He was in such a good mood, and didn’t seem too hung over or cranky.

When I left the house, traffic was terrible on the parkway heading into the city. I didn’t get to Oakland, until 12pm. I had to drive around for a little. Parking was horrendous.  Thank God parking is free on Sunday and that is probably why it is so bad. Everyone is out and about on this beautiful day and I should be at the pool!

When I opened the Chapel, there were a couple tourists out front. I just opened the door, and put the sign out. If they wanted to come in, they could, but I wasn’t going to let them know that we were definitely open. No extra work,. or extra miles today. I was on the phone with Anthony when I opened and few people came in. I had to get off the phone with them, it was too distracting.

At one point, this man came in and asked, “When was the Chapel built?” I said, “1933.” He said, “Oh that wasn’t part of the WPA deal.” He turned and walked away. I googled the WPA deal. It was something Roosevelt put in place, during the Great Depression to get men back to work, well the Cathedral was part of the deal. I approached him and said, “I never heard of the term WPA deal. I did some research and the Cathedral was part of the deal, so the Chapel must overlap in someway, because this was built around the same time as the Cathedral of Learning.” He said, “Oh okay thank you.” Then he asked me all these other questions about the cathedral. I said, “I am not sure of those answers, sir. However, there is an information desk at the visitors center in the Cathedral, they will be able to help answer your questions better.” Damn my curiosity. All I know about is the Chapel, I don’t get paid to know anything more.

Recently, I had a family visiting from Canada. Their daughter is an accomplished pianist. I asked if she wanted to play the organ? She said, “Oh my God, seriously I have been wanting too.” I said, “Yes, sure. Let me turn it on for you.” I turned on the switch the air went through the pipes, but as she was touching the keys the sound wasn’t coming on. I turned on the sound sequence in the ambulatory, and that didn’t work, so I called Frank. Frank said, that if she is organist she would know what knobs to pull. I said, She is a pianist. Then he told me she would have to push the knobs out in order to get the sound she wanted. I told her what he said, and it worked. She was able to play quite a few songs, and she did so well. Her family was so happy that she was able to play. We talked about the chapel, the windows, where they are from, and etc.

When they left, they gave a nice donation to the chapel, and asked where they could drop a line to my Director or my manager about me, and how well I am doing. They wanted to tell them about how great I made their visit. I was glad to get an at a girl, today. It made me feel good on my last day as a docent.

Around 4:30pm, I have a couple coming into look at the Chapel for their wedding. I am going to close up after I am done with them. I want to get home so badly. I am so tired. I feel like I have so much to do to prepare for tomorrow.

When I got home, Andrew had dinner made, and he surprised me with a bouquet of a dozen of pink roses. He wanted to surprise me and let me know how much he loves me and is so proud of me. I am so damn blessed. I am so happy he is in my life and that he is my husband.

Last Tuesday in the Chapel

This morning, I wanted to stay in bed. When I woke up, got showered, and washed my hair. I put on this little black dress that I got the goodwill. It is cute. I wanted to get today over with. I kept feeling like I was getting sick.

When we got to Oakland, we stopped at the Cathedral to get coffee. I am hooked on this iced coffee with espresso and a pump of vanilla. Then we went our separate ways.  When I got to the chapel, I called my mom and we chatted for a bit, then I opened up the chapel. I was hoping for a chill easy day.

When Wendy arrived, we counted the money from yesterday and the sales we made weren’t so bad. Tours typically bring in people who want to spend money.

When Pat arrived, we talked about my hours and they are going to pay me ahead of time for the two weeks of weddings that I agreed to, but we are going to meet on Friday to enter my hours.

Throughout the day we had some visitors, and a tour at 2:45pm. Thank God, Wendy was giving the tour. I don’t know an hour’s worth of information about the chapel.

When it was time to close for the day, I counted down the money and locked the doors as quick as I could, then I met Drew outside. I couldn’t wait to go home and have two days off.

When we got home, our power was off. Apparently a really bad storm came through and knocked everyone’s power off. He went to the gym and I went to Medexpress to get my ear checked. It was super sore. I thought it was infected.

When I got to Medexpress, they said it wasn’t infected there was fluid built up and that was causing the ear ache, but things could change over night, so she wrote me a script and told me to take a antihistamine first for three days, if it gets worse take the antibiotic. I could do that.

When I left Medexpress, I went to Giant Eagle and dropped my script off, then went home. I got a shower and relaxed on the couch. My phone was the only method of entertainment, still no power. I lit some candles and waited for Drew to come home.

When Drew came home, he brought chicken tenders and bottled water from the store. As soon as we were unloading the groceries, the power came back on.

