Last Monday in the Chapel

This morning I struggled to get out of bed. I didn’t plan on washing my hair. I just kept in a ponytail. I got a shower, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. I threw on some dress clothes and went downstairs. When Drew was ready, we got our lunches together in the fridge. I planned to take my last two pieces of pizza for lunch, and Drew had stuff to eat at work still in the fridge. We both were really tired and not so talkative.
When we got to the Cathedral, we went and got coffee from our girl Marilyn. We needed some espresso. I also wanted a shot of vanilla. I was in need of a pick me up. I wasn’t feeling all that well. I wasn’t sure why. I  am probably still trying to recover from the weekend. I said Goodbye to Drew and walked to the Chapel.
When I was on my way to the Chapel, I ran into the guy that I talked to the day of my interview at Alumni Hall. He recognized me and said Good Morning to me. We must walk the same pathway. We chatted about my offer at Social Sciences. He asked about Alumni Hall?  I said, they were going to offer it to me, but I decided to accept this one instead. He congratulated me and also told me that he applied for a position like mine, at a different department. He said, that he was tired of temping. I said it’s a good way to get into the University if you play your cards right. He asked when I started and I said July 17th. He said I bet you are glad to not have to worry about weddings anymore! I said, yes, today is my last weekend for weddings. I am so happy!
When we went our separate ways, that is when it hit me.  This is my last Monday in the Chapel! So crazy! On Mondays from now on, I won’t be opening the Chapel or closing it anymore. This is it! So weird! I talked to my mom, while I turned on the lights. put my food away, and got settled. I told her that I had a bit of let down now that they are gone. She said, she did too a bit and was happy with how things went yesterday with the family. I told her I am too.
After I got off the phone with her, I worked on the blog and started to work on my blog. I needed to update it with entries from the weekend. I had so much to say! Wendy came in shortly after I got settled. She is back from Hawaii. She congratulated me on my full-time position. She hates goodbyes she said. I told her I do too. I get so attached to people. She said it was such a short time for you here. ” I said, “I know. I am sorry.. It was so unexpected.”
Just then Pat came around the corner. She said, “Good Morning I have a question for you.” I thought I knew what this was all about. She said, “You can say no, I will beat you up until you say Yes.” Then she laughed. I said, “Oh wow” and laughed with her. She asked me to work rehearsal on the 21st, and the weddings on the 22nd. I said, “Yes, I can do that. I feel bad that I am leaving you guys in a bind. ” She said, “No it’s okay, it’s just we could really use you if you want to.” I said, “I do want to help, but I need to be out of here on Saturday as soon as possible. Since I wasn’t planning on being here after this weekend, I have planned Drew’s 32nd Birthday party.” She said Not a problem when the last bride goes down the aisle and the bride’s room is cleaned out. You can go.” I said, “perfect! thank you!” she said, “You are welcome. On Friday, Wendy will be here until you come back from your real job, then you can work the rehearsals. We will pay you for that week, this week. Wendy can go over your hours with you.” I said, “Thank you.” Then I opened my huge mouth and said if I can help in August. I will.” Pat touched my face and smiled and laughed. She knew I was being sweet. She said, “Thank you let me think about that. Let’s focus on July and I will get back to you.”
When Pat walked away, I put my hands on my head and thought “holy shit, what did I do?” I laughed at myself and shook my head. I texted Drew and told him the plan for next weekend. He was cool with it. He thinks it would be good for me to help them out. I agreed. I just hoped they weren’t going to allow me to work in August, but we will see.
The day went by so slow., I was starting to hurt. My throat felt sore and so did my back. I was hoping I wasn’t getting a cold. I  have so much going on, and I can’t be sick. It started to rain in the afternoon. which kept people away. I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I was so annoyed and not in the best of moods. I was just tired.
At one point in the day, a tour came in and they asked me several hundred questions,. while I was counting. I got so annoyed. Don’t talk to me when I am counting. I couldn’t wait until they left.  Wendy also had me doing mailings for people who book a wedding, so I was stuffing envelopes and put labels on them and writing my blog in my spare time.
At the end of the day, it was around 10 minutes to 5pm, I started to close up shop.  I needed to get out of there on time for once. and it was raining so no one was going to come in anyway. I  locked the side doors, brought the sign in from the front, and locked the doors. I closed the batch, counted the money, and turned off the lights. I was out the door at 5 mins to 5pm. I went outside and Drew was standing there under the umbrella. He said, do you want to wait for a bit, and then catch the bus. We stood under the shelter of the chapel and waited for the rain to slow down so we could make it to the bus.
Once we were on the bus, the traffic was so backed up. This was going to take forever. When we got on the G3, traffic was still bad, and it was going to be a while before we got home. We decided not to go to the gym and I didn’t feel like it anyways. We went grocery shopping and then home to make dinner.
When we got the groceries put away, and the dinner made it was 8pm. I felt so out of it, and I was moody.  I showered before dinner to try to relax. It helped a little.  I  just wanted to go to bed. After dinner, I put a load of laundry in and then went back upstairs. Drew cleaned up for me and then got a shower. While he was in the shower, I watched the movie A Quiet Passion.  It is about Emily Dickinson and her poetry. I heard Pat talking about it to someone at work today. I think I am going to like it. It is reminding me a bit of Bright Star.
When Drew got out of the shower and came downstairs, I turned off the movie. I knew he wasn’t going to like it and I didn’t feel like hearing it, or him making fun of it. I put the clothes in the dryer and then it was off to bed.

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