First Week

My first week as a full-time employee of Pitt was awesome! Yes, it was a bit overwhelming with all the information, but my office is beautiful. It is so big, and I have so many shelves. I am just so happy. Today, I finally feel like I had a grip on what exactly they were talking about, but there is still so much to learn and a whole different vocabulary, as well. I need to add to my acronyms list.

Today, I met with Mel in the morning. She and I developed a list of things we need to do, orientation is one of the top priorities, and updating the binder, as well as creating them for the students. It is hard when the previous person isn’t here to train. I am trying not to get too overwhelmed, but it is difficult to pick up where someone left off, and not know really where they left off, or where anything is.

When it was time for lunch, Wynn and Nancy asked me if I wanted to go with them to get Chinese food. I was so happy, my first lunch date with the women from the office! I am fitting in so well here already. At lunch, I learned more about the people and the department. I am sure whatever we talk about at lunch, stays at lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the office. Nancy and I had no clue what we were doing, or what we needed to get done. I finally was able to finish this project I had been working on with Mel regarding student eval letters and OMETS. I had to upload them in the Box, and make sure everything on the box was on the Z drive. I have so much still to do, but Monday will be here soon enough.

Around 5pm, I sent the final update to Mel. Then, I got a phone call from Frank at the chapel, asking me where I was? I said, I am finishing up at work. He said, Oh okay, well how much longer do you think you will be? I said, Wendy is supposed to be there until I get there. He said, “Oh she much have forgot, because she left at 4pm.” I said, “Oh okay, I will be there in 10-15 mins. I have to shut down and walk over. He said, “okay great.” I hung up the phone and said, “really?” Nancy said, “Whats up babe?” I said, “Wendy is supposed to be there to cover and she left at 4pm. I mean I am sorry it’s not my problem. I am helping you out. I will get there when I get there.” I shut down my computer, pulled my office door shut, said Goodbye to Nancy, then walked to the chapel.

When I arrived at the chapel, Frank was lining up the wedding party to go down the aisle, I walked down the aisle and set my purse to the side, and he gave me my clipboard, and introduced me. I was still trying to catch my breath. The first Bride didn’t seem to happy with anything. She hardly smiled. They took forever to leave, as well.

The third bride wanted her party to be up at the altar with them, in a horse shoe type shape. It made it hard for Frank to gain control of the rehearsal. Everyone was up there talking, and carrying on. It just made it drag out. I was so annoyed and crampy. My period just started. I was ready to get out of there. I kept looking at Frank, and giving him looks like, get control of this so we can leave.
When we finally practiced the procession, it went down much smoother. she wanted to practice the recession twice. I told Frank, “Hey I got to go.” He said, “No problem go ahead, see you tomorrow at 12:15pm.” I thought to myself yeah yeah. In all my temping careers, I have never wanted to put an assignment behind me so quickly, as I do this one. I really can’t wait for this assignment to be over and I am so glad I got hired on full-time.

However, I loved the other half of my job, which was being a docent. I liked giving tours, and talking about the building, the windows, and the architecture more than people’s weddings.

When I got home, we ordered pizza and just relaxed. I had weddings tomorrow and I was not looking forward to it.

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