Matt & Spenser Cousin Reunion Pt. 1

On Friday,  On my way to my parents, I picked up my wedding rings. They looked brand new! The rhodium dip made them sparkle and shine! I can’t stop looking down at my left hand.

When I arrived at my parents’ it was around 11am. My mom was due to get off of work around 12pm. I wanted to get over there early and help her get things ready around the house, and of course, see my dogs.  While we waited for my mom to get home, my dad and I sat outside and listened to some 90s music, and talked. My mom stopped and brought home Subway for us, to hold us over until dinner. We weren’t going to eat until around 7pm.

After she came home, we ate lunch, then relaxed. My mom and I laid in bed and watched the movie, Belle. I love a good period drama. She had never seen the whole movie, just bits, and pieces because she falls asleep while watching movies. I do too sometimes, but I do love my English and French period dramas.

When we got to the store, we picked up the catering that my parents had ordered for the party, and it is always a trip to go anywhere really with my parents. When we got home, we unloaded everything into the house. We weren’t sure what time people were going to start arriving, but she was thinking not until 6pm. I went upstairs and changed my top. I put on a strapless top, that had some ruffles going down the bottom. I love baby doll tops. I remember feeling not too sure about what to expect out of today. I just kind of went with the flow. There was some drama in my family, in the past. It had nothing to do with us, children in the family, but more to do with our parents, and my aunts and uncles. Not so much the family out of town, but I am sure everyone knew a little about the drama that took place in Pittsburgh. Two of my cousins were coming, that I hadn’t seen since 1997.

Back in 1997, I was probably 10 or 11. I was in an awkward phase. My hair was short, and my bangs were straight across my forehead. I was heavily into Hanson and the Spice Girls, and I think I was a bit chunky, or at least a bit thicker, back then. So yes, things have definitely changed since then.
Around 6pm, the first of my family to show up was my cousin Marilyn and her husband, Chuck and their little boy Charlie, who is now 6 years old. I met him when he was a baby. He was only 5 months old, now he is a little man. He doesn’t really say too much to me, then again I am a girl. :p

After they came in and sat down started visiting with us in the living room, my cousin Amanda. I went to the back door to greet her. I asked her where her girls were, and she said that her mom and dad are bringing them.  When Amanda’s parents arrived, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Phyllis, they parked out front. I went to the door and asked if they needed help. They were good. Olivia ran up the front steps to greet me. I love that they remember me. She gave me a big hug and went on inside. She was a leaf girl in my wedding. They unloaded their car with Liliana and Isabella who is the newest little edition. She was in a baby carrier. She has gotten so big since the last time I saw her, which I think was back in March or April. My Aunt Phyllis grew up in my parents’ house, so I welcomed her home. She laughed and said thank you. They haven’t been in our house in probably 12 years. It is sad, but I think a new leaf is turning.

When I went to the back door, I saw that Becky and David had arrived and they brought with them, Spenser and Matthew, the two boys I have not seen since 1997. I introduced myself as their cousin, Danielle and shook their hand. I felt like I didn’t know them well enough to hug them, and I didn’t want to be weird.

As the evening got underway, Matthew played his guitar for us. He had Uncle Larry’s guitar that he had bought in the 70s. His grandmother, Sharon gave him the guitar. Larry would be his grandfather. He played so well. I took a little video of him. He is a rapper. He played 50 Cent In da Club, and Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow. It was a great time.
After dinner, and after the rest of the family had left, Spenser and Matthew wanted to go out and experience Pittsburgh’s nightlife. Andrew wanted to, but he was so tired from working all day that he decided to go home and go to bed. I understood. He worked all day, I didn’t. I was looking forward to getting out for a bit. I haven’t been out since, Anthony’s birthday, last month.
Around 11pm, the boys and I drove to Mount Washington so they could see the Overlook. Matthew didn’t really care. He wanted to get a drink. Spenser, he is more the laid back, artist-intellectual type and he loved the visual arts, so the view was more for him, then the bar scene.  After taking a few pictures, and checking out the view. The boys and I left and said goodbye to my parents, Becky, and David, and then we were on our way to the Southside. I figured that it is a good place for the younger 21-23-year-old crowd.

As we’re driving through East Carson Street, Matthew made a comment and said, this looks a little shady. I said, “Yes, it’s not that great of a place to be anymore, but this is a historical part of town, and always known for bars and restaurants. There has always been bars and restaurants on East Carson, dating back to the days of the Steel boom.” He kind of gave me this look like I am crazy. I have always been fond of history, culture, and human experience.

Aside from chatting, I was trying to find a place to park, and the parking lot that I like was full. Southside has many memories for me, good and bad. I found a spot that I could parallel park in, but I was failing today at parallel parking for some reason. Matt hoped in my driver seat, and I got into my passenger seat and he was able to park my car for me.

