This morning, we woke up and made breakfast. I started the coffee and the bacon, but he took over. He likes to make breakfast, but he was happy I got it started. I watched Jamestown while he made breakfast. I was almost finished with the show.

After we ate breakfast, I cleaned up, and we got ready to go to the pool. We wanted to get there around 11:30am, that is when it opens, and we are always the one standing in line, waiting for it open. I decided to wear my green and black bikini, something different.

Once inside the pool, they weren’t really all that busy, but we figured they would get busy soon. We got our spot. Drew went to go get bottled water for us, and I laid out our towels and sat down. I started applying the sunscreen and then Drew arrived. We got lathered up, and then I stepped into the water, and laid out, by the shallow end. I call it sauteing.

When the bell would ring, and the waves would start, I would sit up some, and tie my top. I am not a fan of tan lines, or after I would tie my top. I would go back to the towel and reapply my lotion and check on my Husband. Sometimes I would lay on my stomach, so I can get some sun on my back.

After the waves were over, I would go back into the water. When we first arrived, Drew and I went swimming in the deep end together. I don’t call it swimming. I call it trying to survive and save my life. I am not a good swimmer. Drew was there to rescue me, and help me.  He is a great swimmer. We swam for a wave session, then once the waves were over, we went back to laying out.

When we left the pool, it was about 1:40pm. We decided it was probably time to go. We had a couple hours of sun, and I had a nice color for me so far. We wanted to get our grocery shopping done for the week. We also weren’t sure what to cook for dinner, but we remembered his parents saying something about having Sunday dinner at their place. Ken and Cheryl would be there, and they invited some other friends of Dad’s over. We decided to see if we were still invited.

When we got in the car, Drew turned on his phone, and there was a text from mom saying that dinner would be at 5pm if we changed our minds. We told her we would be there and wanted to know if there was anything we could bring. Dad said just to bring 4 little acid cigars. We went to the grocery store and did our grocery shopping. We had to pick up the ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip. We were going to make that for the cookout on Tuesday.

After the grocery store, we went home and unloaded the groceries, and got ready to go to his parent’s house. I wanted to wear this white little sundress to show off my tan and some flip flops, very chill and summery. Drew needed to stop for gas, so we stopped at GetGo. After he pumped gas, we go inside and get some ice tea. When we get to the check out counter, we put our teas on the counter. The guy tells us the total. he looks at me and says, “Nice Dress.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” I look up at Drew. he doesn’t look back at me, so I look at the guy. Then the guy said, “Just wondering, do you both like Horror Movies?” We both said, “Yes we do.” He asked, “What is your favorite series?” We both said, “Halloween.” He said, “Yes Michael Myers is good, but I am a Friday the 13th fan myself.” I said, “Yes, Jason Vorhees. Camp Crystal Lake.” He said, “I am just wondering because I am getting ready to make my own horror movie.” I was thoroughly creeped out. Now if you know me, you will know that it doesn’t take too much to shock me, scare me, or surprise me. I have a pretty open mind, but today and at this moment, I was officially scared.

When we were on our way out the door, only one door was working. The other door was locked. I knew that coming in, but I was in such a hurry to get out of there, I kind of stumbled into the locked door, before quickly pushing open the working door. Drew was laughing at me. I turned to look at him once we got outside. I said, “What the hell was that? ” We both were a little creeped out by that guy.

Once we got to his parents, we told his mom and dad the story. They laughed. Eventually, Ken and Cheryl showed up and then we all sat outside and talked about everything Politics, LGBTQ community, the world today, history, and the like. Then we all decided to go inside and eat dinner.

As we were eating dinner, another couple shows up. Dad’s friend Larry and his wife. They joined our table, but different really eat. They seemed a bit different. They had 5 children and they homeschooled all of them. I find that to be very selfish. I never knew anyone who was homeschooled but talks about wanting your kids to stay in the confines of their home, and never being allowed to experience things that other kids experienced. It is actually pretty sad. I liked Ken and Cheryl better they are more down to earth.

When we got home, while I finished watching the Jamestown series, I painted my nails.  I borrowed some nail polish from my mother-in-law and painted my nails and my toes. I wanted to do white and red for the 4th, but I couldn’t get the red bottle open, so my nails are white, and so are my toes. The color is called a Pearl of Wisdom from the OPI Infinite Shine collection. I like this polish. I will have to invest in it sometime. I wanted the 4th of July nails. I think this is the closest I am going to get.

When the Jamestown series ended, I thought it was okay. I am glad I watched it, but it wasn’t all that good. I thought some parts were better than others, but the plot line and the characters were a bit weak.  I was hoping for more. It had a happy ending, which is nice. Not many historical fiction shows do, but I am ready to start a new series. I will have to find another one to get sucked into.

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