Cousin Reunion Pt. 2

This morning, I woke up at around 6:30am. I couldn’t sleep any longer. I had that feeling of being hung over, but I didn’t drink that much, but I was a little sick in my stomach and sluggish. I hate that, when I drink too much it is hard to sleep. I looked over and saw Drew was still sleeping, so I went downstairs and called my mom. I asked her what the plans were for today. She said, “Well they are due over here by 11am. They are coming over here, and staying at Aunt Phyllis’ and Uncle Tom’s tonight.” I said, “Oh okay, it is supposed to rain, so I don’t think we are going to the pool today.” She said, “Well you guys can come over here, and spend the day with them if you want.”  I said, “Alright, it may just be me, Drew is still sleeping, but let me ask him and I let you know.”  I went upstairs and I asked him if he was interested in going site seeing at all, or if he wanted to go to the gym since it is supposed to rain.” He said, “I wouldn’t mind, but what time are you leaving to go to your parents?” I said, “Soon, I am going to get a shower and get ready. They are going to be there by 11am.” He said, “Well let me know what the plan is when you know, and I will probably meet you over there.”So I got a shower, and while I was in the shower, Drew told me he was going downstairs, he had to work for a bit. The report failed, and he has to help Jim figure out why. I felt so bad that he had to work. When I got out of the shower, I got dressed and got ready to leave the house. I went into the kitchen before I left, and asked him if he needed anything? I made him some coffee, and a peanut butter sandwich. I kissed him goodbye and told him I would be in touch with him.
When I got to my parents, I was still feeling queasy. I could only imagine how the boys feel, especially Matt. I made some coffee and hung out until they arrived. When they came inside, they all hung out in the kitchen. We stood around talking trying to plan the day. We were going to go to lunch, but we weren’t sure where. My mom finally suggested Primanti’s. I said, “Yes, the original one.” She said, “No how about the one in Robinson?” I said, ‘that is the yuppy one. they are from out of town. we should go to the original one. it is better for people to experience.” She said, “you are right, then we can explore the strip district, or whatever they want to do from there.” I knew I was right. They didn’t seem to mind, where we went.
When we left the house, I went with my parents in their backseat, and then the boys drove with Becky and David. They followed us to the strip district. I hate being in the car with the parents. My mom nags my dad about his driving, and it is just annoying.
Finally, we arrived to the strip district, parked, and walked to Primanti’s. When we had to wait outside until a table was ready. It was pretty busy and the place isn’t all that big. when we got seated, the table was long, but space was tight. I let my mom have the booth part,  Becky sat across from my mom, I sat next to my mom, and across from Matt. David sat next to Becky, and my dad sat next to me. Spenser was next to Matt at the end of the table. I was so hungry now that we were there.
When our food arrived, they couldn’t believe how big the sandwiches were and that they contained coleslaw, fries, and meat. The true Pittsburgh eats it all on and not on the side. They were shocked. Matt said, there is no way I am going to be able to eat all of this. I feel like there is no easy way to do this.” I said, “just eat it! The messier the better!” We laughed. Of course, I am not shy, I ate half of my sandwich and part of my other half. I couldn’t finish. I was full. For once I couldn’t finish Primanti’s that never happens.
When we left Primanti’s, we went to this sports store called The Yinzer. The store was huge and there were so many things that are for sale. It is all Pittsburgh Memorabilia. When I was in the store, I told Drew that Becky and David wanted to take us to lunch, but I didn’t want to ask them to pay for you, as well so that is why I didn’t ask you to come. He said, that he would have paid for us to eat, and that was nice of them. He just finished up and was going to head to the gym for a bit.
After leaving the sport’s store, it was pouring down rain, so we waited for the rain out a bit, then walked to the cars. Becky and David wanted to see the fountain at the point. The rain made the air so humid. I was not feeling walking around the point, but I sucked it up for them. They all crowded in the backseat, and I sat in the front and navigated them to where the fountain is.
When we were close, we had to park along the side streets and walk to the fountain. I left my purse in the car, and Matt covered it with his shirt. As we were walking to the fountain, they asked me how many times I have been here? I said, “Only probably about 3 times.” They laughed. We walked the pathway to the fountain, and they took pictures of the view and the city. They stood by the fountain and took some pictures. It was fun for them.
When we were on our way back from the fountain, the boys stopped and got a slushy at this little stand, then we went back to the car. When we got back, to my parents I got into my car they followed me back to Moon. They wanted to see my townhome. I  called Drew and he just came back from the gym and just finished showering. I asked him to tidy up the house a bit, as best as he can. He said, he would try with the time that he had. I always get a little weird, when people come to see our house. I want it to look as clean as possible.  He asked if we were going out tonight? I said I don’t know let me ask them. I thought it might be best if they crash at our place on the couch if you don’t mind so we don’t have to drop them off at Tom and Phyllis’ in Upper Saint Clair if we do go out. He agreed. He didn’t know how long he was going to be able to stay out. He was pretty tired from working this morning.
When we finally arrived at my townhome, they had their luggage in the car. The boys wanted to stay the night on my couch and got out again tonight. I  honestly didn’t mind going out again. I thought we should go to the Northshore instead.  It would be pushing our luck to have two good nights in the Southside.  Drew and I  showed them around the townhome. They seemed to really like it.  They got ready for dinner there. We were going to meet everyone for dinner at Rockefeller’s in Kennedy.
After we got ready, Becky, David. and the boys followed behind us. They were going to stay at Tom and Phyllis’. When we arrived at Rockefeller’s, Marilyn, Chuck, Idy, and Charlie were already there at the table. We said hi and gave them hugs. Aunt Idy didn’t recognize Spenser and Matthew.  We had to arrange the tables so they were in an L shape.
When everyone arrived, we all took our seats. We ordered a round of drinks. Then we ordered dinner. I really wasn’t hungry. I was still full from lunch, so I figured i would get a salad without the garlic toast. Drew got a calzone. Lilliana my little cousin came to visit me and give me a hug at one point, We all toasted to our family. It was nice. I had a Blue Moon beer. I couldn’t believe I was drinking again.
When dinner arrived, my salad was so huge, and so was Drew’s calzone. Everyone had pretty big dinners. When I started eating, it didn’t feel like I was making any dent in it at all, that is how big it was. I was going to take most of this home.

