First Same-Sex Wedding

Today, I had the honor of witnessing my first same-sex wedding, two men. I think it is so cool, the two of them are able to wed. I understand that marriage is thought to be only for a man and woman, but there is something to be said about two people of the same sex, who are in love and want to commit to one, another for the rest of their life. It just makes me feel so tickled.  Also, they were of different nationalities, one is Hispanic, his partner is Chinese. I just find it so powerful and symbolic.

While I was watching their rehearsal last night, I thought about my best friend Anthony. When he does find his Prince Charming, I can’t wait to stand next to him on his wedding day and celebrate with him.
Their ceremony is going on now, but I want to dedicate this blog entry to all the men and women, who love someone of the same sex and who are getting ready to enter into marriage. I stand with you. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.

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