This morning, I had a hard time waking up. I wanted to stay in bed. I didn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned like I do on Sunday nights. When my alarm on my phone went off, I went to shut it off, and accidentally dropped my phone and thankfully no damage was done. I was so groggy. I didn’t plan on washing my hair, either.

When I got out of the shower, I put on some black pants and a pink top. It looked like rain around 5pm, and that is when we will be catching the bus home, and I didn’t want to get my legs wet. To me, nothing worse then walking in the rain, with an umbrella and getting your legs, or your feet wet.

When we arrived at the bus stop, we parked in Crafton to take the G2, in case one or both of us gets out early. I was hoping to get out early, but never too sure. It depends on the department. When we got on the bus, I put my earbuds in, so Drew could have some peace and quiet. He is not a morning person. I don’t know when I became one, but I am, a morning person.

When we arrived in Oakland, we ran into someone from his department, we talked to him on the way to the cathedral. Once inside, we got our iced coffees and I said Good Morning to Marilyn. I didn’t get a chance to tell her about my full-time position, but I will see her again soon and tell her. I just wanted to get my coffee and get the day started so it can end.

When I walked into the chapel, I put my lunch away, and turned the lights on, opened the side doors, and talked to my mom a bit before I had to open the chapel. The next thing I know, I hear a little  voice from beside the chapel, “Hello?” I shouted back, “Hello.” Sharon just arrived, and then Pat was behind her. I was going to kill two birds with one stone. Typically, Pat likes to come up the side and creep up on me.  We stood there talking for a bit about the drama with the microphones. We got a new audio system and it seems to be malfunctioning. There was static and screeching during a wedding. No one complained they said, but what an issue to have.

After the conversation about the sound system, Pat told Sharon about my new position. She was happy for me and congratulated me, even though, it does sort of leaving them in a bind with now only having 3 wedding coordinators. One is leaving for a full-time position that is me. This is the second wedding coordinator’s last month. So, perhaps there is only 2, Sharon and Frank. However, there is this guy named Greg too, who assists weddings. I see his name on the calendar, but I never met him before. I am sure they will interview more, and they will be okay. It is what it is.

When I opened the chapel, Pat said, we may be leaving early today, but I will call and let you know. I said, “Sounds good.” I am hoping we get out at 2pm, but anytime before 5pm works for me.  When I told Drew, that we might be leaving at 2pm, he was happy for me and jealous. He is hoping that they get out early, as well.

All morning long we had so many visitors, people in and out. I did speak to a few of them, but others just wanted to look at the chapel independently and ask questions, and that was okay too. I don’t mind talking to people, but I am anxious for the holiday and my long week and weekend off.

At lunch, Sharon came up to relieve me and asked me to stop at Park Plaza and drop off some wedding reports, and then to the bank to make a deposit. I couldn’t wait to step outside it was so nice out. I went to the Cathedral first and got Drew’s car keys, in case I was the only one who got our early.  I could pick him up at the bus stop.  I talked to him for a little, but I had so many errands to run.

After I left the cathedral,  I went to Music and visited Paula. We talked about how everything is at Music, with Geri being gone. We both feel the same way. She was just hard to work for, and doesn’t mean we aren’t sad, but it’s just she was difficult, so I think that gets in the way of our feelings of sadness.  We also talked about Frank, Matt’s new position, and the posting that is to be submitted online.  At one point, Deanne wanted to speak with Paula about something regarding the posting, so I stepped out of her office and went to see Frank.

When I walked down the hallway towards the Jazz Studies Office, I have made that walk several times, but this time it felt weird. It felt different. It almost felt somber. I went into Frank’s office, which used to be my old office. I said, “How are you doing?” He said, “I am okay.” I said, “I bet you are tired of being asked that.” He said, “No not really? But you know you ask me that all the time, and if I need someone to talk to? Someone on the Jazz committee.” I said, “Can I guess?” He said, “Yes, make a guess.” I said, “Gail.” He said,” Yes!” I said, “I knew it.” He told her about Geri over the phone and she broke down crying.

After we talked about Geri, Frank congratulated me on my new position. I told him I would be around to help him the day of the Jazz Seminar if he needed it. I gave him my cell number again. I hope I don’t have to help, but I wanted to be nice and offer it. We walked to the office so he could cover Matt’s lunch break, and I said Goodbye to Matt. He is leaving Friday to start a new position in Washington, DC. He is going to do something for the government. He won’t tell us what. Frank says he is a spy. It is funny. Matt, a spy?  Lol 🙂

When I left Music, I went to Park Plaza and dropped off the Wedding reports, then to PNC bank on Craig street, then back to the Chapel. When I walked back into the Chapel, Sharon said, we must be the only two working! Everyone is out and about, and they are here! I laughed. She said she was going to step out for a bit, then be back.

When she left, I just blogged and welcomed visitors. I am ready to go home. I am locking up at 10 mins to 3pm. Drew just messaged me, he is leaving at 3pm too. We can leave together and perhaps get to the gym earlier. I am ready to work out and go home. I just want to be lazy and chill.

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