After dinner and a few pictures, we went back to our townhome in Moon with the boys. I changed my shoes and had to take Spenser to Walmart to get a toothbrush and sunscreen. When we came back from Walmart, we got ready to go out. I asked the boys if they wanted to stay out all night? Matt said, “Yea, I always say no, but then I end up staying out.” I said, “Okay, no problem. We will take two cars, which was the original plan anyway.” Drew didn’t seem to mind. He was probably not going to last the whole night, and I wasn’t sure I was going to either.
When we arrived at the Northshore, we parked and walked to McFaddens. There was a cover, but we were good. We figured there might be down here for most of the bars. When we walked in, it felt so weird. He and I haven’t been out together in so long.  We haven’t been here together since St. Patrick’s Day. he said, that the last time he was there was his Bachelor party.
We got a drink at the bar and bought their first round. I had one beer, and the boys had Titos and Red Bull. We walked outside and stood at the table. We laughed at the women who would trip and fall. There was this part where the cement dipped a little, and there was a tree planted in the dip. So many people missed the dip. It was hilarious. A shot girl came over to talk to us, and sell us shots. The boys bought the last two. The shot girl started flirting with  Matt and made him take a Snapchat picture with her. He didn’t seem too interested in taking a picture. It was funny. He asked her if she went to school and where she lived. She told him, and then he was like, Oh okay. In the meantime, he is from out of town and has no clue what she is saying. It was hilarious. She asked if they wanted the tray. I guess the alcohol pools in the tray,. He said, no thanks. She said, most people want the tray. I just put it in their mouth. He said, “how about I pour it in your mouth?” Drew and I laughed. This was hilarious. She said, “You are so romantic.” He said, “hey you are the one that suggested it first.” She walked away to get another tray. I said,” she will be back.” Matt was like you think? I said, “Yes.”  The shot girl came back 15 mins later. Only this time she didn’t ask if they wanted shots. She just talked to Matt for a bit, then walked off.
When we left McFadden’s, we went to Bar Louie. While we were there, Matt had another Titos and Redbull. Spenser had two dirty martini’s. Drew and I switched to water. We all took a seat outside. Drew left at 12:30am. At that point, they were ready for another bar, so me, Matt, and Spense walked towards Tequila Cowboy.
When we arrived out front of Tequila Cowboy, we looked around checked out the crowd. I asked if there was a cover? and the bouncer said, “No.” We walked in and checked it out. The place was packed with people. The music was loud. It looked just like Barroom, but country. I bet it was the same owners. We got a drink at the bar, then walked to another area of the club, and stood at an empty bar top, and talked. It was fun. The music was so loud. It was hard to hear. Matt had another Titos and water. Spenser had a Rum and Coke. I had a miller lite.
At one point, Spense went to the bathroom, and it was taking him a while, so Matt went after him. I stayed put. I hated being there by myself. One guy came up to me and said, “You are gorgeous. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.” I laughed and said thank you. I thought this guy probably thought I was standing here by myself, and that I came here alone.
Finally,the boys came back, and we finished our drinks. Matt said, It is 10 to 2am, let’s get out of here. We walked through the mobs of people.  We made it out and walked to the car. When we got in the car, I was in better shape then I was last night to drive. We drive back to Moon. Matt was blasted. He was playing my music and turning it up loud. We got back to the townhome safely.
When we went inside, I told them to be quiet Drew was sleeping. I would be back down in a minute. I had to get them pillows, blankets, and I needed to change. On my way downstairs, I shut our bedroom door, so Drew could still sleep. I went downstairs and asked him if they wanted any more to drink. They said, sure! We went into the kitchen. Matt had a cherry vodka and lemon-lime soda water. Spense had crown and soda water. I had the cherry vodka drink that Matt made. It was so good. He is a bartender back home, so he knows what he is doing.
In the living room, I turned on the Firestick and I stayed up to watch Logan with them. I was up until 5:30am.  I went upstairs and went to bed with Drew when the movie was over.

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