As we walked up towards East Carson Street, the first bar I wanted to take them to, was the Tiki Lounge. I just love the layout of the bar. It has this Island theme to it. When we walked up to the door, we handed the bouncer our IDs. Matt’s was broken and an end was chewed off. The bouncer asked about the ID, and he said, “My German Shepard chewed it.” I wanted to laugh, but it was true. I do remember him saying something about his ID on the way down here.
Once inside Tiki Lounge, we walked down the stairs, to the bar. We ordered our drinks. He wanted a Tangeray with a lime. The bartender must have thought we were together because she made two. Spenser got a Rum and Coke. I bought them the first round, and we went upstairs to where the dance floor is, we wanted to sit at a table, but I wanted them to get a feel for the bar before we sat down.
When a booth opened up, we made our way to the booth and took a seat. I asked them what they thought of this bar? They liked it but also wanted to go somewhere else. I said, Okay, once we finish this drink, we will go somewhere else. I wasn’t sure where else to take them. When we left the Tiki Lounge, we walked down East Carson. Girls were Stripping in the heels. One girl was wearing only one shoe. Oh, Southside. I  don’t miss being down here, but it is nice to venture down here once in a while, it is just so bad down here anymore.
Once we approached Diesel and Skybar. I thought they would like it, but there was a cover charge. I thought with only an hour left until the bars close, a cover charge isn’t worth it. We walked on. We stopped at this bar called Local bar and kitchen. It seemed pretty chill. I haven’t been in there before. We decided to go there. We walked in, and the bar was crowded. Matt found a spot and squeezed in and ordered us our drinks. He bought this round. They switched to Titos and vodka. I  switched to Coors light. We went upstairs, and on our way upstairs, people were trying to come downstairs. It was crazy.

Finally, there was a break in traffic, and we were able to make our way to a table. Once we sat the table, we talked about where they are from? the family? uncle Larry (their grandfather), we just talked about anything we could think of.  They never been to a big city before and thought the girls and the crowd were different, then what they are used to seeing at bars back home. It was fun getting to know them. Throughout the evening, they both lit up cigarettes. I guess they chimney smoke when they drink.  Around 10 minutes to 2am, they closed the top section and said we could go downstairs and finish our drinks. We went downstairs to the downstairs bar, and hung out at a table, finished our drinks, and then walked outside.
Once we were outside, we walked back towards the car, dodging the streams of people, most of them were drunk. It was a little intense, but then we made it back to the car. I got it in, and at that point. I probably had three beers and a Tangeray with lime. I was feeling pretty good. I probably shouldn’t have driven home. I should have asked for an Uber, but I did. I drove them back to the hotel. I could tell Matt was feeling good. He was drinking all evening. Spenser might have been buzzed, but not as bad at Matt.
Finally, I got them back to the hotel, I parked the car and I had to go pee so badly, so I walked with them up to the room, so I could use the restroom. The one downfall about drinking, having to pee all the time. When I came out of the bathroom, I said goodbye to them, and then I went outside to my car and drove home.

When I got home, it was about 3:30am. I got changed and crawled into bed with Drew. I was so tired. It had been a long time since I had been out that late. Tomorrow was going to be another crazy day.

Barre Class

This morning, I am not sure where I got the energy, and I was a little sore from the multiple games of cornhole, but I decided to get up and go to Barre class.

When I arrived, I got my chair, my mat, and weights. It had been so long since I attended a class.

This morning, I am not sure where I got the energy, and I was a little sore from the multiple games of cornhole, but I decided to get up and go to Barre class.

When I arrived, I got my chair, my mat, and weights. It had been so long since I attended a class.

I did like this instructor better than the other one. She was nice and very encouraging. I noticed she would look at me and shout, “Good Job” every so often. I worked my butt off. I did have some ballet training, so I was able to remember the proper forms and arm positions, as well as feet positions.

After class, I knew I was going to be sore. I was on my way to put my mat back when the instructor pulled me aside and said you did so well! Great job! I tell you have had some training in ballet.” I told her my story of how I quit dancing when I was 15 and I regretted, but I have been trying to get back for a while now. She was glad to hear it. It always makes me feel good when instructors compliment my skills in dance.

After barre, I went home and got a shower, did some laundry, cleaned the dishes, made lunch. Then stopped over my parents to see my dogs and visit my dad. I stayed for an hour then went home.

When I got home, I fell asleep on the couch until 5pm. I was so tired. When I woke up, I started to cook dinner and noticed I had an email from the director of the Social Sciences department. She welcomed me to the department and gave me the itinerary for after orientation. I am to begin training immediately. I am glad to get started and thankful for the position. I am so excited!

When Drew got home, he went to the gym for a few hours, then came home and we relaxed until we went to sleep.